umermjd11 of linux
6/12/2016 - 11:43 AM


On the command line, you can do this more directly with cat. Redirect its output to the file and type the input line by line on cat's standard input. Press Ctrl+D at the beginning of the line to indicate the end of the input.

$ cat >foo.txt
First line.
Second line.
Third line.

You can use a string literal containing newlines.

echo 'First line.
Second line.
Third line.' >foo.txt

echo $'First line.\nSecond line.\nThird line.' >foo.txt
Another possibility is to group commands.

  echo 'First line.'
  echo 'Second line.'
  echo 'Third line.'
} >foo.txt
cat filename

#read file

cat filename1 filename2

#cancantenate two files and show

#word count   aka lines,words, bytes

diff filename1 filename2

#difference via < the tail of crocodile points to filewhich includes the change

nano filename

#nano is ubuntu text base editor