10/2/2013 - 7:12 AM

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Welcome to Glide.

Glide is the easiest way to create useful slide for all of your Gists.

  • input key <- to go backward.
  • input key -> to go forward.


Already published.

You can check out the URL:

Setting your slide.

You can:

  • change generate pipeline
  • change theme


Update slide.

  1. Edit your markdown on Gist.
  2. Check out Glide and click Sync contents with Gist appears in Admin area.

GFM enabled.

Author your slide content using GitHub Flavored Markdown. (extends chjj/marked)

How to split in pages?

Your slide split in pages by <h1> and <h2> default.

You can edit split rule at Settings page.

Extended grammers.


To fill a page background with image, set background in alt attribute.


Support or Contact

Having trouble with Glide? Check out the documentation at or contact