8/11/2017 - 6:35 AM

Predict and submit to Kaggle

Predict and submit to Kaggle

# Impute the missing value with the median
test.Fare[152] = test.Fare.median()

# Extract the features from the test set: Pclass, Sex, Age, and Fare.
test_features = test[["Pclass", "Sex", "Age", "Fare"]].values

# Make your prediction using the test set and print them.
my_prediction = my_tree_one.predict(test_features)

# Create a data frame with two columns: PassengerId & Survived. Survived contains your predictions
PassengerId =np.array(test["PassengerId"]).astype(int)
my_solution = pd.DataFrame(my_prediction, PassengerId, columns = ["Survived"])

# Check that your data frame has 418 entries

# Write your solution to a csv file with the name my_solution.csv
my_solution.to_csv("my_solution_one.csv", index_label = ["PassengerId"])