6/10/2018 - 4:18 PM

frappejs-accounting test setup

frappejs-accounting test setup

Inorder to properly setup the repo pls follow the given steps:-

  • First clone the repo
git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/Jaffrey98/frappejs-accounting.git

I just renamed the rep after cloning to frappejs-accounting-test to avoid confusion with the earlier cloned original rep

  • Then cd into the accounting package
cd frappejs-accounting-test/packages/accounting

If you are working on any separate module I would recommend you to create a new branch and work on it. It would help in avoiding unnecessary merge conflicts. Also, please don't commit anything to the master branch unless it is fully tested and working and ready to be merged.

  • To create a new branch and checkout to it :
git checkout -b branch_name 

  • To check which branch your are working on
git branch


jaffrey@jaffrey-ubuntu:~/dev/esoc/frappejs-accounting-test/packages/accounting$ git branch
* uom-test

The branch with the asterisk(*) on it is the current working branch

  • To push the branch :
git push origin branch_name

To run the project :

Run these commands in the root directory

  yarn build
  yarn server