12/24/2017 - 8:20 PM

UE4 Naming Convention

Found this useful naming convention here:

General Naming Rules

  • All names in English.
  • All asset dependencies should be in the same folder. (except for shared assets)
  • Asset type determines prefix.
    • Blueprint is BP_assetname_01
  • Certain types (eg. textures) use a suffix to specify sub-types.
    • T_Grass_01_N for normal maps
  • Use underscores to split type from identifier and numeric values.
    • SM_DoorHandle_01
  • Use numeric values with 2 digits.
    • SM_Pipe_01


Asset TypePrefixExampleComment
BlueprintBP_BP_WallLight_01Except for derived common classes: HUD / GameMode / Character
Blueprint InterfaceBPI_BPI_InventoryItem_01
Material InstanceMI_MI_Grass_01
Material FunctionMF_MF_CheapContrastNot numbered
Material Parameter CollectionMPC_MPC_EnvironmentSettings_01
Static MeshSM_SM_Wall_01
Skeletal MeshSK_SK_Character_01
TextureT_T_Grass_01_DHas suffix for texture types. See suffixes table.
Particle SystemP_P_Fire_01
Physics Material_PhysMatDirt_PhysMatNot numbered
SoundS_S_HitImpact_Mono_01Include _Mono or _Stereo designations
Sound CueS_*_CueS_HitImpact_01_Cue
EnumerationEEWeaponTypeNot numbered. Similar to convention in code (enum EWeaponType)
Render TargetRT_RT_CameraCapturePoint_01
Vector/Float/Color CurveCurve_Curve_Recoil_AK47
Camera ShakeCamShake_CamShake_Landed
User WidgetWidget_Widget_EnergyBar
FontFont_Font_Roboto48Font size is included in name.



Texture types all use the T_ prefix.

Texture typeSuffix
Diffuse/Color Map_D
Normal Map_N
Emissive Map_E
Mask Map_M
Roughness Map_R
Metallic Map_MT
Ambient Occlusion_AO
Height Map_H
Flow Map_F
Light Map (custom)_L


These types have no prefix.

Asset typeSuffix
Animation Blueprint_AnimBlueprint
Physics Asset_Physics

Texture Masks

RGB Mask for environment:

  • R = Metallic
  • G = Roughness
  • B = Ambient Occlusion

Content Directories

Content\AIall AI specific content (blackboard – controller – pawn – tasks)
Content\Basebase assets (eg. master materials) material functions and other "foundations" assets
Content\Characterscharacter meshes / blueprints and skeletons.
Content\Experimentaldevelopment assets / mockup meshes / special textures and icons. Not part of final build
Content\Effectsparticle effects and dependencies.
Content\Environmentenvironment assets (meshes – materials – textures)
Content\Gameplaygameplay specific assets (eg. flag mesh & dependencies for Capture The Flag)
Content\Soundssounds and sound cues
Content\UImenu and HUD assets
Content\Weaponsweapons and projectiles

Coding Standards

Epic has set up a Coding Standards page at the Unreal documentation pages. Parts of this document were taken and/or modified from the naming convention page over at Unreal’s wiki.