5/24/2018 - 9:57 PM

Google chart html

In my case I'm returning the JSON from the controller back to the client ajax call to populate both rows and cols. My percentage data is encapsulated in my returned object and I am able to access it in the custom HTML tooltip. I would hope to be able to fully customize the tooltip when isStacked: 'percent' using my data from the controller to populate the information about each particular chart object of interest. This setup is working fine for me, and I am able to find the percentage on my own, but it's not as flexible as I imagined when the percentage is always displayed at the end of my customized HTML tooltip. Any suggestions for workaround?

I was trying something like this, but have been unable to get it working...., 'onmouseover', function (hover) {

    var newhtml = $('.google-visualization-tooltip').html().replace(new RegExp("\>[^>]*$"), "");

    newhtml += ">";