5/14/2017 - 8:06 PM

example of threading

example of threading

import threading
from queue import Queue
import time

print_lock = threading.Lock() # creates the print_lock object

def exampleJob(job):

    with print_lock: # check out the print lock to print
        print(threading.current_thread().name, job)

def threader():
    while True: # inifinite loop that only stops when queue is empty
        job = q.get() # get a job
        exampleJob(job) # run the method using the obtained job
        q.task_done() # complete the job

q = Queue() # create the queue

for x in range(10): # 10 threads/workers
    t = threading.Thread(target=threader) # create a thread that is defined by threader
    t.daemon = True # make the thread a daemon process
    t.start() # initiate the thread

start = time.time()

for job in range(20): # add 20 jobs to the job queue

q.join() # stops the main thread from proceding

print('Entire job took: ',time.time() - start)