7/31/2015 - 3:50 PM

Clojure/ClojureScript dev on IntelliJ

coming from Sublime Text 3



  • Editor theme customization
  • Easy keyboard customization
  • Easy configuration export
  • Git integration
  • Smart tab naming (e.g. ns.folder.file)
  • Run external commands and show feedback with a collapsable panel
  • Cursive plugin for Clojure/ClojureScript dev
    • Better REPL
    • Go to definition/Find usages
    • Refactor/Rename
    • Tests integration
    • CLJX integration
    • Clojure inspections
    • Rainbow Parentheses
    • Paredit (structural editing)


  • Mouse cursor doesn't hide when using keyboard (using Cursorcerer as a workaround)
  • Easily adjust app theme (Darcula for example)
  • Live templates - Multiple contexts
  • "Enter Action" (CMD+P *ish) does not remember the most used actions.
  • No hungry backspace (I think there is a plugin for this)
  • No "Save File" visual notification (Editor->General->Editor Tabs->Mark Modified tabs with asterisk)
  • Slow keyboard feedback (moving caret around for example)
  • Default filters for searching symbols and files (e.g. jdk sources) (You can customize your filters by file types)
  • No "Create new file relative to current" action Refactor->Copy
  • Move between tabs - No Cmd+1-9
  • Flicker while scrolling
  • Cursive plugin:
    • No way to configure structural editing (e.g. comment insertion behaviour)
    • Structural editing wrapping for selected s-exprs (Editor->General->SmartKeys->Surround selection on typing quote or brace)