10/23/2013 - 10:16 PM

Migrate or Clone tfvc tfs to git using git-tfs

Migrate or Clone tfvc tfs to git using git-tfs


git-tfs clone --username=mumair85 --password=xxxx https://mumair85.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection $/uGen

After that clone the new repository or Push an existing repository

From Visual Studio
You can Push a repository after connecting with Team Explorer and adding the Git repo to your list of Local Git Repositories.

From the command line
You can push the project using the following commands:
git remote add origin https://mumair85.visualstudio.com/DefaultCollection/_git/PROJECTNAME
git push -u origin --all

Note, before you can use the command line, you'll need to enable basic authentication for your account in tfs.visualstudio.com