7/24/2012 - 2:39 AM

Supernatural Drinking Game

Supernatural Drinking Game

Supernatural Drinking Game

This is for people re-watching the series.

Drink when:

  • Electronics flicker
  • Any reference to Sam's size
  • You can read the Impala's license plate
  • A hot chick dies
  • They use fake IDs
  • Bones are burned, demons are exorcised, monsters are ganked, angels are... angel-sworded (or exploded)
  • Someone gets supernaturally pinned to a wall
  • Any reference to Dean being, um, "inappropriately", um, "involved" with Sam or Castiel, if you know what I mean
  • Sam gets to drive
  • The brothers say the same thing at the same time
  • We get Sam or Dean tears (falling, not just watery-eyed) -- double-down
  • Someone says "the lore says..."
  • Blood spatters


  • Says "son of a bitch!"
  • Yells "Sam", worriedly
  • Calls Sam "Sammy"
  • Makes fun of Sam for being a nerd
  • Says "Awesome"
  • Calls someone a "mook"
  • Hits on a girl (triple down if it's in front of her father)
  • Does/says something cad-ish or makes a dirty joke / double entendre
  • Eats or mentions pie
  • Says "come on!"
  • Dies (by playing this game you agree to not hold me responsible for any alcohol-related hospital visits while watching "Mystery Spot")
  • Explicitly avoids talking about something emotional (usually by turning up the radio)
  • Mentions/uses the magic fingers
  • Lip syncs


  • Says "seriously?" or "dude.", yeah, double it for "dude, seriously?"
  • Eats/drinks something girly
  • Yells "Dean", worriedly
  • Has a vision
  • Drinks demon blood
  • Makes that huffing noise. You know the one, like when Dean says something stupid.
  • Dies
  • Tries to get Dean to talk about something emotional
  • Lies


  • Calls someone "idgit"
  • Says "Balls!"
  • Has to do research for the boys
  • Wears a suit


  • Doesn't get a cultural reference
  • Has a bromantic moment with Dean


  • Says anything -- all his lines are drink-worthy


  • Talking teddy bear
  • Sam loses his shoe