5/26/2017 - 10:01 AM

Install Nginx SSL certificates

Install Nginx SSL certificates

# First, create a full certificate file with gt_bundle_.crt and yourdomain.crt
cat gd_bundle_.crt >> yourdomain.crt

# Backup your current ssl file. Check nginx configuration to find its location:
sudo mv /etc/ssl/certs/yourdomain.crt /etc/ssl/certs/yourdomain.crt.bak

# Copy the new certificate file
sudo cp ~/path/to/yourdomain.crt /etc/ssl/certs/yourdomain.crt

# Reload nginx configuration
sudo nginx -s reload

# SSL private key file should be located in /etc/ssl/private as a .key file.
# Never share your private file!

# Now, check in your browser if the certificate is fully installed.
# In Chrome, go to Dev Tools > Security > Certificate > View certificate,
# and check expiration date.