9/1/2016 - 2:51 AM



Hi there! My name is _____________________________!

  • I have been diagnosed to experience vasovagal syncopes while I have my blood drawn.
  • This just means I will probably uncontrollably faint while my blood is being drawn. This is normal.
  • I will not panic, resist, or interfere with you drawing my blood. Your staff will be safe.
  • I ate a full meal with a reasonable amount of glucose before coming here.

To help you draw my blood as easily as possible:

  1. Please allow me to fully lay down (or at least recline) while you draw my blood in the event that I faint.
  2. Please allow me to avoid looking while you draw my blood.
  3. Please avoid verbally describing when (or how) the needle is going into my arm while you draw my blood.
  4. Please use an anaesthetic if available (examples: Needle Buster, Numby Stuff, EMLA cream).
  5. Please let me listen to music while I have my blood drawn if there is an appropriate time for it.

Thank you for reading!