7/10/2014 - 6:08 PM


Remaining backend
2.0 -Persisting surfaced data
		-Hide visual elements on client when IAP purchased
		-If client surfaces new LTOs at runtime, update server

1.0 -Localization for LTO
	-Updating to new localization model and unblocking errors
	-Adding localization keys

0.5 -Not bothering player in same session when seeing the same LTO popup

0.5 -Runtime tool: Surfaced LTOs must also be enabled in order to be visible to client, otherwise discard

2.0 -New Buyer Discount Front-End
	-Purchase requirements in json schema
		-New requirement types
	-Actual sku
	-Front-end treatment
		-Importing Sally assets
	-Timer treatment
	? Sally treatment for Shop Badge
	? Sally treatment for Town HUD