9/22/2016 - 3:55 PM

HuBoard Enterprise - 1.7.150 Release notes

HuBoard Enterprise - 1.7.150 Release notes

HuBoard Enterprise - 1.7.150 Release notes

The 1.7.150 HuBoard Enterprise package release is now available for download from https://enterprise.huboard.com/download.

Check out the git diff on GitHub

I'm happy to annouce a new HuBoard Enterprise update! Here are some things to look out for on your boards:

Task board

Cards on your task board have been improved in the following ways:

  • Comment counts, parent repositories, and multiple assignee support have all been included
  • References to the issue are now displayed as trays beneath the card (clicking on them opens up the referenced issue!)
  • Card states (ready/blocked/closed/archived) are also now displayed as trays beneath the card
  • By popular demand, your labels are now always visible on the card

Card references are something I am really excited about personally, the team has a lot of ideas to build and improve on this feature in the near future!

We have also made the task board columns scrollable!

Milestone board

Milestone cards have also been improved:

  • Elements are now more compact
  • The column progress meter now reflects the relative movement of a card towards the final column, versus it's current column. For boards with many columns this keeps the meter from getting too big.
  • Multiple Assignee support has been added


Another popular request, blocked/ready labels are now recognized as states. This means that blocked & ready issues can now be filtered on your board via the label, and also populate your issue/PR timeline!


Filters are smarter! When filtering on assignee or labels, only the selected label/assignee is visible on the card:

The code

We encource you to check out all our great work in GitHub, here is a list of all the pull requests that made it into this release.

  • Adds the repo name beside the fullscreen issue title #378
  • Card redesign layout #327
  • Card reference ux #338
  • Clicking on card number should never open card #381
  • Enables issue templates in new milestone issues #346
  • Fetches all matching closed issues #367
  • Filters out closed issues on milestones #355
  • Filters ux improvements #345
  • Fix rare MAX/MIN overflows in issue ordering #314
  • Fixes assignee drag and drop for multiple assignees #337
  • Fixes cases where new issues can duplicate orders, making them dissapear #342
  • Fixes events for multi-assignees duplicating the assignee #336
  • Hides create issue card from anonymous users #351
  • Implements references in the issue model #309
  • Implements scrolling columns on the task view #348
  • Makes the default width for FF columns wider #380
  • Milestone Card Layout #339
  • Scrollable Columns Performance #360
  • Treat blocked/ready labels as states #335