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Quick little script to batch-convert Illustrator .ai's to .svg's, based on Adobe's sample 'save to pdf's' script. Save it to a jsx, and load

Quick little script to batch-convert Illustrator .ai's to .svg's, based on Adobe's sample 'save to pdf's' script. Save it to a jsx, and load it under illustrator. Intended for Illustrator CS6.


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Save as SVGs.jsx


This sample gets files specified by the user from the 
selected folder and batch processes them and saves them 
as SVGs in the user desired destination with the same 
file name.

Based on Adobe's "Save as PDFs" sample script, intended for Illustrator CS6

// Main Code [Execution of script begins here]

// uncomment to suppress Illustrator warning dialogs
// app.userInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevel.DONTDISPLAYALERTS;

var destFolder, sourceFolder, files, fileType, sourceDoc, targetFile, svgSaveOpts;

// Select the source folder.
sourceFolder = Folder.selectDialog( 'Select the folder with Illustrator files you want to convert to SVG', '~' );

// If a valid folder is selected
if ( sourceFolder != null )
  files = new Array();
	fileType = prompt( 'Select type of Illustrator files to you want to process. Eg: *.ai', ' ' );
	// Get all files matching the pattern
	files = sourceFolder.getFiles( fileType );
	if ( files.length > 0 )
		// Get the destination to save the files
		destFolder = Folder.selectDialog( 'Select the folder where you want to save the converted SVG files.', '~' );
		for ( i = 0; i < files.length; i++ )
			sourceDoc = app.open(files[i]); // returns the document object
			// Call function getNewName to get the name and file to save the SVG
			targetFile = getNewName();
			// Call function getSVGOptions get the SVGSaveOptions for the files
			svgSaveOpts = getSVGOptions( );
			// Save as svg
			sourceDoc.exportFile(targetFile, ExportType.SVG, svgSaveOpts );

		alert( 'Files are saved as SVG in ' + destFolder );
		alert( 'No matching files found' );


getNewName: Function to get the new file name. The primary
name is the same as the source file.


function getNewName()
	var ext, docName, newName, saveInFile, docName;
	docName = sourceDoc.name;
	ext = '.svg'; // new extension for svg file
	newName = "";
	for ( var i = 0 ; docName[i] != "." ; i++ )
		newName += docName[i];
	newName += ext; // full svg name of the file
	// Create a file object to save the svg
	saveInFile = new File( destFolder + '/' + newName );

	return saveInFile;

function getSVGOptions()
	var svgSaveOpts = new ExportOptionsSVG();

	//just using defaults aside from what's written below
  //see http://cssdk.host.adobe.com/sdk/1.0/docs/WebHelp/references/csawlib/com/adobe/illustrator/ExportOptionsSVG.html
  svgSaveOpts.embedRasterImages = true;
	return svgSaveOpts;