11/18/2013 - 3:48 PM

Some Notes on the next client-ui release

Some Notes on the next client-ui release

Based on the latest UX designs we now have a list of components that we need to add/ improve in client-ui 0.2.x.

This release will introduce the following new/ updated components


  • Used for creating popups (a view only presented as a modal dialog),
  • Notifications in form of a HUD


Needs to be updated for the new UX interaction.

  • .label--floating (an modifier on the formfield__item element used on it will be used for the floating label pattern

  • Some Ideas on the implementation part

  • Native iOS example

  • Frontend Example in CodePen

  • .form--readonly a modifier which changes the presentation of the form. It needs to be shown to the user so he could 'validate' the entered data before submit. This way we can use the modifier on the payment form and make it look like the summary view without transitioning to another view, render the same data and we can implement the error presentation inside 1 view and keep it loosly coupled.

  • .text-area--growable a new modifier for text-area element.

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