6/2/2017 - 3:16 PM

clean install

clean install

System Preferences

# Enable character repeat on keydown
defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

# Set a shorter Delay until key repeat
defaults write NSGlobalDomain InitialKeyRepeat -int 12

# Set a blazingly fast keyboard repeat rate
defaults write NSGlobalDomain KeyRepeat -int 0

# Disable window animations ("new window" scale effect)
defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled -bool false

# Use plain text mode for new TextEdit documents
defaults write RichText -int 0

# Set default Finder location to home folder (~/)
defaults write NewWindowTarget -string "PfLo" && \
defaults write NewWindowTargetPath -string "file://${HOME}"

# Expand save panel by default
defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode -bool true

# Check for software updates daily, not just once per week
defaults write ScheduleFrequency -int 1

# Use current directory as default search scope in Finder
defaults write FXDefaultSearchScope -string "SCcf"

# Show Path bar in Finder
defaults write ShowPathbar -bool true

# Show Status bar in Finder
defaults write ShowStatusBar -bool true

# Show icons for hard drives, servers, and removable media on the desktop
defaults write ShowExternalHardDrivesOnDesktop -bool true && \
defaults write ShowHardDrivesOnDesktop -bool true && \
defaults write ShowMountedServersOnDesktop -bool true && \
defaults write ShowRemovableMediaOnDesktop -bool true

# Avoid creating .DS_Store files on network volumes
defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores -bool true

# Enable the Develop menu and the Web Inspector in Safari
defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu -bool true && \
defaults write IncludeDevelopMenu -bool true && \
defaults write WebKitDeveloperExtrasEnabledPreferenceKey -bool true && \
defaults write -bool true && \
defaults write NSGlobalDomain WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true

# Show the ~/Library folder
chflags nohidden ~/Library

# Show absolute path in finder's title bar. 
defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool YES


Install XCode first, then...

Switch to z-shell




# Install homebrew packages
brew install \
git \
tree \
ssh-copy-id \
wget \
jpegoptim \
pngcrush \
colordiff \
imagemagick \
graphicsmagick \

brew install --with-default-names coreutils diffutils findutils gnu-tar gnu-sed gawk gnutls gnu-indent gnu-getopt grep

brew tap caskroom/cask


# Install MacVim
brew install macvim --with-lua --with-override-system-vim
brew linkapps macvim


Homebrew Cask Apps & Fonts

# Add support for fonts
brew tap caskroom/fonts

# Add dev/beta versions
brew tap caskroom/versions

# Install mac apps & fonts
brew cask install \
font-source-code-pro \
virtualbox \
google-chrome \
firefox \
iterm2-beta \
atom \
imageoptim \
handbrake \

Set hostname

sudo scutil --set HostName kelon


# Creates a new ssh key
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""

# Copy ssh key to clipboard for adding to
pbcopy < ~/.ssh/

# Test connection
ssh -T

# Set git config values
git config --global "hlb" && \
git config --global "" && \
git config --global github.user hlb && \
git config --global color.ui true && \
git config --global push.default simple && \
git config --global checkout && \
git config --global commit -v&& \
git config --global status && \
git config --global branch && \
git config --global alias.ll "log --stat" && \
git config --global alias.lp "log --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit --decorate --graph"



# Install Tomorrow Night Eighties theme for iTerm2
wget \
-O ~/Downloads/Tomorrow\ Night\ Eighties.itermcolors && open ~/Downloads/Tomorrow\ Night\ Eighties.itermcolors