10/20/2016 - 1:03 AM

Joyce Chan

Joyce Chan

Software Engineer
San Jose   www.linkedin.com/in/joyschan


Software engineer at CainthusMay 2016 - Oct 2016

Flask, Django, SqlAlchemy, Postgres, Docker, Python, AWS elasticbeanstalk

Platform engineering by dockerizing background application, and API which powers time series dashboard and geographical mapping services.

Insight Data Engineering Fellow at Insight Data ScienceJan 2016 - May 2016

Java, SpringBoot, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Luwak, Kibana, Spark Streaming

Developed Social Media Health Advertising data platform. Ingested data with Kafka, tagged with Luwak, as a Spring Boot microservice, processed with Spark Streaming, indexed in Elasticsearch, data stored in Cassandra & visualized with Kibana

Data engineer at Self Care Catalysts2015 - 2016

Rails, R, Shiny, Postgres

Led in ingestion, cleaning, filtering, tagging, indexing of social media data sources for new pharmaceutical marketing product. Created analytics dashboard backed by Postgres, R, Shiny. Features include drug adherence survivorship curve, and descriptive statistics on collected data.

Full stack engineer at Sysomos2013 - 2015

solr, jsp, javascript, java, springboot, load testing frameworks

Helped deliver Facebook and Tumblr search and analytics feature, frontend features include searching, filtering, displaying of data with solr.

Search engineer at Mercatus Technologies2010 - 2013

Nutch, Lucene, OpenNLP, Java, PHP

Created crawler & indexing for enterprise sites Indexed flyers, recipes data set, and used NLP to match disjoint data to be able to recommend products for recipes, and recipes for flyers

Software Engineer at Ryerson University2008 - 2010

Flex, Oracle, Coldfusion

Creation of campus security case management tool

Java engineer at Jatheon Technologies2007 - 2008

Created outlook plugin for product with C#.net, ported existing search implementation with lucene

Software developer at Scotiabank2004 - 2007

php, python, C#, asp.net

Created web based search application with lucene, and php. CMS applications for bank auditors, data integrations between different systems.


University of Toronto, B. Sc. computer science, math


2013 Mercatus Annual Hackathon

1st place for having created chrome plugin that scrapes a user’s webpage for food ingredients and performs search to provide grocery recommendation & wine pairing