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10.09.02 Basket ID Update

<mvt:if expr="g.Basket:basket_id GT 0">
	<p class="u-color-gray-600"><span class="u-icon-cart-empty" aria-hidden="true"></span>Basket ID: &mvte:global:Basket:basket_id;</p>

MMT VS Code Snippets

MMT Snippets streamline the development process by providing quick access to commonly used commands and phrases within VS Code. These snippets are designed to enhance your efficiency and productivity when using MMT with VS Code. To use you will have to write the command in a file or VS code window, but then you can copy/paste the final command into the terminal.
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Miva - Add & Remove Basket Charges

<mvt:if expr="g.Delete_Charge">
	<h2>Delete Charge</h2>
	<mvt:do file="g.Module_Library_DB" name="l.gone" value="BasketCharge_Delete_All_Type(g.Basket:basket_id, 'CUSTOM_CHARGE')" />

<mvt:if expr="g.Add_Charge">
	<mvt:assign name="l.basket_charge:basket_id" value="g.Basket:basket_id" />
	<mvt:assign name="l.basket_charge:module_id" value="0" />
	<mvt:assign name="l.basket_charge:type" value="'CUSTOM_CHARGE'" />
	<mvt:assign name="l.basket_charge:descrip" value="'Custom Char

Miva - Load Custom Field in URI Template

<mvt:do file="g.Module_Library_DB" name="l.loaded_module" value="Module_Load_Code_Cached( 'customfields', l.customfields_module )" />
<mvt:if expr="l.loaded_module">
	<mvt:do file="g.Module_Root $ l.customfields_module:module" name="l.settings:product:brand" value="Module_Product_Field_Value( l.customfields_module, l.settings:product:id, 'brand' )" />

<mvt:if expr="l.settings:product:brand">

CTGY PageBuilder

<mvt:comment>Ability to have a page with the same code as the current category code and use that page via page builder for specific category landing pages/layouts</mvt:comment>
<mvt:do file="g.Module_Feature_TUI_DB" name="l.settings:Page_Load_CodeOK" value="Page_Load_Code( g.Category_Code, l.settings:category:pagebuilder_cat_page )" />
<mvt:if expr="l.settings:Page_Load_CodeOK">
	<mvt:capture variable="l.settings:category:pagebuilder_design"><mvt:do name="l.settings:foundPageOK" file="g.Modul

Retrieve PO Description

<mvt:comment> Load order payments </mvt:comment> 
<mvt:do file="g.module_library_db" name="l.success" value="OrderPaymentList_Load_Order(l.settings:order:id, l.settings:orderpayments)" /> 

<mvt:comment> Set delimiter variables </mvt:comment> 
<mvt:assign name="g.colon" value="':'" /> 
<mvt:assign name="g.comma" value="','" /> 
<mvt:assign name="g.equal" value="'='" /> 

<mvt:comment> Loop through payments array to find the payment data </mvt:comment> 
<mvt:foreach iterator="payment" ar

Update Basket Item Weight

<mvt:assign name="l.settings:basketcontents" value="l.settings:basket:groups" />
<mvt:assign name="l.settings:ttl_automatically_updated_items_in_cart" value="0" />
<mvt:foreach iterator="group" array="basketcontents">

    <mvt:comment>Load product as it is right now, Runtime means only Active products</mvt:comment>
    <mvt:do name="l.loadedProductOK" file="g.Module_Library_DB" value="Runtime_Product_Load_Code( l.settings:group:code, l.settings:group:current_product_values )" />


Get Last Four From pay_data

<mvt:comment> Set delimiter variables </mvt:comment>
<mvt:assign name="g.colon" value="':'" />
<mvt:assign name="g.comma" value="','" />
<mvt:assign name="g.equal" value="'='" />
<mvt:comment> First seperate string by the colon and add to an array </mvt:comment>
<mvt:do file="g.Module_Library_Utilities" name="l.null" value="SplitString( l.settings:order:pay_data, g.colon, l.settings:pay_data_array )" />
<mvt:comment> Loop through the array </mvt:comment>
<mvt:foreach iterator="data" array

Force page to download CSV

    <mvt:assign name="l.header" value="miva_output_header( 'Content-Disposition', 'attachment; filename='ADD_FILE_NAME.xls' )" />

Levels Framework Product and Category Search

<mvt:if expr="g.get EQ 'autocomplete' AND g.Search">

	<mvt:comment><!-- Autocomplete Category & Product Search --></mvt:comment>

	<mvt:comment><!-- Search for Categories --></mvt:comment>

		<mvt:assign name="g.Fields" value="'code,name'" />
		<mvt:assign name="g.Offset" value="0" />
		<mvt:assign name="g.Max" value="5" />
		<mvt:do file="g.Module_Library_DB" name="l.return" value="CategoryList_Load_Offset(g.Offset, g.Search, g.Fields, g.Max, g.NextOffset, l.settings:categories)" />


<mvt:assign name="g.offset" value="0" />
<mvt:assign name="g.search" value="''" />
<mvt:assign name="g.searchable_fields" value="''" />
<mvt:assign name="g.max" value="0" />

<mvt:do file="g.Module_Feature_AGR_DB" name="l.success" value="AvailabilityGroupList_Load_All(l.settings:availabilitygroups)" />

<mvt:foreach iterator="group" array="availabilitygroups">
    <mvt:do file="g.Module_Library_DB" name="l.success" value="ProductList_Load_Offset_AvailabilityGroup_Assigned(l.settings:grou


	"Store_Code": "STORE_CODE",
	"Function": "ProductVariant_Update",
	"Product_Code": "PRODUCT_CODE",
	"Variant_ID": "VARIANT_ID",
			"option_code": "OPTION_CODE"
			"option_code": "OPTION_CODE"
			"quantity": 1
			"quantity": 1


	"Store_Code": "STORE_CODE",
	"Function": "ProductVariantPricing_Update",
	"Product_ID": 1,
	"Variant_ID": 1,
	"Method": 2,
	"Price": 99.99,
	"Cost": 99.99,
	"Weight": 99.99

Flex Component Text Example

	"code": "heading_text",
	"prompt": "Heading Text",
	"type": "text",
	"textsettings": {
		"fields": [
				"code": "size",
				"options": [
						"text": "Small",
						"value": "16px"
						"text": "Medium",
						"value": "20px"
						"text": "Large",
						"value": "24px"
				"prompt": "Font Size",
				"pseudoclasses": [
				"size": "half",


<ProductPaymentRules_Update product_code="prod">
		<!-- (multiple allowed) -->
		<PaymentMethod module_code="authnet" method_code="VISA" />

Product Data Field Master Product Inventory Count

	Variant Inventory Count
	Main Template
		1. Install Product Data Fields and Feed module.
		2. Add Field
			- Name: Variant Inventory Count
			- Code: VINC
			- On Inventory Change: Queue Modified Products and Variants Masters
			- Trigger: VINC
			- Public: True (checked)
		3. Navigate to the `PRODUCTDATAFIELD_VINC` page template code in the Admin
		4. Clear out the "Main