Tabs with Icons

<!-- -->
			<section class="tabs-section">
				<div class="tabs-section-nav tabs-section-nav-icons">
					<div class="tbl">
						<ul class="nav" role="tablist">
							<li class="nav-item">
								<a class="nav-link active" href="#tabs-1-tab-1" role="tab" data-toggle="tab">
									<span class="nav-link-in">
										<i class="font-icon font-icon-cogwheel"></i>
							<li class="nav-item">
								<a class="nav-link" href="#tabs-1-tab-2" role="tab" data-toggle="tab">
									<span class="nav-link-in">
										<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-music"></span>
							<li class="nav-item">
								<a class="nav-link" href="#tabs-1-tab-3" role="tab" data-toggle="tab">
									<span class="nav-link-in">
										<i class="fa fa-product-hunt"></i>

pubsub python

from import pubsub_v1
import datetime
import json
import sensordata
import time
project_id = "<your prject id&gt;" # enter your project id here
topic_name = "<topic name&gt;" # enter the name of the topic that you created
publisher = pubsub_v1.PublisherClient()
topic_path = publisher.topic_path(project_id, topic_name)
futures = dict()
def get_callback(f, data):
    def callback(f):
            # print(f.result())
            print("Please handle {} for {}.".format(f.exception(), data))
    return callback
while True:
    distance = round(float(sensordata.FindDistance()),2)
    timenow = float(time.time())
    # timenow =
    data = {"time":timenow, "distance" : distance}
    # When you publish a message, the client returns a future.
    future = publisher.publish(
        topic_path, data=(json.dumps(data)).encode("utf-8")) # data must be a bytes

email template and push data

-- generic send email
procedure send_email (in_email_body   in varchar2,
                      in_to           in varchar2,
                      in_from         in varchar2 default gk_default_return_email,
                      in_subj         in varchar2
                     ) as

  apex_mail.send(p_to   => in_to,        
                 p_from => in_from, 
                 p_subj => in_subj,
                 p_body => in_email_body;


end send_email;

Mount disk in Linux

sudo apt-get clean            #  to get some space
apt install cloud-guest-utils # tool to mount blocks
lsblk                         # to list all blocks
growpart /dev/xvda 1          # to extend size of specific block(here xvda 1)
resize2fs /dev/xvda1          # mount block
df -h                         # check file system


input toggle
<div class="input-group">
                        <div class="toggle">
                          <div class="toggle-left link">
                            <label for="input-date-end">
                              Terminar task automáticamente en su “Fecha de fin”
                          <div class="toggle-switch">
                            <input id="input-date-end" class="check" type="checkbox" name="switch">
                            <div class="inside"></div>
                            <div class="background"></div>

Bootstrap Breadcrumb

				<ol class="breadcrumb">
					<li><a href="#">Home</a></li>
					<li><a href="#">Library</a></li>
					<li class="active">Data</li>


input date with icon at right
<div class="col-6 pt-15 d-flex">
                                                    <div class="input-group floating-label">
                                                        <input class="btr-radius-0 bbr-radius-0" type="text" name="horario" id="usuario-horario" />
                                                        <label class="input-label-small" for="usuario-horario">Horario</label>
                                                        <div class="invalid-feedback">
                                                            Ingresa un horario valido.
                                                    <div class="input-group-append d-inline-block">
                                                        <span class="input-group-text btl-radius-0 bbl-radius-0">
                                                            <label for="usuario-horario">

Navigation styling when background is coloured

[data-block-internal-id="aw_core_visitormainmenu"] .is-dropdown-submenu {
    background-color: var(--primary-color);
@media screen and (min-width: 64em) {
    [data-block-internal-id="aw_core_visitormainmenu"] > a, [data-block-internal-id="aw_core_visitormainmenu"] >, [data-block-internal-id="aw_core_visitormainmenu"] .menu .is-submenu-parent-item > {
        color: #FFFFFF;
    [data-block-internal-id="aw_core_visitormainmenu"] > a:hover, [data-block-internal-id="aw_core_visitormainmenu"] >, [data-block-internal-id="aw_core_visitormainmenu"] .menu .is-submenu-parent-item > {
        color: #CCCCCC;

	public void configureAuthentication(AuthenticationManagerBuilder authManagerBuilder) throws Exception {

AuthenticationManager stacktrace

org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No qualifying bean of type '' available: expected at least 1 bean which qualifies as autowire candidate. Dependency annotations: {@org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired(required=true)}
	at ~[spring-beans-5.2.6.RELEASE.jar:5.2.6.RELEASE]
	at ~[spring-beans-5.2.6.RELEASE.jar:5.2.6.RELEASE]
	at ~[spring-beans-5.2.6.RELEASE.jar:5.2.6.RELEASE]
	at org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.AutowiredAnnotationBeanPostProcessor$AutowiredFieldElement.inject(Autowired


# source:  
## content:  
this tells how to delete an environmental variable in windows without rebooting.

Change PayPal logo on Checkout Page

add_filter( 'woocommerce_paypal_icon', 'bbloomer_replace_paypal_icon' );
function bbloomer_replace_paypal_icon() {
   return 'https://your_image_url';

renew cert nginx certbot

sudo certbot certonly --nginx -d

А потом скопировать и заменить эти сертификаты по пути, который указа в конфиге нгинкс /etc/nginx/cert

unzip in pod

apk add p7zip
7z x

Maintainer optimization message

* Dear Maintainer
* Once you are done trying to ‘optimize’ this routine,
* and you have realized what a terrible mistake that was,
* please increment the following counter as a warning
* to the next guy.
* total_hours_wasted_here = XX
* undeclared variable, error on line 0

input - date

input date
<div class="input-group floating-label">
                                                        <div class="select-wrap">
                                                            <input id="usuario-contratacion" type="text" name="contratacion" value="10/24/2019" />
                                                            <label class="input-label-small" for="usuario-fecha">fecha de usuario</label>
                                                            <div class="invalid-feedback">
                                                                Selecciona una fecha