2/13/2016 - 4:03 AM

Intellij IDEA - Cheat Sheet (aka useful shortcuts) #idea

Intellij IDEA - Cheat Sheet (aka useful shortcuts) #idea

Intellij IDEA - Cheat Sheet (aka most useful shortcuts)

Note: Some of these keymapping are specific to IdeaVim plugin. If you don't use IdeaVim (what' wrong with you :)), I've tried to point out where they differ, but I could have missed a few

Coding Session

Parameter documentation for Method Calls

  • Ctrl-P - Popup parameter documentation for method calls

Note: Ctrl-Shift-P under IdeaVim in windows

Create variable from expression

  • Ctrl-Alt-V - Variable refactoring - creates a variable from an expression

Copy from clipboard history

  • Ctrl-Shift-V - Choose from the last 5 copies

Live Templates

  • Ctrl-J - shortcut to bring up a list of available live templates (only in insert mode in IdeaVim)
  • Ctrl-Alt-T - select text block and hit Ctrl-Alt-T to bring up surround template suggestions


  • Ctrl-/ or Ctrl-Shift-/ - Comment/Uncomment current line or selection

Smart Type Completion

  • Ctrl-Shift-Space - Smart type completion to complete an expression with a method call or variable with a type suitable in the current context
  • Ctrl-Shift-I - Look up definitions on the suggestions provided by smart type completion

Rename Refactoring

  • Shift-F6 - Rename refactoring


Find artifacts in the current project

  • Ctrl-Alt-Shift-N - Finds project artifacts using fuzzy search

Go to declaration

  • Ctrl-Alt-B - Navigate to the declaration of a class, method or variable (under the cursor) (Ctrl-B is the default keymap)
  • Ctrl-Alt-Left - to go back to where you came from (Ctrl-Alt-Right to go forward again)

Recently opened files

  • Ctrl-Shift-E - Popup of recently opened files (Ctrl-E is the default keymap)


Find actions (and its shortcut) by name

  • Ctrl-Shift-A - Search for actions/shortcuts (meta-shortcut)