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Time Killers FAQ (reformatted)
From: Chris Hooper <>
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 97 09:32:55 CDT


        For all who have asked, here is the Time Killers handbook.  It contains
a list of moves for all of the playable characters in the game and it also
contains biographies for everyone in the game (including Death).  The following
came straight out of the handbook.  Only minor additions were made by me.
This should answer most, if not all, questions about Time Killers.  If anyone
wants to turn this into a FAQ, be my guest, just acknowledge me.  This list
is pretty long so if you just want a quick list of moves, see the following
post.  Remember, if you find any part of the following incorrect, don't blame
me, blame the handbook.  However, I may still correct the changes and post
another version, but you're probably better off posting the correction so
everyone can just make the changes themselves.  Anyway, here it is:

                        TIME KILLERS OFFICIAL HANDBOOK

Button Configuration:
                                * Head
                   * BackArm (BA)  * WeaponArm (WA)
                   * Backleg (BL)  * WeaponLeg (WL)

               * BackArm (BA)   * Head   * WeaponArm (WA)
               * BackLeg (BL)   * Head   * WeaponLeg (WL)

Note:  Please remember that everything here will assume that your opponent is
       on the right.  If the opponent is on the other side, perform the reverse
       of the printed move.

BothLegs - BL and WL pressed together
BothArms - BA and WA pressed together
Flail    - hit the button fast and repeatedly
Close    - you must be right next to the opponent to execute this move

Note:  If you lose the required limb, another move may be substituted.

Joystick controls will be abbreviated as thus:
A-Away from opponent      U-UP     UA-Up and away     UT-Up and towards
T-Towards your opponent   D-Down   DA-Down and away   DT-Down and towards

Long jump  - hold the joystick in the desired direction
Short jump - tap the joystick once (don't hold) in the desired direction
Multiple attacks and defends are possible while airborne.

All 5 buttons pressed simultaneously will execute a death move.

A super death move is Close and All buttons.  This can only be used when the
opponent is stunned.  This will chop off BothArms and the head.  Characters
become stunned when repeatedly hit in the head.  Some stun more easily
than others.  Flailing on the buttons shortens the stun's length.

Execute A & Head to recharge after being stunned.

Defending is simply holding the joystick away from the opponent or holding
BA and BL together.


Origin: Mesopotamia             Weapon: Stone Axe       Height: 6' 9"
Time Period: 20,000B.C.         Death Move: Blood Chop  Weight: 325 lbs.
Fighting Place: Stone Age

        For centuries the alien Troglodytes dominated the earth, subjecting the
 emerging human race to the role of slaves and cattle.  The ruthless reptilian
race broke the spirit of these early humans, keeping them in constant pain and
fear.  At unexpected moments, the Troglodyte warriors would raid these prison
camps and wreak havoc on the hapless humans.  Some of the humans were enslaved
to perform the lowest and most inhuman of tasks.  Others were unceremoniously
slaughtered, and the human meat consumed.  Still others were hunted, brutalized
and killed for sport.  The frightened and disorganized human race nearly became
extinct during the domination of the heartless Troglodyte race.
        Then Thugg, a huge and battleworn human, emerged from beyond The Edge.
A natural and brutal leader, Thugg was attacked by a band of Troglodyte
warriors at the base of the largest human death camp.  The humans had never 
witnessed such a fierce battle, nor had they in their wildest imaginings 
dreamed that a single human could best such overwhelming odds.  Thugg had 
slaughtered at least a dozen of the fiercest Troglodyte warriors 
       Thugg suffered some serious injuries during his first encounter with the
Troglodytes.  The human witnesses, at first wary of this ferocious stranger,
eventually took him in and dressed his wounds.  Thugg's strong presence and
self confidence made him a natural leader and the humans responded willingly.
In a relatively short time, Thugg re-taught them many of the important basics
of life that the Troglodytes had worked so hard to eradicate.  With the return
of their survival instincts came a sense of purpose of being and a drive for
the preservation of the species. Thugg had taken a cowering, spiritless species
and turned them into an organized and driven fighting force.
        In the continuous battles that followed against the Troglodytes, Thugg
led his men through victories and defeats, massive slaughters and devious
espionage.  During this time, Thugg turned his savage strength and beast-like
agility into a formidable fighting style.  With each dead enemy, Thugg would
bite a chunk of green reptilian flesh from the dead corpse before him.  He
would chew on the alien flesh until he faced his next victim.  Then, at the
appropriate time, he would spit the piece of soft, rotted meat at his enemy.
The Troglodyte was usually so shocked and repulsed that Thugg would execute
a final killer blow.
        After years of bloody battles and scores of dead bodies, Thugg finally
confronted the Supreme One, the hideous Troglodyte leader.  These two enigmatic
warriors locked into a battle of incredible brutality and destruction.
Eventually, the tide of battle turned against Thugg.  As Thugg struggled to
stop the Supreme One from splitting him open with his own axe, a Troglodyte
guard hurdled a long spear at Thugg's back.  At the last possible instant,
Thugg shifted his weight and spun around, and the spear pierced both of the
Supreme One's hearts.
       With the death of their evil leader, the Troglodytes lost their sense of
evil and reverted to a more complacent species.  Thugg, immediately after his
battle with the Supreme One, wandered back into The Edge and was never heard
from again.

        Thugg Special Moves:

Fast Trog hocker:       DA,D,DT & head
Slow Trog hocker:       DT,D,DA & head
Flip combo:             T & BothLegs - then while still in air, BA for pound to
                                        head, WA for axe chop
Body launch:            D & BothLegs - then while legs are extended, BA for
                                        lobbing launch, WA for medium range
                                        launch, BothArms for quick launch
                                        (Double hit move, legs and launch)
Running head-butt combos:       T & head to start running head-butt - then
                                A to stop for "psych" or execute a standing
                                attack.  D to stop of execute a sliding
                                crouching attack.  If you run into a wall, you
                                stun yourself.
Body roll combos:       DT & BothLegs to start rolling - then let the roll
                                continue to hit the opponent.  Hit any button
                                combonation to execute a crouching attack.
Body roll and running head-butt are great ways to get close to enemy or move
under an airborne attack.

Ground pound:   A & WA Caveman will pound the ground so hard, that it forces
                        the opponent to bounce toward him.  Flail on the WA
                        for faster hits.
Super Uppercut: close T & BA to knock opponent up and away
Super Kick:     BothLegs to hurl opponent into the back wall.
Quick blood chop:       A & all buttons.  This death move doesn't have the
                                range of the normal death move, but is faster
                                to execute.
Kick/chop:      WA/WL


Origin: Harstad, Norway         Weapon: Battle-axe      Height: 6' 7"
Time Period: 829 A.D.           Death Move: Berserker   Weight: 284 lbs.
Fighting Place: Nordic Conquest

        It seems as if Leif was always a grown man, seeking adventure and
enjoying life to its fullest.  No one remembered Leif as a child, and he never
spoke of himself as a young man.  He would, however, tell long and enthralling
stories about himself and his incredible travels, describing exotic locations
and fearsome enemies with such exuberance and detail that he was welcomed and
held in awe wherever he went.  He never stayed in one place for long, but he
was remembered fondly by all those with whom he came in contact.
       Many of Leif's adventures involved the mysterious Black Army, a ruthless
plague of evil led by Black Thorn, the hideous and cruel mystical leader of the
savage undead armies.  Leif led many battles against the armies of evil along
the northern coast of Norway, keeping their disease from spreading outward.
Leif's bravery and physical endurance were a symbol of strength and courage for
his Viking comrades, and they gladly followed him into terrible battles,
overcoming impossible odds.
       Black Thorn soon learned of Leif and his ability to rally his troops and
foil his plans.  Black Thorn re-designed his war strategy and turned all of his
energies toward killing Leif, thereby removing the greatest obstacle to his
military domination.
        Black Thorn and Leif mat many times through the years, but they never
battled each other.  This frustrated and enraged Leif greatly, for he knew that
if Black Thorn was destroyed, the wars would be over and many lives would be
saved.  Black Thorn was wary and clever and never put himself in any personal
jeopardy.  He sent brutal henchmen and expendable minions to trap and kill Leif
but through keen wits and enormous strength, Leif was able to overcome every
trap that was set for him.
        At last Leif's frustration with Black Thorn's devious untouchability
reached a searing climax, and Leif entered into a final desperate plan.  During
the Battle of Niffelheim, Leif butchered two dozen of Black Thorn's undead
soldiers before he allowed himself to be captured.  Risking instant execution,
he was carried back to the Lair of the Unknown and thrown into the deepest of
the evil stronghold's dungeons. There Leif waited, enduring unheard of tortures
and pain, holding on to the hope that Black Thorn himself would come to finish
        After enduring many days of torture and humiliation, Black Thorn was
finally convinced that Leif's tattered and bloodied body was no longer a
personal threat.  Black Thorn ordered that Leif's shackles be removed and that
he be brought to him for the pleasure of a personal execution.  Weaponless but
free to move, Leif used his last bit of adrenaline to charge savagely at Black
Thorn, who, so certain that he had broken Leif's spirit, was caught completely
off guard by such a powerful attack.  Leif crashed into Black Thorn and pushed
him back against his throne made of human skulls.  The throne twisted and
shattered against the far wall.  As luck would have it, a decorative battle-axe
fell from the wall and spun along the floor, stopping at Leif's feet.  In one
swift motion, Leif grabbed the axe and swung hard, sending the disbelieving
Black Thorn into eternal darkness.
        As Black Thorn perished, the unnatural forces that held thrall over the
undead were released, freeing the captive souls and banishing the forces of 
evil from the face to the earth.  Leif's fellow Vikings waited for days after 
the defeat of the unnatural army, but Leif never returned from the evil castle.

        Leif's Special Moves:

Short Berserker:        A and all buttons
Rotoslice:              D and BothArms(spin the joystick clockwise for more
Super Kick:             D and BothLegs to hurl opponent to back wall
Axe Pole Vault:         Bothlegs - then while still in air, BA low flying
                                        follow through, WA high flying follow
Head Splitter:          In air BothArms
Running head-butt combos:       Head to start running head-butt - then A to
                                stop for "psych" or execute a standing attack,
                               D to stop or execute a sliding crouching attack.
                        If you run into the wall, you will stun yourself.
Flying Rotoslice:       In air, start from T, circle joystick clockwise 360
                                degrees, then BothArms
Viking spike            Close and BothArms
Reverse pole poke:      T & BothArms
Extended Trip:          D & WL

        LORD WULF:

Origin: Camelot, England        Weapon: Broadsword      Height: 6' 2"
Time Period: 1202 A.D.          Death Move: Flying Guillotine
Fighting Place: Medieval Age                            Weight: 226 lbs.

        At a very early age, Lord Wulf left legendary Camelot to follow his own
personal quests and make his life his own.  After several years of travel and
many adventures, he came to a place called Spinstershire, and there he fell in
love and made his home.
        However, the fates were such that his new home was ruled by a corrupt
and thoughtless government, which Lord Wulf learned of first hand.  As a man of
honor, Lord Wulf rallied the townspeople to make their voices heard and put an
end to the tyranny they had been subjected to.
        Lord Wulf overcame great hardships and suffered unparalleled emotional
loss while leading the charge to overthrow Count Morbid, the cruel ruler of
Spinstershire.  After losing his beloved wife and family to Morbid's malevolent
deceit, Wulf eventually entrapped and exposed the corrupt ruler and banished 
him from the land.  The townspeople rallied behind Lord Wulf, grateful for all
that he had done for them, and they made him their new ruler.
        Lord Wulf ruled his new kingdom fairly and justly for many years, and
the land prospered, yet Wulf was lonely and troubled.  The butchering of his
family and the horrible tortures endured by his wife while he was forced to
watch in helpless agony had left him emotionally scarred, and was unable to
form any fulfilling relationships.  At night, Wulf's dreams brought disturbing
visions of his slaughtered family, who shouted agonizing warnings and cries.
He would also see foreboding images of Morbid commingling with unnatural and
evil forces, and plotting his revenge on Spinstershire and all of England.
        Lord Wulf ordered that Spinstershire take arms once again, and turned
the farming town into a well armed and well trained fortress.  At last, during
a fierce and unnatural thunderstorm, Lord Wulf's worst fears were realized.
Seemingly from nowhere, a dark and mysterious army appeared out of the gloom
and rained down on the stronghold.  The townspeople, even prepared as they were
never stood a chance against the overwhelming onslaught of primal hatred and
        Lord Wulf fought valiantly against the treacherous horde, cutting a
bloody path to the top of a precipice strew with the bodies of his fallen
soldiers.  There amidst the rivers of blood he confronted the leader of this
unholy war.  It was Morbid, now outfitted in full armor made of an unnatural
black metal that seemed to consume any life force that came in contact with it.

The battle was short and fierce, and Lord Wuld suffered great wounds and found
himself unnaturally weak.  It was then that Wulf reached deep within himself
and called upon his noble bloodline of Camelot.  With his last bit of strength,
he raised his sword into the air and called to Excalibur, the mystical sword of
legend.  Morbid laughed at his enemy, and moved in for the killing blow.  At
that moment, a blinding bolt of white energy pierced through the sky and
connected with Lord Wulf's outstretched sword.  Wulf was filled with a
revitalized energy, and he re-directed this power through him and into the
approaching Morbid.  Morbid writhed in agony and dismay as his ebony armor
exploded and shattered.  What was left of Morbid was not a human form, but
rather a dark entity of pure hatred.  Lord Wulf drove his sword deep into the
center of the pulsating mass and relegated it back to the darkness.
       The storm subsided as night slowly turned to the beginning of a new day.
There were only a handful of townspeople that survived the night's onslaught.
Lord Wulf never came down from the hilltop and was never seen again.

        Lord Wulf Special Moves:

Energy Bolt:    A & head then T (Start a war cry, but before yelling push the
                                joystick towards your opponent)
Spinning guillotine:    Head & both arms - spin the joystick clockwise for
                                           more spins
Sword Plant Double Leg: BothLegs
Super Uppercut:         close T & BA to knock opponent up and away
Quick-Slide Uppercut:   T, T & BA (2 taps toward, then the backarm)
Super Kick:             D & BothLegs to hurl opponent into the back wall
Airborne Guillotine:    in air all buttons
Slide trip:             D & BL
Super Head Split:       in air BothArms

Lord Wulf can push off opponents in the air for airborne combination moves,

Flying Head Jab:        in air BA
Heel crunch:            in air WL

Lord Wulf can easily execute three or four move combinations.

In air                          1. Heel Crunch
                                2. Flying Head Jab
                                3. Super head split
                                4. Sword plant double leg


Origin: Nagashima, Japan        Weapon: Katana, Daito   Height: 5' 11"
Time Period: 1455 A.D.          Death Move: Dragon's Bite
Fighting Place: Feudal Japan                            Weight: 167 lbs.

        Musashi was a brilliant war strategist and the finest general in all of
Feudal Japan.  He and his army of devoted fighting men had fought numerous,
complex war campaigns and never lost a battle or had a casualty.  His men
regarded Musashi not only as brilliant in the art of war, but they sought
Musashi's advice on nearly every subject of life and sprit.  Musashi regarded
his undefeated army as his sons, and treated them with respect, devotion, and
love.  He taught his men to seek enlightenment through becoming one with your
spirit and finding harmony in your surroundings.
        These happier times ended abruptly during a secret mission deep in the
rough and uncharted land known only as the Foothills of the Serpent.  For the
first time, Musashi decided to deviate from his carefully laid plans and take a
new route through the unknown and forbidden territory.  As Musashi led his
devoted soldiers through the eerie landscape, the sky was blackened by a huge
shadow that threateded to swallow them up.  Musashi stopped and looked toward
the heavens.  There, for an instant, he believed he saw two fiery red eyes lock
onto his very soul.  Then, a sudden sharp pain to the back of his head sent him
hurtling to the ground.
       As Musashi recovered his helmet, he noticed that lodged within the metal
and leather was a mysterious spiked scale.  As Musashi touched the strange
object, the ebon sdy turned bright orange and Musashi saw the unnatural image 
of a huge flying serpent:  The legendary Yofune'-Nushi dragon.  Without 
warning, the dragon belched black smoke and white-hot fire from its gaping 
jaws.  Musashi watched in helpless horror as his men burned to bone and ashes 
in the searing flames.  Musashi, protected by the dragon's scale lodged in his
helmet, was untouched by the unnatural flames.  Yet in his mind he could feel 
the heat and the pain and the despair of all of his men as their spirits 
burned from their flesh.
        Reeling from guilt and shame for leading his men to their dishonorable
deaths, Musashi was even more tortured now by the horror that played over and
over in his mind.  The twisted evil that was in the dragon now forced his mind
to watch helplessly as his men were so casually and horribly slaughtered.
Musashi, tormented and shamed, vowed to avenge the deaths of his comrades and
and restore his honor by hunting down and destroying the evil beast.
        As the years passed, Musashi traveled the farthest corners and the
darkest regions of Japan in search of the fabled serpent.  His many adventures
and driven wanderings taught Musashi many things, and his deeds became the 
stuff of legends.  Musashi had lost his ability to become one with his world, 
but he was able to find an enlightenment of sorts through the perfection of his
swordsmanship.  He developed the Dragon Bite sword technique, specifically
designed to vanquish the monstrous serpent.
        At long last, Musashi discovered the lair of the Youfune'Nushi dragon.
It took weeks of travel in pitch darkness, but Musashi persisted, guided by the
serpents scale that longed to be reunited with its rightful owner.  The dragon,
also anxious for his property, waited for Musashi in a huge chamber lit by the
red glow of burning rocks.  Knowing that the dragon could sense the scale,
Musashi placed it around a curve in the main tunnel and entered the chamber
from another direction.  The dragon was caught by surprise, and Musashi managed
to strike first, slicing one eye and damaging the other.  A heated battle
ensued, but Musashi overcame the beast and sliced the monster to ribbons.
        It is said that Musashi still resides in the dragon's lair, offering
portions of the dragon's flesh to the spirits of his dead soldiers.

        Musashi Special Moves:

Butterfly:              T & flail WA.  Flail BothArms to get faster.
Lightning Slice:        T & flail BA.
Off The Wall:           While in the air and against the wall, move joystick
                        away from wall to jump forward
Flying Dragon:          In air All buttons
Flip To Head:           Bothlegs
Back Slam:              D & BothLegs
Katana Flash:           D & flail WA
Daito Flash:            D & flail BA
Double Slice:           Botharms
Slide Trip:             D & BL
Katana Blender:         In air flail BA
Samurai Hair Cut:       In air flail BothArms
Flip Double Lunge Kick: In air BothLegs


Origin: New Chicago, U.S.A.     Weapon: Chainsaw        Height: 6' 6"
Time Period: 2024 A.D.          Death Move: Head Shred  Weight: 261 lbs.
Fighting Place: Post Modern Age

        Abandoned as a child in a rusty trash can in a rat infested alley,
Rancid's only home was the dark and twisting underground tunnels of the 
decaying city.  Growing up alone, hated and shunned by even the lowliest 
beggar or the meanest criminal, Rancid knew nothing about human interaction 
and the ways of the common man.
        Rancid survived these early years due to his incredible sense of
survival and self-preservation.  Rancid never stopped moving, and his actions
were clever and unpredictable.  Having no sense of right and wrong, he simply
did what he had to do to stay alive and satisfy his needs. More often than not,
Rancid would stumble into circumstances that were beyond his comprehension, yet
his intervention would unwittingly create a beneficial, though sometimes 
bloody, outcome.  These events gave Rancid a reputation and mystique 
throughout the city as an enigmatic urban force.
        As Rancid grew older and a bit wiser, he moved through the city's
streets with ease and tried his hardest to live up to the reputation that he 
had so unwittingly earned.  One dark night he was surprised by a vicious 
street gang war party.  After killing three savage attackers and experiencing 
a narrow escape, Rancid went seeking answers to this unprovoked attack.
        Through stealth, deceit, and brutality, Rancid learned that he was
being accused of The X Murders, a series of horrible serial killings that left
the disfigured corpses with an X branded into their skulls. A reward was posted
for thirty million credits for Rancid's capture, dead or alive.  Rancid, now
wanted by both the Police and the Underworld, went on a personal mission to
elude capture and to find the creature responsible for his sudden infamy.  The
days and nights that followed were a blur of panic and brutal instinct, as
Rancid fought and killed to stay alive and discover the truth.
        Eventually, Rancid's bloody trail led to an abandoned warehouse, where
he confronted a being named Plague.  Caught off guard for a moment due to his
long days of sleeplessness, Plague stunned Rancid and branded his forehead with
an X, Plague's evil death mark.  As Plague was about to eviscerate him with his
razor-sharp spiked gauntlet, Rancid regained consciousness and kicked Plague
squarely in the groin.  Plague, shocked and enraged with pain, lashed out
blindly at Rancid.  Rancid took a deep wound to his chest, but rolled with the
blow, out of reach of Plague's treacherous finger weapons.  Plague managed a
kick to Rancid's ribs that sent him reeling into a pile of decaying rubble and
rotting wood.
        Through a blur of blood and sweat, Rancid spotted a rusting chainsaw
buried beneath the rotting materials.  Rancid grabbed the saw and instinctively
pulled on the cord, and the chainsaw sprang to life.  Plague, never having a
victim fight back before, grew wild with rage and charged at Rancid.  The
smoking chainsaw plunged deep into Plague's chest, and carved a wide and jagged
X through his spasming body.
        To this day, the mystery of the X murders remains unsolved.  No one has
discovered Plague's multilated corpse, and Rancid seems to have vanished from
the city.

        Rancid's Special Moves:

Chain Ride:             A, DA, D, DT, T & BothArms
In Air Ride:            In air U, UT, T, DT & BothArms
Head Dance:             In air BothLegs, aim this towards the opponent's head
                        to do multiple head stomps.
Crotch Rocket:          T & BothArms
Jump Split Kick:        T & BothLegs
Both Leg Bullet:        BothLegs
Dirty Knife In Boot:    close T & WL
Flying Knee:            T & WA
Flip Trip:              DT & BothLegs
Slide Trip:             D and BothLegs
Spinning Saw:           in air WA
Chainsaw Lobotomy:      in air BothArms
Flying Head Slam:       in air head


Origin: Alpha Labs Orbital      Weapon: Electric Sabre  Height: 6'
        Outpost M-X29           Death Move: Satellite Slash
Time Period: 2885 A.D.                                  Weight: 175 lbs.
Fighting Place: The Last Frontier

       When the creation of the dimensional slide-drive was near stabilization,
a series of space stations was launched from Earth where humans began building
manned exploration vehicles.  Born from a test tube in the first of these
orbital outposts, Orion grew up regarding the industrial satellite as a prison,
holding him back from the wonders of the cosmos.
        As soon as he was able, he trained to be a pilot for the exploration
ships that the colony produced.  Orion excelled in his pilot and survival
skills, and although he was never considered a model student, he was the
youngest cadet to ever graduate from the rigorous training academy.  To
celebrate his impending freedom from the confines of the station, Orion
"borrowed" an experimental slide craft and took a short joyride to the Pleides
cluster and back.
       Upon his return, Orion was met with a horrible sight.  The space station
had been ripped open like a paper bag.  People and equipment were being shot
through the shredded hull and into the frozen void.  Orion steered his ship
headlong into the stream of twisted debris and writhing bodies, in the hopes
that he may yet save some of his people from certain death.  As he approached,
however, he noticed strange images floating gleefully through the mutilated
corpses.  They were nearly as black as the emptiness of space, and blended
almost perfectly as if invisible.  They seemed to be tearing the bodies apart
and feeding on them.  Both fascinated and repulsed, Orion moved in for a closer
        Suddenly, something attached itself to Orion's view screen.  It was all
black, with no true shape or form.  From it's center was row upon row of long,
sharp, yellow teeth warped into a hideous and menacing grin.  Green and yellow
bile oozed from the slathering orifice, which began to eat its way through the
hull of the ship.  A loud, haunting, horrible sound filled the void making
Orion's ears burn.  Orion on instinct jammed the craft into slide drive, which
sent him speeding through the dimensional fabric of space.  The creature seemed
shocked by the jolt of speed beyond comprehension, released the ship and
vanished from sight.
        When Orion at last regained his wits, he guided his ship to the closest
space station to report the disaster.  He was met with a military escort and a
call to surrender his vehicle.  Apparently, the shadow creatures had left no
trace of their visit, and Orion, with his stolen slide craft, was the prime
suspect in the annihilation of the space station and all who were aboard.
Orion, assuming that no one would believe his story and fearing confinement
in a prison, a fate worse than death, once again activated the experimental
slide drive and made his escape.
        Orion went on to travel the dimensional cosmos, in search of the Shadow
Beast responsible for destroying his people and making him a fugitive.  During
his travels as the first human to visit countless new worlds, Orion's survival
skills were put to the test again and again.  The slide ship became a trophy
room of sorts, displaying the treasures he found and the species he conquered.
He became legendary among many galaxies as a tortured and driven being, eager
to right a wrong and make an impossible task possible.
        Legend has it that Orion at last was able to locate the lair of the
Shadow Beasts.  Orion set his course directly for the shadow planet in a
mysterious and dark dimension and has never returned to this galaxy.

        Orion's Special Moves:

Spinning Drill:         U, UT, T, DT, D & WL
Gravity Throw:          in air T,T or A,A.  On the way up, tap the joystick
                        twice in the direction of the new gravity.
Roll Stab:              DT & BothArms.  This move has the potential for 2 hits
                        first on a roll kick and them on a stab follow through.
High Torpedo:           BothLegs
Low Torpedo:            D & BothLegs
Airborne Slash:         in air all buttons
Soprano Slice:          close T & BothArms
Knee to a Kick:         close BL.  A knee hit followed by a kick.
Spin Stab:              close T & WA
360 Spin Chop           close BothArms

Orion can change direction in the air.  This is effective with the following

Body Spear:             in air Head
Football Kick:          in air WL
Flying Spin:            in air BothLegs


Origin: Mars Colony A-7,        Weapon: Photon Blade    Height: 5' 10"
        Sector 709              Death Move: Photon Fury Weight: 133 lbs.
Time Period: 3297 A.D.
Fighting Place: Galactic Colonization

        Matrix was four years old when the Cyber Wars began on Mars.  At this
early age, she watched in horror as the Nannydrone that had raised her tortured
and disemboweled her parents and older brother.  Matrix managed to escape
certain death from the mysteriously re-programmed drone when a rampaging
Postaldrone blew up the front door, destroying the Nannydrone.  Matrix ran from
her house to find her sector in total and bloody chaos.  Something had
mysteriously re-programmed all of the machines and robots to destroy life
rather than serve it.  Fortunately for Matrix, the rampaging horde were
disorganized and random in executing their new-found orders, which gave her a
chance to find safety and eventually meet up with other human survivors.
        Matrix was ten when she first battled the now re-created and wholly
organized Cyberdrone army.  On her way back from a routine delivery mission,
Matrix was spotted my a patrolling Plasmadrone.  As the charging war drone
approached, Matrix somehow managed to climb on top of the Plasmadrone.  In one
smooth motion, she smeared mud over the drone's optical sensors and jammed a
sharp wooden spike into the robot's power grid.  The confused and spasming
Plasmadrone was still able to raise its weapons toward Matrix, and it fired a
searing blast of energy.  Matrix jumped up avoided the plasma stream, grabbed
the barrel of the plasma gun with her hand and pointed it downward.  The burst
of pure energy sheared the top of the drone's armor, scrambling the intricate
intelligence grids within and locking the drone's plasma bursts into a
continuous stream of destruction.
        Following the explosive sounds, more Cyberdrones came to join in the
ensuing battle.  Matrix continued to ride the bucking monstrosity, aiming the
death ray into the approaching robotic reinforcements.  When the  Plasmadrone
finally fell to the earth, fully spent of all of its destructive power, Matrix
had managed to destroy an entire battalion of Cyberdrones single-handedly.
Buzzing with the glory of war, Matrix raised her arms high in victory.  Her
ecstasy turned to horror as she saw that the hand that held the plasma gun was
a mass of fused flesh, bone and metal.
        The human scientists learned much from the captured Cyberdrone
technology.  From these components they created an indestructible bionic hand
that was grafted to Matrix's arm.  This melding of technologies gave Matrix
the unexpected ability to tap into the remote commands that were being fed to
the robotic armies.  This ability to understand and anticipate the actions of
the enemies at last gave the human freedom fighters the edge they needed in
fighting against the unfeeling Cyberdrones.
        At age twenty-four, and more battle worn than anyone would like to
believe, Matrix at last decoded and pinpointed the location of the hidden
Cyberdrone stronghold.  With a hand-picked strike force of hardened and
experienced soldiers, Matrix led a final mission into the heart of enemy
territory.  As the strike force engaged the CyberGuard Warriors, Matrix's fully
operational bionic senses led her to a hidden underground chamber.  Deep within
the eerie steel tunnels Matrix encountered the Master Drone.  The Master Drone
was a malevolent bio-technical entity from unknown origins.  Oozing from the
cracks of its dark metallic armor was a black pus that breathed as if it had a
life of its own.  The Master Drone attacked Matrix, throwing everything it had
at her on both the physical and binary levels.  Through sheer fighting skill
and years of training, she was able to counter the vicious attacks.  Slowly and
painfully, Matrix moved closer and closer to the monster, attempting to execute
a final desperate attack.  Suddenly, with her Photon Blade blazing, Matrix cut
a panel of the gunmetal plating away from the Master Drone's Central
Intelligence Unit.  Matrix then plunged her bionic fist into the mass of
writhing black stench.  Master Drone let out a horrible shriek, like the sound
of metal grinding into metal.  The black slime sizzled and vanished and the
Master Drone crumpled to dust.
        All over the planet, the machines of destruction stopped dead in their
tracks and ceased to function.  The remaining soldiers of Matrix's elite strike
force emerged from the ruins of the enemy stronghold.  No sign of Matrix was
ever found.

        Matrix's Special Moves:

Flying Super Butt:      in air head & WA & BL
Cyber Punch:            T, flail BA
Low Cyber Punch:        D, flail BA
Eat My Feet:            D & BothLegs
Tornado Spin:           in air BothArms
Super Uppercut:         D & close BA
Airborne fury:          in air all buttons
Short Leg Spin:         in air, clockwise 360 degrees & WL
Long Leg Spin:          in air, clockwise 360 degrees & BothLegs
Super Side Kick:        BL to hurl opponent into the wall
Leg Launch:             T & BL to launch opponent up and away

Matrix's facing position can change in air by pointing joystick at opponent.
Use this by jumping past the opponent and attacking from behind.

Flying Pummel:          in air flail BA
Photon Slice:           in air WA


Origin: Unknown         Weapon: Serrated Forearms       Height: 7' 2"
Time Period: 4002 A.D.  Death Move: Secare Slice        Weight: 187 lbs.
Fighting Place: Mutant Armageddon

        No one is certain whether the Mantazz race invaded Earth from another
planet, or if they evolved through natural selection in a remote and 
radioactive area of the Overzone jungle.  At first there were only myths and 
legends that described these vicious insect-like creatures that fed humans to 
their young.  However, when many of the rogue explorers who went into this 
particular sector of uninhabitable land never came out, and the few that did 
survive were horribly mutilated and completely insane, the public began 
to take notice.
        Eventually, when RADnet radio communications in that area failed, and
SATnet pictures showed no warm-blooded creatures in the entire sector, the
world leaders took action.  Teams of heavily armed ToxoSquads were ordered to
infiltrate and destroy whatever menace was in the seemingly barren and
foreboding landscape.  Not long after this elite group of fighters entered the
Overzone, a breif skirmish was recorded by SATnet before all of the human life
was extinguished.
        From the SATnet records, the people of Earth saw first-hand the
mysterious creatures that had conquered and infested the Radioactive jungle.
The world watched in helpless horror as hideous, insect-like creatures casually
defended against a powerful ToxoSquad attack and annihilated and devoured the
entire human force.
        Soon after this shocking massacre, the Mantazz began a careful and
strategic migration from the Overzone, leaving nothing but bloody destruction
in their path. The human race regrouped and retaliated, eventually finding some
methods of combat that slowed down the frenzied Mantazz migration, but could
not stop it completely.
        Through SATnet, mankind learned that the Mantazz are a race of
insect-like warriors solely dedicated to self-preservation.  They stand over
seven feet tall and yet are light enough to fly.  Their outer surface is
composed of a meta-hard exoshell, coated with a layer of brightly colored toxic
acid.  Each double-jointed forearm houses a razor-sharp, serrated claw-like
appendage. Toenails and teeth seem to be of the same material and are sharpened
to knife points.  A paralyzing acidic enzyme exudes from both the toes and
mouth.  Every adult Mantazz has the ability to fire devastating plasma bursts
from their eyes, giving it the advantage of long-range attacks.
       After years of warfare, the human race was on the brink of extinction at
the hands of the deadly Mantazz race.  The remaining humans had finally learned
that the Mantazz were somehow feeding living human flesh to a single Queen,
who would produce ten eggs for every human she consumed.  The gestation period
of a Mantazz egg was unknown but estimated at less than three days. A hatchling
reached full maturity at twelve days.  The life span of an adult Mantazz was
nearly forever.  The remaining humans realized that if they were to avoid
extinction, they would have to destroy the Queen, located in the Overzone
jungle.  A hundred of the best human warriors battled their way into the toxic
domain.  A dozen soldiers survived to reach the Queen's immense nest.  There
they witnessed the Queen Mantazz, seemingly in conversation with a strange
glowing being of dark energy.  The Mantazz nodded and disappeared in a flash of
black light.
        With the Queen gone, the Mantazz drones fell into chaos and disarray.
The remaining soldiers took gleeful joy in destroying every last one of the
unhatched Mantazz eggs.  As time progressed, humans once again prospered and
multiplied, and cut the number of Mantazz adults to a manageable size.
Eventually, Man and Mantazz learned to co-exist on Earth for many generations.

        Mantazz's Special Moves:

Fast Eye-beam:          DA, D, DT & Head for faster beams
Slow Eye-beam:          DT, D, DA & Head for slower beams
Low Eye-beam:           D, D & Head(joystick down, back to center, then down
                                        with head button)
Fly:                    T, T or A, A while airborne, tap the joystick twice in
                        the direction you want to fly.
Elbow-spinning Double Kick:     close T & BothLegs
Super Spin Trip:        D & WL will trip, flail on WL to move towards opponent.
                        Move joystick DA, D, DT back and forth across the
                        bottom while flailing WL to double the speed across the
Helicopter Secare:      D & Head & BothArms.  You have some control over range
                        and height by moving the joystick.
Airplane Secare:        A, A & WA
Knife Sharpener:        flail BothArms.  You can execute this standing or
                        crouching or switch between the two via the joystick.
Super Extension Kick:   D & BothLegs.  This move only works while both arms are
Double Elbow Hurl:      close T & BothArms


        Life and Death, the two prime forces of nature, have fought a timeless
struggle for dominance over All That Is.  The incarnate forces of Life and
Death clash constantly, within and without all dimensions, planes and times.
Both Life and Death enjoy victories and mourn losses in their struggle, but for
the most part the two entities are evenly matched.
        Death is not content with this celestial balance and craves power and
domination over all things.  Throughout time Death has launched his most
devious, brutal and destructive plans in pursuit of the elimination of Life and
the gaining of Eternal Domination.  Death infused a portion of his being into
mortal creatures of power and evil who performed his horrible machinations.
And, to his eternal chagrin, Death has been soundly defeated by an individual
and seemingly inconsequential agent of the Life Force.
        Throughout time, these warriors have triumphed over Death's earthly
incarnations, weakening Death's cosmic balance and enraging it to unfounded
heights of frustration and resolve.  From these great losses Death plots a
devious new scheme that will exact his revenge on those who defeated it and
severely weaken the Life Force at the same time.
        Death plucks each hero from the time stream at the moment of victory.
He approaches the heroes separately, disguised as Chronos, Master of Time and
Messenger for Good.  Death lies to each mortal, spinning moral fantasies and
catering to individual secret desires.  Death convinces each warrior to fight
seven messengers of Death throughout the time stream in order to defeat evil
and preserve Life.  A promise of immortality is offered to each mortal if he or
she is successful in this false mission.  The TIME KILLERS heroes, still
fatigued and disoriented from their previous encounters, believe the Master of
Deceit and agree to meet the challenge.
       Death has orchestrated events that will pit eternity's greatest warriors
and Death's greatest enemies against each other.  Whichever TIME KILLERS
warrior survives these bloody battles will have to face a fully powered and
vengeful Death in his own dark underworld.  Will Death be victorious and
reclaim a hold on All That Is?  Or will one of the TIME KILLERS heroes overcome
the power of this prime force and become forever immortal?  Only time will

With Faint heart, tired feet and many ___________
a tear, through our opposed path         |   |\
we must persevere.  A minor poem      |  |---|__\     Jay H. Anderson
for a minor obstacle(Life)-Beast       \/    |    \