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Tech Study

Tech Study

Tech Study

How to use this gist?

This gist contains lists of resources about JS, Mobile, Architecture/DevOps and Cloud Native. Each gist has a list
of technologies that you can do POC and CODE practice, also with a list of useful books and links.


  • Create a github repository called sandbox- where track is: js,ArchDevOps,CN or Mobile.
  • Code every week some POC or feature impl of each technology on the lsit.
  • You should be reading one book at the time. You need make notes from your readings.
  • Reading 10 pages per week is progress, you should push your self to read some pages everyweek.
  • After reading and coding for some time about a specific subject lets say Automation/Ansible consider doing a LT.
  • You need to understand what you are coding, ask for code review.
  • You need make sure you got concepts right, validate with more experienced engineers.
  • Progress is best tracked in Weekly Coaching Sessions.
  • Balance is always welcome. You might use the Breath/Deepth method where 90% time invested on main topic and 10% on random.
  • No matter your specific field like JS or CN you should read all this book https://gist.github.com/diegopacheco/d64f12de059b097533dcfa630a0cb263





Cloud Native


Software Architecture | DevOps Engineering




POC Ideas