10/5/2016 - 8:27 AM

Using GistBox Natively on Mac OS

Using GistBox Natively on Mac OS

Using GistBox Natively on MacOSX

So you've discovered Gists for organising and sharing (pseudo) code snippets, and you've discovered the beautiful GistBox as an interface for your gists. You feel like you just want it as a standalone app though, well...

1. Download and install Fluid

Download fluid to create a Site Specific Browser (SSB) (The free version is fine, but the paid version lets you anchor it in your menubar!). Fluid is an application that makes any web-app you commonly use into a standalone app. For those inclined you can install fluid via Homebrew cask with brew cask install fluid

Once you've installed fluid open the application and enter the following information to set up GistBox and click create.

  • URL:
  • Name: GistBox

This should create an SSB specifically for GistBox and place it in /Applications/. Launch the application and you should load the GistBox login page. Since GistBox is essentially a interface for your gists it uses you github credentials to log you in. If you simply sign in with github you'll open in your default browser and never sign in.

To make GitBox work with Fluid you have to whitelist links in Preferences > Whitelist, so that the initial signup can happen. After that it works fine. Make sure you use *'s to whitelist all github links generally.

Once you've done that you can click ‘sign in with github’ and you should sign into your GistBox account.

Gist away!

Guide by tmgriffiths.