12/10/2014 - 9:50 AM

Recruiter Advice

Recruiter Advice

I'm really trying not to be rude but the number of recruiter spam I'm getting is really becoming irritating. For future reference:
a) Don't email me an opportunity off the back of a key word search. Check out my cv or linkedin profile before forwarding opportunities. It really shows a complete lack of effort on your part
b) I've dealt with a lot of recruiters in my time. A £500 referral fee in pathetic considering the potential fee your company receives on each placement.

Going forward, I'll be telling my network of technical people about every recruiter/recruitment company which clearly isn't concerned about the level of service they provide and shows a distinct lack of effort when it comes to matching potential candidates to a role. As you know, the London tech scene is very similar to the game 'six degrees of kevin bacon' - word gets around.

I hope this provides some insight and helps with future placements.

Kind Regards