11/14/2017 - 4:55 PM

Similiar Jobs - October CMS

Process of creating a similiar jobs function with October....

SIMILIAR JOBS - October w/ Laravel

  1. Navigate to the partials and create a New Object, do this by creating a folder within
        --> THEMES
           --> {PROJECT ABBRV.}
              --> PARTIALS
    For example I named by folder JobDetailsSimiliarJobs
  2. In the folder you've just made create a new file and title the file default.htm.
  3. Now that the object is created in the partials folder it'll need to be referenced by a page in your October project.
    • inside of pages > inquire > job.htm
    • reference the plugin (i.e., [RelatedJobs JobDetailsSimiliarJobs]
  4. </li>