2/5/2012 - 6:07 AM

Initial Requirements

Initial Requirements

These are some initial general requirements. Of course they need to be polished up since the 
pointers are a bit raw. Take a look at it and see if it makes sense and then based on your 
questions we can polish it up and make them more detailed and specific. At the very least 
it will give you a 
general idea at this time.

General initial Requirements for Student Information System:
·         System must be able to house student demographics:

o   Student information

o   Guardian Information

o   General information

§  Medical

§  Contact

§  Etc.

·         System must allow the insertion, modification and deletion of a student along 
with their personal data.

·         System must be able to accommodate data such as demerits, PSE score etc. 
to the student’s data.

·         System must allow the addition, modification and deletion of teachers and 
teacher demographics.

·         System must have some type of authentication and different access levels 
for teachers, administration and students. (Possibly parents)


Grades and Courses
·         System must be able to manage course information.

·         System must allow for the creation, modification and deletion of sections 
(mapping course with teacher). (A section can be defined as the instance of a course 
being offered by a teacher in a certain room at a certain time )

·         System must allow teachers to insert grades for their sections.

·         System must allow the creation of Programs for example if student is in X class then 
X program must be created that will contain all the courses he/she needs to take per semester.

·         System must be able to calculate GPA (Grade point average based on a 4.0 scale).

·         System must be able to display various reports

o   Progress reports (mid and final semester)

o    Number of students failing particular subjects (Math and or English)

o   Students with a GPA greater or equal to 3.0 (Honor roll)

o    Student demographics based on age, gender etc

·         System must be able to calculate and print report cards and transcripts with all relevant
 student data such as:

o   personal data

o    class

o   major

o   course code

o   course name

o    Letter grade and GPA

o   Transcript must show total demerits, absences etc.

·         System must be able to produce relevant reports to be submitted to MOE

·         System must be customizable meaning school name; logo, etc can be easily added to the 
header of reports etc.