1/17/2013 - 8:19 PM

AMIA | IA MVP 1.05 Change assessment -> assessment_question relationship to many-to-many

AMIA | IA MVP 1.05 Change assessment -> assessment_question relationship to many-to-many

  • WHO: Scitent Admin
  • WHAT: Management and CRUD(Assessments, Assessment Questions, Assessment Question Responses)
  • WHERE: Scidea, Amia
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Multiple assessments should be able to contain the same question in the Amia requirements. Previously, our design had a single assessment containing a question. This task adjusts the internals and the UI to support that relationship.

		- assessments and assessment question bank should both be available on the Exercises menu
		- can create an assessment and add/remove questions on it
		- can create assessment question with responses.

	- Later the roles for access will change. (assessments via exercises menu)
	- Managing responses is a little awkward currently. There is a task to improve that.
	- details of when assessments and assessment_questions can be removed or transitioned between active and inactive are still not completely defined. 
		(there are some places in the existing interface where that is going to be confusing)


	Verify management and CRUD
		for assessments
		for assessment questions
		for responses

	confirm that all the search options work as expected