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11/18/2016 - 10:08 AM

Juniper Contrail, OpenContrail resources, doc, cheetsheet

Juniper Contrail, OpenContrail resources, doc, cheetsheet

wiki, troubleshooting


Debuging, Ops

get the logs..

root@a5s8:~# neutron net-create test-net-1 root@a5s8:~# contrail-logs --object-type config --last 1m

vRouter troubleshooting

ip a
ip route
arp -a
/opt/stack/contrail/build/debug/vrouter/utils/vif -b
/opt/stack/contrail/build/debug/vrouter/utils/nh -b
/opt/stack/contrail/build/debug/vrouter/utils/rt -b -v 0
Vif –b
Vrfstats —get <vrf-id> , where vrf-id is Vrf for tap-interface of interest

First page of flow –l | more output

http://:8085/Snh_SandeshTaskRequest? http://:8085/Snh_AgentStatsReq?

Collect flow –r for 5 seconds

Try ping of metadata-ip and capture tcpdump on the tap interface

Check if flow for metadata-ip gets deleted or not

Capture output of commands in (1) before and after ping

Gcore of vouter-agent

DHCP doesnt work from VM

  1. Check http://<compute-ip>:8085/Snh_ItfReq?name=<tap_name> a. If vif status is not active then it’s a known corner case issue with agent and afaik vrouter-agent restart is the only way to recover. b. if vrf_name/vn_name or other config shows -error- then the configs weren’t downloaded from control-node i. get the active control node via http://<compute-ip>:8085/Snh_AgentXmppConnectionStatusReq? With cfg_controller ‘yes’ ii. Check whether vmi has vmi-ri,vn,instance-ip as neighbor under ifmap in control http://<control-ip>:8083/Snh_IFMapTableShowReq?table_name=virtual-machine-interface iii. If not found, do ‘netstat -antp | grep <control-process-id> | grep 8443’ and find the connected ifmap server iv. On the ifmap-server do ‘curl -uadmin:contrail123<vmi-id> | python -m json.tool’ and check for vn, ri refs v. If refs not found, check for schema.err on the active schema node around the vmi create timestamp. vi. If no errors, check the rabbitmq connection between config and check the vnc_config queue under ‘rabbitmqctl list-queues’ for any undelivered messages