6/7/2018 - 6:04 AM


// Interface offers a common interface for locking on arbitrary
// resources used in leader election.  The Interface is used
// to hide the details on specific implementations in order to allow
// them to change over time.  This interface is strictly for use
// by the leaderelection code.
type Interface interface {
	// Get returns the LeaderElectionRecord
	Get() (*LeaderElectionRecord, error)

	// Create attempts to create a LeaderElectionRecord
	Create(ler LeaderElectionRecord) error

	// Update will update and existing LeaderElectionRecord
	Update(ler LeaderElectionRecord) error

	// RecordEvent is used to record events

	// Identity will return the locks Identity
	Identity() string

	// Describe is used to convert details on current resource lock
	// into a string
	Describe() string