9/30/2017 - 5:26 PM

Objects with replaceble data with constructor

The constructor we have is great, but what if we don't always want to create the same object?

To solve this we can add parameters to our constructor. We do this like the following example:

var Car = function(wheels, seats, engines) { this.wheels = wheels; this.seats = seats; this.engines = engines; }; Now we can pass in arguments when we call our constructor.

var myCar = new Car(6, 3, 1);

This code will create an object that uses the arguments we passed in and looks like:

{ wheels: 6, seats: 3, engines: 1 } Now give it a try yourself! Alter the Car constructor to use parameters to assign values to the wheels, seats, and engines properties.

Then call your new constructor with three number arguments and assign it to myCar to see it in action.

var Car = function(wheels, seats, engines) {//Парсим аргументы в ебаный конструткор, наконец-то понимаем, зачем он нам
  //Change this constructor
  this.wheels = wheels;//проперти и их занчения должны быть равны
  this.seats = seats;
  this.engines = engines;

var myCar= new Car(1,2,3);при присвоениее объекта - вносим нужные данные