7/9/2015 - 6:41 PM


//the next few lines strip "or Create an Account" from the log-in menu option
//I usually set the overall navigation to display:none; in my CSS if I know js is enabled
//I use Modernizr and check for the js class on the <html> tag with the style selector for my menu
//like: .js #navigation { display: none; }
//You'll want to add a class or ID to the <div> containing the log-in/log-out link

//usual output (with added ID):
//    <div id="log_in_options">
//        <a onclick="" href="[url]">Sign in</a> or <a onclick="" href="[url]">Create an account</a>
//    </div>

//adds slashes to string
function addslashes(a) {
    a = a.replace(/\\/g, "\\\\");
    a = a.replace(/\'/g, "\\'");
    a = a.replace(/\"/g, '\\"');
    a = a.replace(/\0/g, "\\0");
    return a

//removes slashes from string
function stripslashes(a) {
    a = a.replace(/\\'/g, "'");
    a = a.replace(/\\"/g, '"');
    a = a.replace(/\\0/g, "\0");
    a = a.replace(/\\\\/g, "\\");
    return a

$(function() {
     //get current value
     var sign_in_orig = $("#log_in_options").html();

     //add slashes because we'll be dealing with HTML elements, too
     sign_in_orig = addslashes(sign_in_orig);

     //create array by splitting original on spaces
     var sign_in_seg = sign_in_orig.split(" ");

     //check for the presence of "Sign In or Create an Account" and remove everything after the Sign In link
     //if the user is already signed in this link will only say Sign Out, so we can ignore it
     if(sign_in_seg.length > 3) {
          var sign_in_new = stripslashes(sign_in_seg[0]) + ' ' + stripslashes(sign_in_seg[1]) + stripslashes(sign_in_seg[2]) +  ' ' + stripslashes(sign_in_seg[3]);

     //show the navigation after the Log In stripping has finished