1/29/2016 - 8:10 PM

Git rebase workflow

Git rebase workflow

Checkout a new working branch

 git checkout -b <branchname>

Make Changes

 git add
 git commit -m "description of changes"

Sync with remote

 git checkout master
 git pull --rebase

Update branch

 git checkout <branchname>
 git rebase master

Push Changes

 git checkout master
 git merge <branchname>
 git push

Squash Last N Commits

 git rebase --interactive HEAD~N


  1. Resolve conflict my looking at the files in question.
  2. git add
  3. git rebase --continue

Git Flow

 git flow init                             # setup project to use git-flow

 git flow feature start <feature_name>     # creates a new feature branch called <feature_name>

 git flow feature finish <feature_name>    # merge feature back into develop branch

 git flow release start <version>          # merge develop to release