6/1/2018 - 4:06 PM

Valet OpenSSL Issues Solutions

I've fixed my setup with Valet (2.0.3) and SSL/HTTPS connections. 😅 I'm not sure if all steps are required. I updated homebrew and valet. Then I installed OpenSSL with homebrew, and curl with OpenSSL. Next I removed PHP7 to reinstall it with the homebrew curl.

Then I verified that my PHP is using OpenSSL in stead of 'Secure Transport' which ships with macOS Sierra. I used these commands:

brew update
valet stop
composer global require laravel/valet
valet install
brew install openssl
brew install --with-openssl curl
brew unlink php70 && brew remove php70 && brew uninstall --ignore-dependencies php70
brew install --with-homebrew-curl php70
brew services start homebrew/php/php70
export PATH="$(brew --prefix homebrew/php/php70)/bin:$PATH"
php -i | grep "SSL Version" -> SSL Version => OpenSSL/1.0.2k
valet restart
valet secure website