5/27/2015 - 12:42 AM

Portfolio Page in Wordpress

Setup and Configuration

(1) In Posts section: set up category you want to use for your portfolio.
I used “Art portfolio” with sub-categories of “art florals”, “art landscapes”, and “art portraits”

(2) In Genesis Theme Settings: scroll to bottom and make appropriate selections.

(3) Go back to Posts section. Create 1 new post per image. Select “Featured Image”, upload image.
Select appropriate “Art portfolio” category. Publish. 
Do step #3 for each image you want in the portfolio.

(4) Go to Page section. Create new page “Portfolio”, select Portfolio template, and publish. Voila!
If you want to show only certain images on individual pages, create new page for each subset of images.


Exploring how the Portfolio template works. Let's show florals together on 1 page.

How to Create Multiple Portfolios
August 15, 2012 by Wes <> 

If you have multiple categories, then you can easily create separate portfolio pages for each category.

To do so, first create a new page, title it, and select the portfolio template.

Then create a custom field and enter?query_args?in the name field, and?cat=1?(for example) in the value field.

Replace the number “1” with the category ID that you want to use and it will show only the category that you added in the value field.


The Category NAME and Category ID are two different things. ?>From what it sounds like, you are trying to add a category name and entering in a category ID that doesn’t exist.

The easiest way to find your category ID is to go to Posts > Categories …..then click on one of the categories. ?Once the link takes you to the edit screen of the category you have chosen, take a look at the url and the ID is located near the end. ?For example ?- in this link the ID is 3 ?…..(ID=3) ?So if we were using this category, we would place “3″ in the custom field.