8/17/2016 - 7:38 AM

WordPress category description

WordPress category description

Returns the description of a category defined in the category settings screen for the current category (Posts > Categories).

If used in the archive.php template, place this function within the is_category() conditional statement. Otherwise, this function will stop the processing of the page for monthly and other archive pages.


 <?php echo category_description( $category_id ); ?> 

(integer) (optional) The ID of the category to return a description.
Default: Description of current query category.
Default Usage
Displays the description of a category, given its id, by echoing the return value of the tag. If no category given and used on a category page, it returns the description of the current category.

 <div><?php echo category_description(3); ?></div> 


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Note: if there is no category description, the function returns a br tag.

Using Category Slug
Displays the description of a category, using a category slug.

 <?php echo category_description( get_category_by_slug('category-slug')->term_id ); ?>