9/29/2016 - 5:30 PM

design, psd, photoshop settings

design, psd, photoshop settings

Color Settings
- Image >> Mode: RGB
- Edit >> Color Settings: North America Web/Internet
- View >> Proof Setup: Internet Standard RGB (sRGB)

NOTE: (legacy) if using Save For Web, make sure to uncheck 'Convert to sRGB'

- Image >> Image Size >> Resolution: 72 Pixels/Inch

- fonts must be approved prior to finalizing design: need all font names & weights to make sure they are available for embedding or can be rented
- some fonts are offered in ScreenSmart versions, which differ in pixel size to the regular version, so if ScreenSmart is being used the ScreenSmart fonts MUST be downloaded as a separate font package and used in the PSDs
- anything that's found on Google fonts ( is fine and doesn't need review, just make sure the weights being used in the PSD are available through Google (not all of them are)

- all items must be on individual layers, grouped in folders per section with accurate descriptions
- remove any legacy layers or clearly note what's not to be used
- add HOVER to all folder names to denote on hover styles

- all text needs to be editable (not rasterized)
- all icons / graphics (antyhing that's not photographs or text) must be vector based so they can be scale them up as needed for retina
- leave drop shadows un-rasterized, so settings can be recreated through css

- before design starts overall site width & grid must be approved; this can very depending on theme or platform

Extra credit: