5/31/2017 - 10:53 AM


How to do stuff in Lightroom

Restore after moving Pics and syncing

  • Open Catalog from the File menu. Selected my most recent backup
  • It closed my current catalog and loaded the old one.
  • I clicked on the first '?' icon. LR told me, "can't find IMG_3843" as an example. I clicked "locate" and pointed it to the new folder. All the images in that folder then appeared.

Copy/Sync Edits

  • CTRL+SHIFT+C/V: Copy/Paste a picture's settings (select relevant edits in dialog)
  • (Auto-)Sync:
    • Edit a photo
    • Select all relevant photos
    • Click (Auto-)Sync to port edits to all selected photos
    • Sync: Edits are only ported once on clicking
    • Auto-Sync: Edits are continuously synced