6/23/2017 - 2:58 AM

PowerDesigner name to comment

PowerDesigner name to comment

'* File:     name2comment.vbs
'* Title:    Name to Comment Conversion
'* Purpose:  To update existing objects in your model with your current naming
'*           standards based in your model options by executing the Name To Comment.
'* Model:    Physical Data Model
'* Objects:  Table, Column, View
'* Category: Naming Standards
'* Author:   Draco
'* Created:  Jun 23, 2017
'* Mod By:   
'* Modified: 
'* Version:  1.0
'* Comment:  
'*  v1.0 - Must have Conversion Tables assigned as a model option and
'*         turn on Enable Name/Comment Conversion

Option Explicit
ValidationMode = True
InteractiveMode = im_Batch

Dim mdl ' the current model
Dim i

' get the current active model
Set mdl = ActiveModel
If (mdl Is Nothing) Then
   MsgBox "There is no current Model"
ElseIf Not mdl.IsKindOf(PdPDM.cls_Model) Then
   MsgBox "The current model is not an Physical Data model."
   ProcessFolder mdl
End If

' This routine copies the name into code for each table, column and view
' of the current folder
Private sub ProcessFolder(folder)
   Dim Tab 'running  table

   for each Tab in folder.tables
      if not tab.isShortcut then
         if trim(tab.comment)="" then
            tab.comment = tab.name
         end if
         Dim col ' running column
         for each col in tab.columns
            if trim(col.comment)="" then
               col.comment= col.name
            end if
      end if

   Dim view 'running view
   for each view in folder.Views
      if not view.isShortcut and trim(view.comment)="" then
         view.comment = view.name
      end if

   ' go into the sub-packages
   Dim f ' running folder
   For Each f In folder.Packages
      if not f.IsShortcut then
         ProcessFolder f
      end if
end sub