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I am a big big big fan of LinkinPark / I m a great fan of LP
Don't ever let anyone dim your glow
and i m serious this time
wtf !!! bloody bangladeshi , this is pathetically bad
please change your background music for gods shake
are you a fucking tubelight or what ?
some of the comments bellow are such nonscensical basurd
and the bottom line of this topic is that - stop blaming govement all the time, its us who has a lot of problems as well
and just to put things in perspective
Lata mungessor er ei gaan tite amra amader moto akta FUSION toiri koreci , sort of MIXING and VARIATION o bolte paren, i hope amra OVERDO korini
so, please just sing along with me
I think , puroskar ta pawa ta akta official way to inspire, are sobtheke boro bepar jeta je - ei recognition ta amake bole je - ami jeta korci thik korci, it says - yes! you're doing right, you're on the right track.

your guesture , your posture does not go with this class (posture = monovaab / monovongi / obostha / dosha , guesture = isara / ingit / podokkhep)
on the other hand, there is a complementary color model , called the CMY color model , that defines colors using a substractive process, which closely matches the working principles of the prnter.

i was never in a situation like this, can u please help me?
i like your simplycity
to be very honest, ,,,,,,,,,,,, i was never in love or long time relationship like 2/3 years. it was nothing but just a time pass
hote chaitam.... Astronought, Archaeologist, Ornithologists kingba Parapsychologists..........kintu hoye gelam computer engineer (the jontromanob)
"Form is temporary but class is permanent" 
So,obsess your mind with those killer creations.... 
হাড্ডি বাড্ডি ব্রাদার
Representing the ultimate classic to you
JAMES - you are from another planet
he works hard from DAWN TO DUSK , and get his wages
This is the very first time, Listening to any cover of Aniket Prantor - masterpiece on everyonce back
Literally ...... trans mode e niya gelo pura
The most beautiful instrumental arrangement medley performance of bollywood songs i have ever came across. Odvut beautiful.
and in my openion / and i think... this is the best song of NIGHTWISH so far
Anyways ..... its better LATE , than NEVER
amar vallagche...... u guys can check it out
ON A SERIOUS NOTE... overall valo laglo ,,, jodio alongside bangla uccharon (accent) kane legeche ...... still its a very earnest effort i must say
otherwise , it was one of the best screenplays
damn exited man!
anyway...... thanks for everything
whats the big deal with it ? 
r u kidding me ? noooooo, i'm damn serious

um not suffering um struggling need to get goin.. coz um alive still um alive
here the night begins.. long,ever lasting night..
its time too piss into ur mouth
Every inch of her inspires me
My darling.... talking rubbish is also a sign of old age
Its not like that - i m very  good in bed!
unfortunetly u r wrong mr. Rahul. She is my wife!, my better Half

*Now it wont be wrong to suggest the touring teams to bangladesh - "Beware , the Tigers are on the prowl"
Just can't stop laughing !!! 
We should raise voice (discourage; not to encourage) against child abusement

(1). I know, I will never behold you in my life... But why u are in my dream, in my sorrow, even in my disappointment....
Go to hell..........I don't want to carry your memories..

(2). Oh God!! please help me.. My surroundings, my family, my health, my thinking all are going against me.. It's becoming more and more hard for me to proceed on...I don't know when I will see a worthy ray of hope, I also don't know when I will be able to give my full effort to success...
It's a long time I can remember when i woke up from bed with a delightful mind... I am a very simple and peace loving young man but why everything around me is going against me... I have to start my every single day with a new hope but at night when I am on my bed I feel it was a worthless day.. even now a days I fear to think, to face, to tell stressful subjects... Oh my God, how to carry on in this situation please show me...
I can't even share my feelings with anyone because I have a strongly soft personality.... Sometimes I astonished at myself seeing that I miss some greenhorn and stupid persons whose haven't any beneficial effect on my life but still I miss them..
Life is a gift of God and I want to use it properly... 

The covers are coming off. Let's just hope that it doesn't start raining again. Keep ur Fingers crossed!

It's Gazi TV production. You cannot expect better quality commentator with their low budget.

What they do is not "commentary", they have "scripts" in their minds and whenever something happens on the field, they just go to the corresponding section of their scripts and "recite" that part! 

Some publicity stunt damn , roja raikha ki kahil figure , surely need to concentrate on iftari items. U badly need Food 
manager says - i want these two back in the office after lunch
i want to be in Hawai, relaxing on the beach with my personal masseuse , and endless supply of Pina Coladas and the love of my life.
they will need to help themselves more than ever, because that could lead to more financial reward from the ICC
it was all about Nazmul Ahmed , whose far reaching influence has kept everyone in line
up next is south africa (er pore asche south africa)
the world is so much fucked up , what's wrong with humanity?
hey MICRO MINI ... / hey FUSE BOX ... / 
that means - u want to be sold ? ------ why not?
its my dream to have 2 cars and a very very beautiful house, i mean home , sweet home
Selfish ? ..... mmmm Not actually ,,,,, he is sort of Self-Centered
New job, new laptop, new mobile, new life.... Nothing can be better than this...... Happ new year!
so it is the right time to prepare urselft
NCPC means "National Collegiate Programming Contest" , The Bangladeshi ICPC u can say
Exactly! Every success has something behind that inspires…
Gultekin Khan cries for Humayun, still! Does Shaon?
If any of you have further recommendations, please do let me know via the comments section of a personal message.
Movie ta shes kore ami adha ghonta thom mere bose chilam!!! I never expected it to end in this way!
Warning : 18 + movie I meant dont watch it with your siblings :) 
As a matter of fact , ami abar esob kicui mani na
Life is nothing but an endless journey of just running behind the goal....
AND where does it end?
exactly 33 years ago. Does it mean anything to u shuvo?
I have a very bad habit ....... what ? ........... Mountaineering (mountaineering = porbot arohon)
it does not work that way
Be practical rohit
Please change the topic. / Just stop it and Please change the topic.
It hearts , it really hearts
thats why i asked him / thats not i meant
That picture says it all
INDIA !!  "So called (have the) best batting line up in the world"
From this day on Tigers are not MINNOWS forever.
Minnows forever. Won just a single series against us and barking as if they have won many World Cups.. Learn how to respect ur guests first.. Go kill yourself morons.. U can never beat Bangladesh in terms of Trophies.
They were aggressive right from the start of the innings
memes is something like - a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.
*** That's the truth. The more you'll know the little you think you know.
For ur conveniance (apnar subidhar jonno)
and picking up 3 wickets which is very very important for bangladesh as well as for his own, otherwise india could have gone to 330-350
yes hid did, obviously u know whenever he tosses the ball up , he gets more spin , and he makes it difficult for the batsman to read the ball , and thats exactly what he did
nobody could carry after doing 40 or 50 , and nobody could make it to 100
well, Rahul , its been a pleasure to have u / its been a pleasure to be here 
#‎দুর্যোগ_মোকাবেলায়_সবাই_একজোট‬    #‎গ্রিন_এন্ড_রেড_টিল_উই_আর_ডেড‬    #‎স্টে_ক্রিকেটখোর‬
Gentlemans game is cricket
You peoples will always keep saying that it is nothing to be proud of

MachineSupremachy, One of the most interesting bands of the current ERA!
So, thats it / so, thats that / so, it was that / thats it waht i wanted to show u
so, lets see how we can accomplish this today
Frameworks encourages the users to use the uri segments , kind of discourages the use of query strings, EVEN THOUGH it does have support for it. For shake of being consistent lets try to get things on without relying on query strings.
as i've said , this will give u unlimited flexibility to.....
Don't know why but I always doubt The RAIN is the real game changer.
The target 300 isn't as daunting as it was, but if the new ball delivers a couple of wickets, it can look very distant.
Looks like I picked the wrong day to return to Mumbai!!
in fact team manager had to tollerate plenty of FLAK , but still he did not changed his mind (flak = somalochona / pichone pichone kotha)
Scribes, scorers , commentators, administrators and even former players were left scratching their heads for "why 4 pacers?" ...... but the captain himself proved it right
it was unfortunate the way he got out, otherwise he could have scored way more.
In the very next over sakib got out by a slower outgoing cutter.
go ahead and check this out
and this is the short syntax (shortcut) of foreach. u should be familiar with this
but before i do that , lets give it a title
as the controller passes data array to a view , SO I NEED TO HAVE THAT VIEW CREATED.
and now its all blank
So lets get started by downloading codeigniter , and i have it here, along with my htaccess file u probably seen before, it just allows me to get rid of (/mask) index.php from URL. And i took out the application folder out of the system folder. So, first thing i do as always is just go to configuration file and setup my configuration options. 
i would like to add this to the parent tree , but keep it hidden
other than that u just only have to setup ur config and nothing else.
download and extract the zip file and open these files with ur favourite editor, so that we can get started
prochondo bleeding hoccilo
and so on , so forth  =  ETC , ittadi , provritti / back and forth = samne pichone
what r u waiting for ???
even you can also use use this as you need. So, Have a Quick Visit on this one
habit is what keeps u going
rekindle your blogging
Take the bitter with the sweet = souvagger songe durvaggo keo mene neoa
i m not going to grab description and casts , cause those are kind of big
did i saved the file? ........ yes i think so
and even if u try to put underscore in the url at the start of the method name , u will still get 404 , codeigniter will not let it to display the function
so thats how u create methods that are not supposed to be accessed from the web
in fact i m going to do that right now
u should be aware that by default these settings are not very secure , and i m going to demonstrate that here
use "meanwhile" (itimoddhei) instead of "Instead Of" (ex. we r working hard to make this live, meanwhile sumbit ur mail ids to be notified when we launch)
obviously u dont want that to happen / obviously u cant let that happen
what i mean is - u can go to ur config file and modify...
for example lets say u have a website where people can post comments 
xss = one person entering information to a website , and that information is being displayed to another person - which can trigger things like javascript code in that other persons browser to steal things like cookies and other information. And make them do things that they didnt mean to.
and the next thing i want to talk about is what is cross site scripting
there is a way to..... i mean there is... their is always a way to filter input when u storing it to database or retrieving from and displaying to browser.
this is a common security whole found in web application
lets move on to a different topics 
as u can see / so u can see using any kind of framework helps u out and taking away the responsibility of some of the filtering and escaping

u can keep trying with different keys untill u get the exact message. u will not get the message untill u use the same key that it was encoded with
since md5 algorithm has been around for a several years, and some people argue that its not safest anymore. So there are better encryption method like SHA1
Inception , Prestige, Intersteller, Memento are some movies that gone off the top of my head
No one understands programmers issues. We cant stay awake whole night for a girl, But we will for SQUEEZING a BUG. (squeeze / squeezing = ber kore niye asa / ningre neoa / extract kora)
i'm wondering how a developer have girl friend?? :))) Most of the time developers have no life and they are just slave of bits and bytes :))) the first instance is ME
Baby u have changed a lot these days, u didnt even reply to my messages. .......... Not at all sweetHeart , its just some tension........ You always hide your tension from me. Please share it with me so that together we can come up with a solution. Come on , Let me know what the problem is.........OK Then , Listen........u know U r the CSS of my HTML Life...........
It is good to simmulate ur work before making a real life attempt. And if u currently dont have hardwares but want to learn then....why not use a simulator?
Rest in Peace, Sir Chris... One of my most favourite stars have fallen from the sky. (He died)
CSE cultural Programme Showes that We should have a DSLR CAM
256 km ahead, is it really a long way to go?
current generation is far more advanced then us. there brain deserve something more tricky and challenging
nope, it is not
and the reson i asked the question is to see how improvement has been done for this 1st programming course evaluation. and i am somehow, disappointed.
As the viewer is put on an emotional roller-coaster
whats up old sport?
use "As long as this happens" = joto din/khon porjonto eta ghotbe  , "As far as we have seen" = jotodur amra dekhci
have u ever been to paris ? 
hasn't the postman yet been reached?
why not go all the way to China?
The story revolves around a dying father and his son, who is trying to learn more about his dad by piecing together the stories he has gathered over the years.
ASAP = as soon as possible
BTW = by the way
RIP = rest in peace
WC = Welcome
WTF = WHAT THE FUCK / Whats the Fact? (:-P) / What da? / what the ...

When looking for torrents I see a lots of different types of file names like
What do they all mean? Is there any difference between them? 
Now that's a question I never thought to ask. 
i cant believe this
i am being harrased  
apnake kosto korte hobe na , ami samner kono outlet e joma diye dicci
je vabei hok loktake trace out korte hobe
your time starts now.......
aito line e ascho...
mane ami gorur mangso avoid kore choli, karon body adjust kore na. amar abar ektu indigestion er problem ache to....
ai prothom dekhlam je police right time e entry mereche
Tonni....... very bad
by the time, i've changed my mind / i changed my mind
u live around here Rahul? ....... yaa just the next door
could it all be true?
the way he spoke
but i realized, i knew absolutely nothing at all
that does not make any sense
amazing.... it all makes sense
I beg ur pardon... mr rahul would like to speak to u.....alone!
why not? .... i dont know
when ? ....... the time that suits u
would u like to go with me?
forgive me...... its quite all right
but if thats all true,, then why this for?
well i dont care
i remember , do u leave next door
i've never seen mr. abul , in fact no one has ..... no one met him
AND how did u know that
i see mr. rahul
Diagnosis found the following results - Morbidly alcoholic , Insomniac , Fits of anger, anxiety and Depression
and it was..... it really was
yaa i dreamed of being a doctor, but i gave all that up after being here
where'd u meet him? (tomar sathe tar kothay dekha hoyechilo?)
was he friend of yours?
but even i have a limit
I can't feel you there.
"always try to see the best in people" - he would say
he was single most hopeful person i've ever met......and im ever likely to meet him again and again
back then ,,, all of us drunk too much

What i got from the course "The Compiler design" is - Comprehending and getting familiar with a new language is somewhat similiar to a compiler.
Literally... u Should carry on with 'fi'  as token and let some other phase to catch the error
if the analysis part detects that the source program is either syntactically ill formed or semantically unsound , then it must provide informative messages, so the useer can take corrective action.
this is how human comprehend a language
It then uses this structure to create an intermediate representation of the source program
analysis part breaks up source program into constituent pieces and imposes a grammartical structure on them
Often as part of the operating environment, rarely as an actual separate program
Since a compiler seldom knows where an object will reside, it often assumes a fixed based location.
in addition to a compiler , several other programs may be required to create an executable target program
Task of collecting the source program is sometimes entrusted to a separate program, called a preprocessor
An interpreter however, can give better error diagnostics than a compiler , because it executes the source program statement by statement
The machine language terget program produced by a compiler is usually much faster than an interpreter at mapping input to output
Instead of producing a terget program as a translation , and interpreter appears to directly execute the operations specified in the source program on inputs supplied by the use

more importantly when....
lexical rules of a language are quite simple
this is a convenient way... / this provides a convenient way of modularizing 
i m not that much old enough
mone hoccilo jeno akata uter pase bose aci , just kidding / just fun
and now lets hear the song.....nd enjoy.....
prem jinishta amar kache khub e weird akta byapar, so oita define korte gelei onek kosto hoy amar, tar upor abar jodi jigges kora hoy kotobar!!! tahole to r kothai nei, akhon hoot-haat crush was always their
to be very honest,,,,,,,, amar akdom e mone nai
and i m sure there are music liseners, there are music lovers, who will actually appreciate those
thank u , thank u ....... i hope so
ebong hoyto ei passion theke toiri gaan gulo manusher kache pouche jabe........hopefully
we havent decided what we r going to do, we just having so much fun in the studio.....that we wanna keep it rolling....thats it
please dont ask me why this name...
so, or thrue them we actually get to know tahsan...... and then rest follows
okhan thekei it all started
ok , since we r talking about music, when and how did u get involved in black ? or how actually the band "Black" formed?
apparently , tui ki janis ami sob cord e bajate partam, kintu aktaro naam jantam na
so ogula sune sunei i have this interest, everybody was a big fan of micle jackson, so i was crazy for him. still im very crazy about this guy
the program is "amar ami" , so its all about u
emono o to hote pare je amar janar baireo o du akta korte pare, im not sure
in that case, do u know how many?
when he knew , i mean when u met each other when u both are involved with someone else,,,,, and its ok with both of u........ its like past u know, eta to osikar korar moto kicu nei
and was that him, who proposed first ? ...... yap he did....... besh filmy style....kahini hocce he proposed me on a boat.
mane , we never thought...... je erokom kicu akta hote pare
porichoy hoychilo through a friend

u r getting married very soon , arent u?
i asked everyone..... they all had this same answer - "yes u can do this... u r talented actor" .... and im like what? what did they said?? .... :-P
initially i truely liked this
really like this...
this is why tahsan is such a great singer

I have been an AVID fan of "Sketch" for so long. But after using "sketch 3" for last two days in a project, I must say that i will rethink about using PS in my next design.
strictly speaking
!!! in my dreams , i kiss your CUNT - your sweet wet CUNT
yes of course..... i suppose
marriage will solve everything. When will it be?
as soon as
its really too late for this
I didnt noticed anything, but i noticed everyone else noticed
well....u dont like it when i talk to people, and u dont like it when i do
what do u want me to do?
he does not want to go with us........ and do u know why? ....... that is just because of......
just leave me alone / just leave me / dont touch me
why're u being so melodramatic?
what else should i be?
so,,,,,,,, get ready for a memorable evening
he cant be that bad! You're EXAGGERATing too much
So then...... u found a tenant ....... Finally!
despite owning my fathers huge house at Jhalakathi, Do i really have to shift to this rabbit hole?
oh rohit, i m sorry,,,,, from the bottom of my heart
rahul, u need to see a doctor
what do u want? ....... nothing...... i came to see u
what i meant to say is  ..... i came here only with a single perpous ....
by this time ... amar sathe tomar babar kotha hoyce... amra emergency er byabostha korci
tomar sathe amar kokhono oivabe kotha hoy ni ba oivabe porichoy o hoy ni,,,,,,,, so .......... dont u think amader khub valo friend hoye jaoa uchit?........ mmmmm amar to tai mone hoy
accha , by any chance , tor ki hero tiro howar iccha ace naki?
im sorry....... amar karone apnake erokom akta embarressing situation e porte holo........ im really sorry....... but trust me.... ami nijer iccay erokom kicu kori ni, ami just nijeke control korte pari ni, thats it.... if u can just forgive me please.
kal jodi ai kotha na bolos , tahole kothay thakbi na thakbi , its upto u
Tor coach Farhan ...... o tore mentally ebong physically harass korce
what do u want? ki chao tumi ? - tomake bolci na je - just stay out of my life. Why u r here? Tumi tomar life niye thakona nijer moto, amake amar life niye thakte dao. What do u want? - just get out, get out right now
I will be really happy , if u leave now...
Look at me , when i say this...... clear?
in future , e dhoroner kono kotha ami jeno r na suni , r tomar a rokom kono dhoroner audacity ami dekhte chai na je tumi amake e dhoroner kotha bolo ese........ is it clear to u / is it clear ?
Tonni , I compleatly understand ur situation and ur feelings , but im ur mentor, r tumi amar student, there are some boundaries, tumi ki bujhte parco ami ki bolci?
just get up, i m waiting for u...... getup getup ......practise korte hobe,,,, uthe poro
any time u need something , just amake bolo....... alright?
u know i m always with u
ajke jevabe amar sathe share korla , sevabe tomar kacer jara ace like friends - oder sathe share koro , cause u have to keep an open mind........ its like a game , u have to pass it
i konw its hard, bola onek sohoj........... but u have to do it
dekho sobar life ei ups and downs ace....... eta mantei hobe,,,,,,,,,,,, and u have to take it as a challenge
ur mind is not here, and ur not focused at all.........why?ha
match ta to harla ....... eta to khub e obvious ..... karon apni amar coach , so apni obviously amar theke better khelen...... so apni e jitben
dekho.......saradin tumi ki koro na koro ami tomar kono bepare interfare korci ? bolo korci kina?.....kori nai....... tahole amar badminton khela niye ato problem keno?
ohhh hold on...... just because i am helping u .... That does not mean je tumi amar sobkicute access paba...... this is very perosonal...... dont u ever do it again....ok?
u know what is this... 
jetate tumi comfort feel korba setai dakba ? got it? ok...... thank u
tomar kono specific target ace ? regarding the game?
mind if i ask u - why badminton? mane amader deshe to eta norm na je meyera badminton khelbe... so why badminton for u?
ki obostha ? Akhon better, ager theke onek valo lagce
R ai Football , i just hate this, r tumi valo kore jano why
request kore dekhte pari, but i cant give u a commitment
apu , vaiaa erokom weird behave ta korlo keno?
so, please amake r bother korben na aisob niye,,,, alright? thank u
tui tahole akta kaj korbi ? onar sathe ektu contact korar byabostha korbi? ............. sure ..... why not?....... tahole ajkei toke treat debo........seriously?....obviously......ok.....done
i need some guidance dost
hey..... wait a munite. Tui FarhanKabir er naam suncis na?

U may know his tricks..... but u cant understand why no one sees u r better.
so, be it
Nothing is impossible , but what u want is simply expensive
Society only tolerates one change at a time.  First time i tried to change the world , but I was hailed as a visionary. Second time.... I was asked politely to retire. So here I am, enjoying my retirement. 
phrase "man's reach exceeds his grasps" / "Man's grasp exceeds his nerve" ? - which one is right?
I've already found it , thats why i am here
U've seen this one before? - Yes we've seen them all before. I'll make it a little harder then, Shall I?
Thats a dangerous trick, that one
someone who knows it wasn't ur fault
i want to keep on working
how can he not know? - he must know what he did...He must
i keep asking myself that...... why i m here? and why im doing so?
do u have any preference or choice of color ? (tomar ki kono color preferences ache?)
consumption of alcohol is injurious to health (moddopan sasther pokkhe khotikor)
valo laglo tomader sathe introduced hoye... / ami onek happy tomader sathe introduced hoye
o gari kinbe, tumi bechbe........ mane........ sorry ....... bujhlam na
amar naam Rafsan .. mam. Yaa I know...... apnar mone ache? Short memory hole to r teacher hote partam na ... tai na?
ki je hobe in future e amar sathe ( i dont know / allah e jane )......... anyway ajke to onek kotha holo..... next day te amra porasuna suru korbo........ ajker moto sobai take care bye bye
u mean / u mean to say...... ami actually student der impress korar jonno teacher hoyechi?
what do u want to be in future? ... Teacher........ wow! thats great........ but why?...... Mam.....karon hocce amake dekheo jeno student ra impress hoy....... oi jonno
Mam amar asole erokom kono shopno nei....Actually i just wanna relax , travel the world, and chill.....Thats it .....No i just wanted to be happy..... i didnt thought of anything specificly
really impressive
dont even call me Vaiaa!

*Would/Might that be an acceptable compromise for u?
well... think it over
**Mr. Rahul , I see ur predicament , but the man in custody - Alfreds life hangs in the balance. So, if u were prepared to disclose the details to me in private , I might be able to judge their relevance to the case.  might that be an acceptable compromise for u ?
how then can we know that the tank wasn't simply some part of the trick that went wrong??
The "real transported man" is one of the sought after illusions in this business.
and yes!!! TESLA is merely the key to my dairy, not to my trick! You really think i'd part with my secret so easily after so much?
so, let people know, u can be so much more than he is , and i can sho u how!!! / so, let people know, u can be so much more than years , and i can sho u how!!!
mr. rahul, im going to tell u the truth
thats why i m here
mind if i join u ? / would u mind , if i join u? / would u mind if i joint with u?
this man actually do , what magician pretend to do

the larger the value , the more likely the values are co-related
in general , data mining tasks can be classified into two categories
then how we will track how many computers we will buy and gives supplier gives supplier back to u free?
if we think try to relate this warehouse concept with very recent ecommarce business then business lifecycle should be followed
When we place an order on an e-commarce site and we call up the call center to enquire about the status, we cant get information from DataWarehouse, as this data might not even have reached the warehouse
The concept comes in between the concept of OLTP and Datawarehouse. When real time reporting is not possible in a dataWarehouse , ODS is used
frequency of refresh depends on how current the data must be for reporting perpous
data marts can be built very quick, hence the result are seen much faster
the main disadvantage is that this becomes a very big issue, which should be handled by specialists else it can go very wrong
a two step process is followed consisting merge and conquer for accomplishing the algorithm
To uderstand this, lets look at the......
assign each object to the cluster to which the object is most similiar based on the mean value
a hierarchical method can be classified as being either agglomerative or divisive
it then uses an iterative relocation technique that attempts to improve pertitioning by moving objects from one group to another
by continously improving subconcious clastering schemes
its often costly, but effective for fuure
the following preprocessing steps may be applied to the data to help improve the accuracy , efficiency, and scalability of the classification or prediction process.
these steps can help reduce confusion during learning
similiarly, the accuracy of a predictor refers to how well a given predictor can guess the value of the predicted attribute for new or previously unseen data.
This property belongs to a special category called Antimonotonic in the sense that if a set cannot pass a test, all of its supersets will fail the same test as well
Data reduction is a reduced representation of the data set, that is much smaller in volume , but yet produce the same result
in general, a tranctional database consists of ...
Basically it stores transaction information occured in daily basis
we can not get information from data warehouse , as this data might not even have reached the warehouse , hence ODS is used.
when we place an order on an ecommarce site
this is called monotonic , because the property is monotonic in the context of failing a test
this property belongs to a special category named "ARK"  in the sense that..... it takes too long to accumulate items in the set
therefore....... this is not right either......!!!
if a set can not pass a test, all of its superset will fail the same test as well

do u have any candidate? / do u have any applicant?
such analysis can help provide us with a better understanding to the data at large
u have no idea what is going to happen
Frequent patterns - as the name suggests ... are patterns that occur frequently
as u know.... i m technologically very backdated
Nothing new...
jana uchit cilo ........ onara kintu akti doler netri....... I REPEAT ......... "akti doler netri"
and u need to know ... / bro , u need to know that - ...
ai je hello ...... brother or sister ...... whatever...... listen......apni to atogula kotha sunailen, kintu apni ki eta janen je........
Most heartmelting line is …..come back …come back to me ….
There are two sides to every story
I was too much of a coward to go and see my sister ...
so hot in here!
why dont u seat down?

so, u dont owe me anything?
have u been in touch with ur family?
can i tell u something? something really terrible...
whats the worst u could possibly imagine?
to be or not to be
oh yes,,,,,,, alright
why dont u talk to rahul any more?
I hate football, so do i... (ami football opochondo kori , ami o)
Thanks for appluading man. (appluade / appluading =  korotali diye ovinondon janano ba somorthon janano ba prosongsha kora / somorthon janano)
Young man with potential.
i heartly give my consent
please be seated (please bosun)
dont u dare tell me one more
cant help feeling
ur answer will do for now (tomar answer tatei cholbe)
I saw him. I saw him with my own eyes.
Hence my epiphany - "Money wont solve this" (== hence i should say - money wont solve this)
probably not ...!! / certainly not
use Nonetheless (None the less) instead - Ta sotteo/tothapi/tobu / neverthless
Eta amar khub pochonder akta gaan
Happiness is ....... being with someone u like
ami sudhu ore akta kothai bolci je - WHY ME?
actually love knows no barrier. this limitless u know
so this is how the meet again ... du jon manush kace aslo
ami vaabcilam sara ke niye ektu shopping e jabo , jodi apni permit koren
and that is free of cost..... obviously thats a greate opportunity for us
ki r korbo ....... programming korbo , cause its my passion....... er pasapasi jobtao to chaliye jete hobe
Tui asolei akta piece,,,,,,, mane exclusive piece....
thanks man....... thats the spirit
tui kintu continuously raat jagtecis...
toke bolci just akta phone dite ........ is it that hard ? kono somossa ache ?
aj ami apnader akta story bolbo ... story ta asole 2 jon manusher, 2 different people from 2 different people, ok lets not make u bored, rather begin the story
hey their, how r u all?
so sweet of u
so how was that ? ... yaa it was good
excuse me ... can i have ur cell number please...
thanks...... thanks for what ? 
thats just not fair...
tomake sotto kothata bolle tumi asta na........ because of that reason , ami tomake boleci je bla bla bla........thats it
And as a matter of fact...... i have no feelings for any girl like u 
For ur kind information........ this is not called love, its infatuation

Meghla said i am a lucky boy, she is so right, Nandini , i have come face to face with suchismita through everyones words, recollections of her, suchismita ... in totality , The woman, the cause of my being. she will exist within me in my world. Just as i have in hers. 
Relationships are strange , We dont really give it a try to know someone beyond it.... It rarely happens.
Rohit , i wont thank u , its better that this sets of keys remains with u. Just like it used to be on holidays of ur holidays. 
Life has been a journey , from one place to another, and another as baba build bridges, For me - a little boy it was one big holiday. I always had to leave behind friends , schools , playgrounds and places that we called home - never to see them again. And here u have led me into this world, my childhood, that she held onto so dearly.
i used to remain silent
come lets have some tea, come along
my mother had passed away , by then
will u accompany me? where?
everyone says - u r closest to her. 
he wants his son to have the best , one cant disown one's homeland , relatives, friends, disregard his roots just in search of a financially secured future.
u r also searching for her too... in the pages of her diaries...her notebooks, her belongings...
She derived immense happiness happiness from the smallest of things. I've never seen.......nor will i ever see someone like her
u r contradicting urself. U just said she was lonely........ but i never said she was unhappy
She was the happiest person i've ever known.
***Skies fill up with clouds , rains come pouring down, the sun shines ..... it gets cloudy again. Everything runs in its own cyclic order, except LIFE. If all that is past would return , then one could do all that was left undone. wouldn't that be great....BUT one has to have the desire to do so unless one wants ,,, it cant be that way. One cant ask for all that one wishes for. So all that we desire cant be fulfilled. Time is the only truth. To understand what is right and wht is not at any given time.
Monima and i shared the gift of firendship ... our age never was a barrier. Every holiday that i had began with me walking right into her bedroom. I had a set of keys to the apartment, I would wake her up... it was a rule. We shared the same birth date and an eternal friendship
I think  lets leave mine for the end, Let me hold on another passing year of my life a little longer.  - I would go for that too 
Here comes the birthday girl
spending time with me doesnot imply u have to talk like me....Its not only about talking like u , its about being like u ,,,,,,,, in totality
how much of my time do i spend with u?
I know u , the whole of u ,,,,,,,, "whole" implies a lot..... I wouldn't specify less or lots , all i understand is that - I know ur insideout , ur love, love not's ,,, The things that u like and the ones u dont.
why r u sitting in the dark? - wouldnt try to look for someone in the dark, lights would reveal that theres no one by my side........ No no no im right here next to u 
Rohit is now in ur city mom , He's got in touch with all ur loved ones, i've decided to lead him into ur world, a world that we shared 
Rohit called, theres some party tonight, she wants me to go to
Listen, i'll be leaving for delhi , friends are throwing a party tonight. so no execuses, just 7pm sharp ... wait wait wait 1sec
u like to say here alone? - I would feel lonelier elsewhere
Makes it so easy for u , not to know her at all...... 
its such a suffocating feeling of desperately searching the true answer of some question, isnt it? The desire to really know about people those who are our closest
Didnt she wrote to u? Not a single letter ! - or is it so that u didnt receive any , rather they were kept away from u 
what is that u r so desperate to talk about?
i need to talk to u...... im working...... listen i need to talk to u , i dont care  , then u have to wait....... ok how long? - Each person has to wait at some point or the other
we could have been friends too...the way Nandini and i am... she has been a part of my solitary spaces... Unware as a child and with intentions of understanding as she grew up. 
its better to have never owned, than to have owned and lost... my dear friend would always say that
girls shouldnt be so stubborn
u wont utter a word ... right?
OH.......PUDDING (payesh) !!! This perhaps will bring me to these/your doorstep breaking all the barriers of time and space (ai payesh er jonno ami abar asibo fire , dhansiritir tire ei banglay)
she could never accept my decision of letting u go off with ur father. She concluded that to be the biggest mistake of my life. May be she was right in a way...
any idea about the exact location of this address?
let the colors be as it is
That painting helped a lot, its so simple but wonderful, sort of speaks for itself. They just loved the idea of blending reality and illusion
why arent u picking up the phone.......sorry...... well... whatever
It was during the monsoons , we came up in a trance... With paint and brush in hand... matched and mixed colors of various shades. It was monsoon The rain showered on the painted tin roofs incessantly , 
she was obsessed about cars..... who knew that obsession would took her life away
Hey rahul, come here... its drizzling 
we grew up in a joint family... parents,uncles,aunts... more than a dozen of cousins, distant relatives... close to a hundred. Just this terrace
there was a time u know i used to think like ur father, Left home in search of money ... power, 15 years... had it all... but something was amiss , really dont know. Came back... its a feeling ... quite unexplainable. Ur mother was good at putting those words to feelings.
Dhaka is not just a city ... it is a way of life... It grows on u like another being!  This is my city... Piyali, Abinash, Amit , Rakhi, Rangada, My man Friday, Rai, Nandini's City... Perhaps yours too. 

All the cities looks the same with their differences... we travelled... we tried to make homes out of every house we stepped into... This is yet another city...unknown streets... strange faces... But deep down i find myself wanting to stay a while longer... Look around the places a little more

do u believe dhaka has a heart? i believe it does. and that beats just like any of ours. Have u heard ? i have
the hustle bustle of the city transforms itself........ into a strange silence by the night that time. i can hear all the shoutings then,  it speaks for itself, it speaks for everyone who walks her streets
u look so cute when angry, dont try to change the topic
being a doctor doesnt give u the liberty to be daring
neon washed nights, empty arcades.... sleep walked streets.... kettles curl in empty stalls pavements have their story bits
look she left it in ur custody ... if u think this is the right time...then give it to him. ok i surely will. but not now . i'll save it for the last
strange, she left us so early in life
u actually had to sit next to her to understand how fast she drove
the day u have the time and inclination to really know about her,,,,,, u may
in my four walled loneliness, this serene night, if u walked in empty handed, i shall no longer be afraid of darkness, for i feel the gentle touch of ur precious presence. That envelops me in abundant joy. I have spent enough in the transience of a vapid present. This is my moment of truth is supple surrender
Look........ i've never noticed it.... how short my lifeline is!....... but i believe life happily, till death takes it away
its never too late...... they are fine without me
believe me , i imagine at times if one could start all over from the very beginning....... the days of childhood....... of youth....of coming back together...of moving apart
His homecoming proves his yearning to return to his roots...... not really...... in fact,,,,,,, the city got tired of my absense... so im back
Can rahul fee the emptiness his absense that creates in my world, The eternal string that bind up couldn't have snapped. The world spins on its axis , time travels forth , we transform a million times , but some things are forever.
Horizon is also an illusion Rahul da , but we try to reach it
the earth beneath our ancestral home, belonged to Him, and the sky above was mine........ that was a deal , when we were children...... Azure sky, and the brown earth
brown n blue, strange but beautiful!!!
Hey , that room is locked. Do u know where the keys are? No , no idea , cant seem to find the key
but what about that room? Not now , let it be...

Calcutta has been RECHRISTENED to Kolkata. the cityscape now boasts of shopping malls and flyovers...the city contained its soul , withing each person who belongs here. Standing between past and present it awaits future with open arms. It grows on u like another being. perhaps unexplainable in has to fill its existance within. 

dad... im extending my trip... you have always been there for me... even without u by my side u're right here. This city speaks the language u never let me forget.
He has left a lot for him to unearth. If he went away her efforts would be in vain.
dont know its outcome, i was deliberately taking time, or u can say giving him time / rather giving him time
i've decided to extend my stay
even abandoned houses have there treasure of memories
its old, but well maintained. old but powerful. I feel so confident sitting here
this is my city... jhalakathi.... the city where u opened ur eyes to the light of the world. We never watched a dawn together to be etched in our memories for ever, i see the first red light of dawn break amidst solitude. Look for it ... if u ever happen to be here
do u ever wish to see me? but u would not recognize me... i would just be another one in the crowd
our home.... with its eastern window,,,, the balcony in the north...ur cycle, the green toy car.. everything remains in its place , we r the misplaced ones. im not sure wether this letter will reach u...whether u'll come searching for the childhodd that u left behind. Still ... if u come back... incase u search for them
if thats okay with u ....... no problem at all
love doesnt make one bind  another, love exists in spite of inbetween distance, perhaps a little more than usual, A feeling of anger... pain... void persists. But the anger, pain and void ... its a reminder by itself of my love for u
its impossible for me to stay here for more than 15 days
unbelievable, exactly how long it will take
love u , take care, bye
no no just hold onto it just for a week. im trying to get back , its just crazy here. u have no idea how long things take. 
its my city... my thought and belief's about it.... love...likes... and dislikes.....were all in there when i let u go
hey wait... i know this place... its...
who knows when , what and where
stubborn routine steers , the day ceaselessly

let me tell u one thing straight / hey listen....... i m telling u one thing straight
lots of thing is happenning here, u know bangladesh is shining
i have left a lot of work behind
i have no idea, why i am getting into all this way
take my advice brother...... dont get into bengalis emotional trap, if u do , u r finished
barisal is heaven as compared to this place
at least thats what i've been hearing till now
what else does a bengali do other that talking endlessly....... thats their only talent.
u've got an amazing voice
in the distant beyond, where sight is lost
i'd rather go alone
We could have waited for him together, if u agreed.... i didnt becaues i dont want to be a selfish. Having always loved u ... couldn't let u be a part of an endless wait
no no i would rather go out, and look at the city myself
r u leaving? actually i have a meeting
take ur time, think it over and over again........ Think about what? 
Now u tell me , what am i supposed to do?
u said that - i have to come here to sell off the property or gifted or whatever. Dad sait its my responsibility , so here i am
its better that u talk , u explain the things that i have to do.....  its just easier that way
yeah im absolutely up for it, but not without finishing the dinner
i will agree with u - the day u practise Law in bangla
there she comes
if i were to live sanfransisco , i suppose i would have said the same
rahul , i must say - u r a perfect lerner
Back there when bengalis get together they are constantly obsessing over Darjeeling Tea, Hilsa fish, Bengali sweets and whats not... i mean they are always talking about this place, they cant seem to get over it
oh oh i m getting a call. talk to u later.
what was his reaction to all this?
bye for now, we'll meet for dinner / we'll meet at dinner
would u like some coffee ? No rahul , i have to rush for a meeting
which way to the elevator? - this way sir (lift ta kon dike?)
is that the only reason for u to be here ? --- yaa , sort of ....... u have a house here..... Thats because i was born here , thats it
so,.... finally u r in Jhalakathi
dont worry he will take this staff
so... how was your trip? it was good / it was okay
they have gone far too ahead without me
should i just go ? or let it go ? perhaps its too late
it seems i never new rahul at all
making us one of a kind
Life to them is just surging ahead, leaving everyone (surge = toronger moto dhabito howa / uddelito howa / toronger moto egiye jaoa )
i failed, and so did ur father, cause its way beyond our reach (ami parini , r tomar babao pareni)
an ardent request to Shuvo uncle (ardent = ottanto utsahi / otishoy akul) (ArdentRequest = akul abedon)
I felt so forlorn (forlorn = hotovaggo / nissho / eka / osukhi / nirasroy / porityakto)
its unethical to read someone else's letter but still i do / its unethical to go through someone else's inbox , but still i get lots of fun their for me
Your simple confessions , understanding of life ia a discovery for me! ...... a discovery of Rahul , my son

u have to think beyond that point
my first impression after looking at him was - like was to stubborn and kind of little pessimistic
business is my responsibility,,,, so i have to do it........ nischoy e ota enjoy o koren? 
its true.
vaiyaa, apnar sathe to gari ache, ami o jai....... na lagbe na , tumi thako
sondhar pore jabe sun-diagram check korte, Non-Sense!
tomake je bolecilam site e giye sun-path diagram ta chek kore ante, korecile? ekhon to onek rod baire,,,,,,,,,,, tumiiiiiiiiiiii.mmmmm ai pencil gulo sharp kore niye aso jao.....koi jao? .....ha
apu ronon vaiia ke na boleci amar jonno NailPen niye aste, bangaldesher NailPen gula na ja baje!!!
accha sono ami to tomake boltei vule geci....... ebar amar mone hoy  terkey jaoa hobe na
ki bolo esob hibru vasay?
ronon salata na ..... akhon e china jete hobe..... sobsomoy amar jonno jhamela create kore cheleta. 
uff ajke rastay ja trafficcccccc.......

NIRBAN -  ami prothomei design er functionality gulo niye kotha bolar age, er pichoner dorshon gulo ektu alochona korte chai. I try to create homes, not houses. -  (by LouisKahn). what does a house want to be? Home sweet home. So ai apartment e jara bosobash korben, tara jeno etake sudhu shelter hisebe na vaben,  tara jeno ai building take tader jiboner akta ullekhjoggo ongsho hisebe vaabte paren. Community hall, swiming pull , playground, akta khola akash jeta dhaka sohore impossible akta byapar, sei khola akashtake amra jeno pete pari setar byabostha amra korci, sondhabela sobai mile adda marche, chad uthece , josna , keu chaile kobita likhte pare, keu chaile gaan likhte pare, bristi asche vijce. Ai pura romantic byapar gulo ai concrete sohore amra ai residence e deyar chesta korchi. Overall sob decision e neya hoyece amader desher manush , poribesher kotha mathay rekhe, abar ar ekdike national aspiration ar culture eguloke represent korar jonno. ekarne amra sob low embedded energy material select koreci ja kina amader national economyr upore kono dhoroner negetive impact felbe na. 

No jaan ur favourite city... Istambul.... Oh...... Turkey? really? hmmmmm 5 diner plan, ami sobkicu thik kore feleci...tiket kata hoye gece amra jacci...... WOW!!! blue most , top cape, phosphorus!!! ufff,,, im really excited.
phone ta tomar pochondo hoy ni ... na ? .......... its ok ...... ektu beshi laal ....... ami obossho onnota nite cheyecilam,,,,,, but Hablu amake eta nite insist korlo
na mane, amader go out er second aniversary ajke......
at the end of it all = oboseshe
meet him.... he is mr. rahul, our project manager
sorry sanjida...... i think i am disturbing u,,,,, but i cant take it anymore,,,, it not possible to continue with u not even a single moment, I NEED a life, a normal life, where i can find free air to breathe.
oh i love this building,,,,,,,, absolutely loving...the work is briliant, well done
hello sir i m kawser........ hi their!
this gonna suck!
In the end... a decent movie!
well..... this is my first ever collab with Rahul Da
thats one of the very few things that cant be explained
and the question that u r most probably asking

Donnie darko,,, it is one of my all time favourite movies , but it is very confusing, thats not really that hard to explain what went on the surface of the movie. But like Its not hard to explain what happens so much as explaining  WHY HAPPENS.
A lot of terms that u need to know that i m talking about. So after watching the movie i must recomment that u also read the book "The philosophy of time travel" as well. It very much explains everything that goes on in the movie very very well. Remember DONNIE DARKO as a whole is a movie about time. It basically tells the story of two different timeline and travels between these two.

i really liked this place in #Bandarban , There's something about old architecture that's just super fascinating!!
Get lost / just get lost / Then get lost
decides where to forward
Perhaps this movie was meant to be nothing but funny. Maybe it was meant to get teenage boys excited at all the nudity in it.
well, This is embarressing / I know this is embarressing
a host is either on a given port or it is not
The specialized hardware is, in many respects, similar to that of a switch
As above, but the connected networks do not necessarily have to be of the same type
there will be i and u and no one else

im no longer ur english teacher, they fired me
its friday...... shouldn't u be off with ur friends scaring old people?
here u are .... Hey u guys are gonna win, i know it........ so do i (amio jani / amar o tai mone hoy)
And now , them moment we've all been waiting for is is my very distinct pleasure to introduce to u Abul, Kabul, Habul, please welcome.......
it gives me no pleasure to deny u the right to read on of the great writers of twenty-first century. BUT	alas, i have not yet beeb elected queen of the universe, so i must obey the rules, and so will you.
im not going to be able to continue this conversation anymore
i beg u pardon..... sorry
i cant recall, but as far as i remember i never heard it from him
increased detachment from reality = bastobota bimukh / bastobota bimukhota
im not really sure thats a good example
i like u a lot...
u wanna kiss me?
u know we've been going together for like two weeks? yeah... well .....i ...uh...
And what if u could go back in time, and take all those of pain and darkness and replace them with something better?  Like images or what ? Yeah, like Hawaiian sunset, or the Grand Canyon? Just things that reminds u of how beautiful the world can be...
rahul wait....... i just want it to be , at a time when it reminds me just how beautiful the world can be
Is searching for god is absurd?
I've just never seen any proof , so I just dont debate it anymore, u know its like I can spend my whole life debating it over and over again, weighing the pros and corns, and in the end , I still wouldnt have any proff. So i just dont debate it anymore. Its absurd
do u feel alone , right now?
how does that make u feel
do u remember our class teacher Mr. Tariqul Sir?
is that what u came in here to ask me? / is that u came here to ask me?
u want me to tell u ?
as u can see....... even they are in confusion
i do know man!
dhoro / mone koro
i got an idea
build ur own dreams, or someone else will hire u to build theirs
thats ok...... so i will talk to u later,,,, bye
Never mind ,,, in fact , phone koreci je karone, amra akta exibition sponsor koreci Art-Gallery te , so vaabcilam je jodi apni along with ur husband , if u can come , join us, oh thats sounds great, but i dont think je sofik khub akta interested hobe...... thats okay, so i will talk to u later, bye
no no ....... thats not what i meant
we are falling a little behind, but we will catch up
hello sanjida...... g bolci ...... ajkal dekhci apnar phone onno keu dhorce .... i m so sorry, i was occupied...... i wanted to ask u something.... is everything okay with u ?
thank u so much ....... u r most welcome
i m pregnant ,,,,,,,, apni baba hote cholechen ,,,,,,,,,,, its been two months
r a kicu na,,,,,,, o akta kobitar line text korecilo,,,,,,,, r ota dekhe sofiq ki rokom akta scene create korlo r ki........ just shut up,,,,,,,, to ja na......he is waiting for u
i m going to site, so if u guys can come.....plzzz , alright see u 
uff,,,,,,sorry aj onek late kore fellam
very nice of u / thats very sweat of u ....... but why is this for me? ........ eta onek din pore chilo okhane ... so, i thought u might like it
na kore upay ache ? at the same time enjoy tao khub valo vabe korte hoy
thats why im here
Akcent er music ..... oh my god,,,,,,, atto valo
amar obosso Akcent er gaan gulo onek valo lage
i will leave now.... do u have a car? do u have a ride?,,,,,,, no its alright , amar asole project er garita asbe, i will no its already evening , dont worry , i will drop u , come with me / No no no sondha hoye gece, so i can drop u , its not a problem , come.
lake view ..... was a very nice idea
so, i think everything looks fine....except for the railling , which u gonna change , right?
i m fine. Rownok was supposed to go with me , site e , but he is out of the country , Right? so... i was thinking if u can come with me.....mmmmm....sure ...... half an hour ? .....that will be great...bye
so?????? / so what ???
u know how important this project for me / sofik this project is really important for me
i understand sofik , but u know this is so tough for me to left this project in such a helpless situation
so, ai muhurte dhaka leave kora.......its impossible for me
mr. Rahul , I really appreciate ur thoughts
Design is not making beauty , Beauty emerges from selection , Affinities, Integration, Love.
There is nothing left to live for
An innocent desire , when reality ends

Lets toast for a brighter bangali
how convenient!
right....... he has got a point
from the frying pan to the firing squad
please say something...
i didnt know how would u react....... actually im in a helpless situation....... and i really need ur help
here comes my boy........ looking very pissed of
u r very accident PRONE (probon / probonota / shil / odhin)
then ... we will start immediately
amar hindi slightly accented .... u know
Roni ........ U have made my day.....

The important thing about that freedom train. it's got to climb mountains.
We aII have to deaI with mountains. You know, mountains that go way up high. And mountains that go deep and low.
We know what those mountains are, here at Glide. We sing about them.
Lord, don't move that mountain 
Give me strength to climb it
PIease don't move That stumbling block
But lead me, Lord, around it
My burdens, they get so heavy
Seems hard to bear
But l won't give up
No, no
Because you promised me
You'd meet me at the altar of prayer
-Lord don't move that mountain
-PIease don't move that mountain
But give me strength to climb it

is that all?
There was no salery , Not even a reasonable promise of a job
What would u say if a guy walked in for an interview , without a shirt on?
can i say something? im the type of person....... if u ask me a question, and i dont know the answer , im gonna tell u that i dont know.  But i bet u what , I know how to find the answer , and i will find the answer! is that fair enough?
how many times have u seen Rahul ? ...... i dont know , but not too many ,,,,,, apparently
i like to think so (amar to tai mone hoy)
is that fair enough?
i wanted to come up with a story that would demonstrate qualities, that im sure u all admire here, like earnestness or diligence
good to see u again
then , what am i supposed to do with my sun ? (tahole amar cheler ki hobe)
I m not happy,,,,,, Then just go get happy
it was right then that i started thinking about Abir, The docoration of independence, and the part about our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And i remember thinking How did he know to put the "pursuit" part in there. That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue. And maybe we can actually never have it. No matter what how did he know that ?
i was used to be in a possition , where i have to make decisions, 
whatever, i dont care
u told me this before , when i wasnt here
hey....listen.....everything is gonna be fine
can u feel it baby?
I was wondering if ...
have a great day
whose name sounded so delightful , like h'd give me a job and a hug
i was smart back then
what's that?
"Fuck" , thats an adult word, But thats not part of motto, so u r not supposed to learn that, Thats an adult word to show anger and other things, But just dont use that one, okay ?
oh god,,,,, i am late
this is kawser , reporting for IBF
as u can see,, i still have a long way to go
its part of my life - "being stupid"
thank u very much, I need to go
be right back ..... wait till then
this is what i am trying to do for u , and for my family
do u rember ? probably not
Feed the meter = nijer chorkay tel din

how long have u known about her?
u know mr Rahul pretty well, didnt u ?
thats something only people like u can do
it could have been better for u , u know it
things are not that simple 
Fine..... As u wish
who else ? u imbecile!!
absolutely nothing
u've made that clear enough...No need to say any more , i got the point.... shall we go?
Just a pile/tons of old rocks, that have always been here.
u have no idea how good he's been to us
i want u to call him father
she forgot who she was, and where she came from

may be the egyptians had it right
can't stop smiling to u
Love transcends gender, it exists beyond physicality (transcend = chapiye jaoa / chariye jaoa / jukti torker urdhe chole jaoa)
holy crap , holy shit = An expression yelled at something bad and/or surprising /  a phrase used to suggest that something is unbelievable or shocking
god damn hAhAhA....... jokes apart..... lets take it seriously.... (jokes apart=rosikota baad dao........ aso kajer kotha boli ......Just do it now = kono kicu porwa na kore kaj kora)
i am covered in dirt and grime from head to toe (dirt and grime=dhula bali moyla)
its just the beginning my dear!
whatever u think
so u won't cooperate with us ... and thats final?
Curious Minds Want To Know....
Trust me....... oh my god....... i was totally amazed by the fact that...... there are so many nice and talented people out their
wish him all the best.
i m sorry apu,,,,,,,, i dont know u either...... so how can i do it for u?
i liked doing it at a time for fun, so i did. But u know , there comes a time when - I guess u just need a little more than fun
its not just fun
i dont even know why u begin this by saying that "i'll try to..."
i will try to 
and u wont be their... its either u or  its me ...... remember that ok?
just look at u .....u just got nothing..... u could not achieve anything
lack of commitment = ongikar er ovaab
but what can i do?
i was talking to Rahul the other day  , suddenly i saw this dazzling effect just behind me
just like that (emni)
seriously , listen to me...
ur fiance is standing outside sucking his thumb (thumb = briddhangul / bura angul )
getting married isn't a big deal, - its all about finding the right why dont u find the right partner?
at least, i feel sometimes , that perhaps we r pretty happy
havent u seen it was one sided?
a very very hasty decision (hasty = quick / torit / chot joldi)
can i say one thing? / would u please listen one thing?
whats wrong with u ?.....won't u even speak to me?
look.... first of all u guys have to decide this thing first........... then we will talk about the band.......ok?
look taniya...... / hey look....
cool down ....... all of u
i will throttle u , do u understand? (throttles = gola chepe dhora / saash rodh kora)
rakin is missing
it is still their / is it still their ?

and u have utilized me 4 ur own selfish desire , didn't u ?
so what rupam?
i m the failure
how can even i see this
lets start with the...
lets look 4 her
u r the main culprit...
oh my goddddddddddd
No idea .......... then get idea
it is more of a sample servey u know.....
but it is highly confidential..... u know...
but what about my child?
why should i do this for u ?
please go rupam...... i dont need u anyone
i want to quit......yaa pleaseeee , quit
amar abar body odour er problem ache
but all i want is ,,,,,,
may i come over their?
i want to be a part of ur research
but actually the truth is.......
dekho rupom....... u r a very nice person...........tai ami tomake sotti tai bolte chai
this is a scientific miracle
yes u can continue .. / please continue
dhyat........what rubbish.......ei tui jaa to ekhan theke
i m very serious ... shoaib...... yes u have to believe me!....... u have to give me a chance
please forget it / just forget it
r ki co-incidence dekho ..... we know each other from childhood,,,,,,, which is an added advantage
and i am the members of this creative team u know
do u know what she done?
dekho rupom, tomar kaj ta na amar kache fascinating legeche. ISNT IT FANTASTING?? (ami jokhon janlam , tumi ei particular bishoy tar upor research korco , i was fascinated)
let me explain
those were the days......(oi din gulo kotto mojar chilo)
and i will fight my own battle ........ do u understand???
she is so cute...... yaa,,,,,,, kind of cute / sort of cute
the more i see girls, the more i admire dogs
kintu korini ,,,,,, instead.......toke manush korechi
because i akdin boro hobi
this is the last time i am telling u .........
from the very first day ...... he is been saying so (akebare prothom din theke)
now please forgive me ...... and get out of my life
again u started...... / again she started........
why r u so worried all the time........chill/cool/calmDown man......relaxxx
u know i m not like him....... i would like to believe so
Ria , please we will sort it out some other time, these guys r waiting , and we r late....... its embarrasing .....lets go (sort out / sorted out = somadhan kora / mitiye newa / ghuciye tola / thik thak kore fela)
i am not going with u ....... and thats final....... if u have to go ......then go
stop shouting........ why????? why should i stop shouting?
thats not important........u just answer my question first.......... u r doing it or not?.......disgusting......
suddenly one day u wake up and u r realized.......that things r not working out....... then we might have to break up .......right?
but that is not the end of the story ...... here is lot more to say / here is lot more waiting for u
just before the marriage ........ something went wrong
how far ? ..... stack in a jam.....coming

i can see it, even if u cant
lets take it to the next level
what else do u want? damn!
u know ... it is so much confidential
u r encourageable
tomar job er nature ta ektu onno rokom
even kissing in a public place is not a punishable offence according to law....... i hope u know that
do u have a problem with that? ..... yes i have a problem
that's none of ur business / thats not of ur business (nijer chorkay tel dao)
exactly ...... what r we doing here?
most probably
its too early
tui ki aj o ai ghotonar jonno amake dayee koris?
e meye to seen ei asbe na , tor samne....
its more like a mind game?
where did it all came from?
any progress of the project
u just get lost
why u r so possessive all the time (tumi sobsomoye eto beshi beshi chao keno?)
now say...... how can i spoil ur valuable time?
i still dont know...
well ... it should be like 
and dont forget......
u must be prepared
doesnt matter
well...... u didnt let me complete
just imagine some sort of experts openion
1 minute please / 1 min sir
its very evedient from the way u speak
stop creating a scene here
er moddhe charity kottheke elo ? whats wrong with u?

please let her go
did u hurt ur hand?
was that the only way?
there is a more than enough chance u could have been there
who else walks with a walking stick other than u ?
my client was investigated under duress (Duress = jobordosti kore ba voy dekhiye kauke kono kichu korte baddho kora)
everybody loves this song , and so do I
i cant be 100% conclusive , but it appears to be a case of fornification than a rape
is it safe to assume that the sex was consensual? (consensual / consensus = dui joner icchay (like sex) / mil / oikko / oikkomot)
the state of the victim's vagina suggests that she had a normal intercourse AT BEST / MAXIMUM
so, its been right under our noses all along? (tarmane eta sob somoy amader samnei cilo, amar etake dekhte pai ni)
u know what ...... u can try to forget ur past, but u can never erase it compleately
i'm busy today. Let's talk some other day
do what you're good at (ja valo lage tai koro)
u still don't get it, do u? Maybe u aren't as smart as smart as i thought
what can we do now? The time has almost run out...
its upto u to figure out, letting me out is ur job, not mine. Is that how much u care about ur daughter?
i did everything that i could , there is nothing more i can do
how difficult can it be obtaining a piece of paper?
u want ur daughter back ? then follow the rules..
did i ever ask for a fevour before ? (ami ki age kokhono karo sunojor cheyeci?)
u guys could find nothing but a punk  (punk = baje / ochol maal / okejo kono kichu )
chief went berserk , telling everyone to find out the weapon (berserk (ba+sak) = uttejito / khipto / unmad)
u seems to be more confident about tampering with the evidence (tamper / tampering = gopone hostokkhep kora / osoduddesshe poribortito kora)
just answer my question, where is that?
u r far better than i thought
how can i believe that you'll let her go if i set u free? do u have any other choice?
hang in their ,,, sweetheart
i'd better double check my report before it's too late
he put the body on display , and gave out a confession , is'nt that almost too easy?
i saw him ,,, earlier on ....... it appeared he could barely walk without the help of a cane (cane = beter lathi / hatar jonno je lathi)
all right...... i'll be right over their
i'd be better off , if she didn't talk at all (o jodi akdom e kotha na bole, tahole ami borong off jai)
lf I were the killer, I would've gotten rid of the fingers and dumped the head elsewhere in order to impede identification process.
u r kidding , right?
who brought u here? / what brings u here?
i have been banging on the door for last 10 minutes , why dont u even listenning for just a moment??? (bang = prochondo aghat / hotath uccho shobdo / chot / uccho sobde aghat kora)
ur daughter grew up to be quite a lady!
what to do , what to do...... the clock is ticking
u will be finished.... and so will ur daughter be (tumi more jabe,,,,,,,, taile tomar meyer o tai hobe)
get me out of here in 3 days , then the victim of the second murder will no longer be ur daughter
can i see him for a second ? why???? will u get a confession out of him?
why blame government all the time?
u have been spoofed (tomake thokiyeche)
well done........ that was impressive
what the hell is happenning to u?
how did u know that? ...... i remember it clearly...... u have a good memory
i want to see , how long u can screw yourself
they dont seem to run out of the energy (tara ektu klanto o hoy na)
how could a murder take place here?
u r over-complicating the matter
may be it was not his intention to hide it
are u out of ur mind? / he must be going out of his mind....
this is nothing but so-called "monarchy"
she died from over-excitement during intercourse (intercourse = porospor mela mesha / len den) (sexual intercourse = jouno milon / sohobash )
now lets go out of here
osadharon....... sobsomoy ai type er movie pagoler moto khujte thaki, sob somoye golpogulo beshi predictable hoy, aita r jai hok expectation puron koreche
vai aida ki dekhlam........? really speechless
i m gone
use 'later on' instead of using 'then' again and again
welcome to our tribe = amader bongshe ba gosthi te sagotom
after 3 and a half years of waiting , just found myself on the board of dean merit award........its like one of my wonderful dream came true
to the best of my remembrance = jotodur mone pore , i have no remembrance of this event (remembrance = sriti / shoron)
he is sort of strange........but.....cute
i hope u have been enjoying all the song this evening
probably the closest i get to playing a cord on a guiter is this........ ha ha on my phone
i am not that fluent anymore / i am not that fluent either
hi all the music lovers out their...
the curative value of sea air is huge
bigganer unnotir sathe sathe oporadh jogoter MODUS OPERANDIr sukkhotao briddhi pay (modus operandi = kormo poddhoti / kajer dhoron / karjopronali / sadhon poddhoti)
but for many women here , any hope of living has dissapered
i have seen very little in my life, i still have my future ahead of me
do u want to try some ?
would i take this with my own money ? no way......
it makes me feel sexually aroused (eta amar sex jagay / udrek kore)
how long have u been here ? since ur early age?
how do u feel about working here?
can i go inside ? shall I take off my shoes? ........ yaa u can go in , No need to take off ur shoes
now does Rosina attract more customers ?
he is my tenant = se amar varate
what do u want me to show u ?
20 taka per strip (proti pata 20 taka (like medicine))
Renegotiating isn't something i like to happen after they've come inside (negotiate / renegotiate = alochona ba poramorsho / dordaam kora / kothabarta chalano )
a broker brought u here? (broker = dalaal)
if it wern't for sheer survival , who would want this nasty job? (sheer = purodostur / sompurno / nichok / daha / nirvejal )
down to the wire
samanno kichu problem silo......otherwise phone ta onnnek valo
network portion ends on one of the separating dots in the address
credibility gap = kothay o kajer farak
As long as you have the same subnet mask and the network is contiguous, you can use subnets of a classful network address. (contiguous = chuye ache emon / songlogno / nikotostho / protibeshi)
Please don't laugh if I make you wanna laugh / Please don't laugh if it is too funny
Do I assume Telnet whenever I see vty? And why is there a 4 after 0?
I just use it to setup Telnet password without knowing why
ovi......... Have u gone mad ????? (tui ki pagol hoye gecis ?)
till then , stay tuned, good luck for u all
It might be ur wound , but they are my suture (suture (su+char) = khoto sthane selai korar fole sristho daag / selai er daag)
I will be the watcher of the eternal flame
India's tour of Bangladesh : Itinerary Declared (itinerary = vromoner porikolpona / brittanto ba lekkho proman / poth brittanto / poth ponji / gomon poth)  (itinerant = sthan theke sthanantore vromonshil / porjotonshil / porivromi )
For ur kind information... Im always drunk...... NE problem?
By the time u r drunk, need my judgment buddy

Atlast I was tagged in this game by Mr. Rahul. Thanks for tagging me..... I had to put a lot pressure on my mind to dig out the 12 names, really it was such a hard task to do. Yet i am trying ..... Still there are some which I can watch again n again or u can say i was moved by them.
The rules are simple , u just have to put up a list of 12 films that have stayed with you in some way. Dont think too hard , Just take a few munites. They dont have to be greatest ones. Just what u like most and affected u most. Then tag ur 10 friends in it and tell them to update their list as well. Dont forget to tag me in ur status. Here goes my list. 

now its time to pass the challenge
Thanks for this mind blowing treat.
train journey te side scene gulo osombhob sundor
----- cost is going out of reach day by day
thats a big question
You are here to create history and influence what is to come.
The snake that eats its own tail, forever and ever. 
thats the way it has to be, thats the way its always been. You should understand that better than anyone
cant be too cautious these days
First things first
Look.., he could explain it so much better than i do
stop playing games , just tell me right now
what if I could put him in front of u ?
i guess at some point u just gotta let things go (amar mone hoy, jibone kokhono kokhono e sob mene nite hoy)
so , i bought a typewriter, and set myself up as a public stenographer (stenography / stenographer = druto likhon bidda / shat lipi)
u know if u dont move forward , u fall backward into a river of shit
i was desperate, looking for a way back in
(use) no longer = (dont use) not anymore
well...... let me be the first to congratulate u
some messed up irony i guess
I never could get it right , though (jodio thik moto partam na ami)
i started using it to reduce some pressure , but not enough
how's that for taking the last a man's got to live for? (manush kivabe pare akjoner sesh sombol tuku o kere nite?)
eventually my feelings changed to cold determination (cold determination = kothin protigga)
after all , i knew eventually i would have to change mine.
have u thought of a name yet?
whats that got to do with me? (etar sathe amar ki somporko?)
no.......what r u talking about?
nothing........ i thought everything was fine
with nowhere to go , i landed in a charity word
i never saw mr. rahul again
its a job for the best and brightest, for the elite
remarkable memories
i dont understand , donation for what ?
this is what u might call ------- (tumi etake bolte paro ......)
wouldn't u agree?
told me,,,,,, he will be right back......... but he didnt , never saw him again , never came back
it was the happiest time of my life , but it didnt last long....
i was more eger than ever to rejoin Samsung
it was just a fling = it was just nothing / forget it (fling=chure mara)
soemhow i'd managed to convince myself that it had been all for the best
i didn't deserve it
all my little rules about being pure went out the window
haven't u ever done something stupid for love?
he treated me with a kindness , that i'd never experienced before.
what are the odds ? (ki odbhut tai na?)
it was a quote by abraham linkon
u know what they say about good things happen to those who wait , but only the things left behind by those who hustle (hustle = samner dike orgosor howa / ograborti)
are u lost ? (apni ki thik achen?)
they tought me , how to listen to a man pleasingly
A tourist is someone , who travels across the ocean only to be photographed sitting next to their boat. I have no intention of being a tourist.
*A tourist is someone , who travels across their surroundings only to be photographed posing next to different objects. I have no intention of being a tourist.
if selected ,,,,,,yes
please take ur glasses off
almost average mentally, and stable emotionally
a mentally retarded child = manosik protibondi sishu
he is  efficient , precise with his timing (precise timing = nikhut timing)
The young boy was led astray by his associates (astray = bipothe gomon / bipothe)
all reason aside , but i just cant deny , love the guy
train journey te sobcheye moja hocce ......... Side Scene
whatever it is ......
Far better than the last one  /  this one is far better that the last one  /  lot more better than the last one  /  this one is lot better
for the shake of simplicity
how does it feels like to u? / how do u feel ?
i give u my word (ami tomake kotha dicci)
so if we find a home........ then what ?
here is the bravery / here comes bravery / thats the bravery
u have to be specific mr. rahul...... right now

So......... when u r giving a treat / when i am getting a treat / when u r throwing a party ??? 
You r the best gift of 2014.. In fact, the best gift we could ever have in our life... Love you a lot princess Fiona..... 
ভিখারি গন যে হারে প্রফেশনাল হচ্ছে তাতে ভিক্ষাবৃত্তি কে যদি Service sector এ include করা হয় তাহলে দেশের জিডিপি গ্রোথ রেট ১% হলেও বাড়ত।
Current scenario of FDI in Bangladesh.
ডিয়ার, সারাদিন, কারনে অকারনে, সুখে দুঃখে, মুখ পাউট করে ছবি তুলে আপলোড করা মানুষজন , According to Economics, কোন জিনিষের supply বেড়ে গেলে তার demand fall করে...।। So please,,, P L E A S E !!!!!!!!!!!!!
dont forget to leave ur egos before going back home (ego = ohongBodh / attomorjada)

Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me and catch me up
check my vital signs , to know i am still alive and walk alone
but i have got a blank space baby .......
he is too young and reckless
they will tell u i am insane = tara amake tomar kache pagol bolbe 
ain't (short form of "has not" or "have not")

u mean to say u dont know yet.........mmmmm NO , am i missing something ? (tar mane tumi akhono jano na !!! ,,, nah ami ki kichu miss korlam?)
What's going on here? Has the boss died? Something like that..

They will justify that - How far can u think out of the box
The good thing about this movie is that the film was shoot from the real childhood to adulthood of the characters. 
Dont discourage them
US reacts cautiously to Kamaruzzaman’s execution (execution = mrittudondo karjokor)
Really!!! What better can we expect from such a bunch of MORONS......We are ripped by শিশু academy!!!
Its been so many years i last had a slumber. / Slumber away an entire afternoon. 
i am bored of his rants (rant = faltu pyachal / bozro konther faltu boktrita) 
The fragrance of the full-blown roses was wafted by the breeze

I dont want to disturb u anymore, so im leaving. Try and keep well. we dont believe in another life, Its in every moment of this very life of ours, that we saunter out for love, in our sleep, dream and waking up. LET our words be scattered all over this poor world, where the spring wind blows under the azure sky. Wherever and however u maybe always take care of yourself.

Do what ur mind say, the prisoner's role will not suit u anymore. 
i dont regret for this at all.
i make money, out of a habit, rather a bad habit u can say. What will money give me? Happiness , peace , love.... are not commodities , which can be bought off the shelves. But i have overcome my need for these things and thats good , The herd of foolish deer runs after the receding mirage.
as a husband, i never forced anything on u. Thats not my style, Nor do i have the energy for it , in fact there is not much that i have energy for
i dont want to blame anyone for this. If anyone is to blame at all , its me
i am not liking it here anymore
i am the one who is lost
i had som important things to tell u. Keep it short, I dont have the same patience
i was wondering.....(vabcilam je)
can u please cut the crack , and come to the point ? 
grandpa is going somewhere, he is packing his bags, where is he going ? can i go with him too ?
Listen... the decision which the two of u have taken, is ur personal matter, but I dont want ur relations with us come to an end. u r always welcome
it seems like u are quite irritated with me
since when have u started using so much "I suppose" , "perhaps" ?
i suppose , we should give some more time to each other
we havent had a fight (amader moddhe to kono jhogra hoy ni)
have u completely forgotten my daughters name?
sorry to disturb u ............ but could u please ask ur daughter where my cheque book is? I looked all over , but cant seem to find it out.
i suppose ...... im alright
love u ...... bye
but in a few days i realsed , i had made a terrible mistake. U came between me and her
everybody in Dhaka seems to know what happened between u and pradeep da.
how did u get in ? (dhukle ki kore ?)
Listen.....i met u out of the blue, the other day. we spent some time together, Now i dont want it to continue with u any more. I just leaved it at their
but it can be bloody reward sometimes
some agree,, and some dont........ and those who dont....... they just pretending
confusing what is real
wanna come over ? .......mmmm yaaaaa.... I would love to (tumi asbe ? ha aste parle valo hoto)
hey man.....what the fucks up with u ?
its better if u dont / it will be better if u dont
when will I see u again / when we will meet next
it was just a matter of time
their is nothing much to say
anyway..... marriage is not even in my decent horizon
ha ma...... kakamonir flat more or less thik thak e ache
bye ...... will talk later
where we start damn it ...... huh ?
Look at u ....... u look sexy as ever bomb !!
toss the coin up
u donk know Arpita ,,,,, she is dangerous. ..........I dont want to, Nor is it possible to know anyone truely............ u dont try either , do u ?
after u left... I realized u had no fault.
come on...... i will wait
No no...... not at all......mmmmmmmmm i just feeling a little uneasy and uncomfortable their
Rahul will also be back late from work today.
i heard it's raining their ? is it?
hey......rasel !!! How nice to hear from u ...
one sec / wait a sec (wait a second)
do u want me to pay for it , and pack it up for u ?
its suffocating / its suffocating for me (dom bondho hoye asey amar)
and if you're late by even a minute ...... they get upset
u wont sleep ? (ghumobe na?) ........... i am not sleepy (ghum asche na)
it wont be safe 
and u r also a little drank
A storm is brewing (br+ue) , looks like it will rain........I will be worried if u leave in this weather (storm is brewing= jhor ghoniye asha)
I would often hear a ghostly voice saying "Mind the Gap"
be careful of it
its alright for him
when u guys were drinking....... I heard him say that "Void is a fact of life"
he wants to remain burden-free
and the rest of it
I've thought about it...... but he is not interested
why dont u adopt kids ?
if u dont mind .... may i ask u something personal ? ..... of course u can.......... I dont mind
surely i will miss their naughtyness (ami obossoee tader badramogulo khub miss korbo)
They are growing and so is their naughtiness
i hope its not too salty ? No no... its absolutely perfect (lobon beshi hoy ni to?? )
seriously.... I envy those who can make fun of life with such ease
void is a fact of life
Those who haven't learnt to truely experience life, they keep working harder, to try and fill their their void/space (Anti::::: The keep trying to find a way to justify their laziness, This Words is a part of it)
I'm chilling with a cup of BlueMountainCoffea
kire prodip office e jasso to.......... r ami akhon literally payer upor paa tule BlueMountainCoffea khacci
he sometimes call me right when i'm about to leave for work
so do not fall into this trap
This is just a self congratulatory catchphrase for the middle class.
Here they equate spending "Quality Time" with funny
Dont burn yourself out, running behind challenges of life
bye .... have fun
but u kept nursing ur anger (kintu tumi e to raag pushe rakhle)
he is bored of eating in hotels
u mean to say ....... our pradeep da
he will be overjoyed to see u (o tomake dekhle khub khushi hobe)
just forget it.... im so sorry
i massacred it / in 1971 pakistanis massacred lots of bangali peoples ( massacre = Khub Baje / Khub kharap / Nirbichare / Nirsongso vabe hotta kora )
u are hardly seen these days!
why are u creating a fuss (fuss = ojotha osthir ba osthirota / barabari / ojotha uttejona )
is this is the image of sunset or sunrise ? ans. Neigher........ Sun wants to go to sleep for a long long time
say bye to aunty
oh my godness...
i have been a huge fan of his since childhood
shall i make u a martini ? Enjoy the drink ... u will feel refreshed! ....U better enjoy ur nectar alone
it was fated (eto vagger likhon)
precisely that (exactly that)
and of-course this gives u an opportunity
and how does it matter to u ?
I dont do it for the money...... u know that .....Then what do u do it for ? For the independence of sprit ?
Abir.....dont be so rude
u should develop ur sense of humor
Listen...... i cant mesaure before i talk to someone........That does not mean others should suffer because of it
why do u need to hurt someone unnecessarily?
sometimes ur words can be quite hurtful
can u find any resemblance with Uttam Kumar and Me?
and boviously I didnt agree
he was so insistent (se khub jora jori korchilo)
ahh........ its my dream to drive my drunken wife back home
i am fed up of his rants (rant=uchu golay boktrita kora ba kotha bola ba abriti kora ba ovinoy kora)
i have told u umpteen times..........dont try to safeguard ur husband
how could u say that 
weren't u supposed to back from india at the end of this month?........ MMMMMMM we came back ten days ahead of the schedule
If I tell you , then it wont remain surprize any more!!
why dont u stay here for some days more...?
I need some time to sort of things in my head (bepar ta valovabe bujhar jonno amar kichuta somoy dorkar)
dont rush into any decision (tarahura kore kono decision nish na)
anyway my decision is made... ( or anyway I took my decision)
relationship is like a bonded labour
Are nice men above all this MOM?
how can u relate this with ur fucking bullshit/diagnosis ...Huh ?

can u look after the kids for some days ?
of course their is something..... but u r hiding it from me
will u tell me something honestly ?
its nothing interesting ,,,
might be...... but in his own way
ami ki tomake tantalize korlam?? (tantalize = bar bar asha diye nirash kora / lov dekhano / lov dekhiye asha vongo kora)
company er good will hamper hoy emon kicu kora jabe na
Incredible man........ just incredible
hey.......wait wait wait wait wait........
Ritu, let her go , let her go
indomitable spirit / indomitable courage (indomitable = odommo / durdomoniyo / durdom)
what kind of upbringing made him so talented?  (upgringing = chotobelar shikkha-dikkha)
to...... best part hocce je....... apnar album er naamgulo besh creative
Here is the list of our Authorized Resellers
u didnt even finished ur PHD...
how was the game ? ........mmmmhhhhhh Cooolllllll
are u bored with ur job ? .... Not really...... But pulling along as usal ......u know
why this sudden visit of yours ? (tui hotath keno eli re?)
is their any real improvement in ur condition ?
nothing can stop him , once he gets something in his head
i dont wanna be quiet...mamma
in association with
oh....... i see
As you sow , so you reap =  যেমন কর্ম, তেমন ফল
u can see my future as well... right ? Not really...... just an speculation ( Speculation = dharona / onuman / vabna)
The man u just saw  .......  is  a part of a deadly gang
hey ... whats wrong with u ?
dont give up
dont worry..... everyting will be fine
u r really looking better than ever
totally useless ....... then who the hell am i ???
till then...........Hastala Vista .............bye bye
tan tanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
taaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
behave yourself
Not for u , but .....yes , because of u
annd u r from Nepal ....... r8?
mone hoy jeno eshob amake akta trance er moddhe diye niye jacce, neshar moto (trans = ghumer moto obostha)
ki sense of humor re baba
their is always a first time
it just infront of the downstairs
i will get her upstairs = (ami take upore niye aschi)
Let our words be scattered all over this beautiful world ,,,,,,, where the wind blows under the azure sky (azure (ay+za+r) = ujjol nil / Nilima / Moha nil)
as usual
the herd of foolish deer , run after the receding mirage (morichikar pichone dhaboman murkho horiner dol)
ato heavy medication er por or akhon r kichui mone nei
can u speak a little bit loud ? its windy here
i just couldnot but controlled my anger
how can u say something like that Hasib?
enough is enough ..... No more theatrics (jothestho hoyeche , r natok/nakamo korte hobe na)
is this is what u want to tell me? (etai ki tumi amake bolte cheye chile?) 
i dont want discuss anything about my personal life with u
i cant leave, untill i tell u whats on my mind . even if i dont want to hear it ?
it just kind of natural (eta onekta natural e)
oh.... i just forgot to tell u something
greed leads to sin, sin leads to salvation (salvation = mukti / poritran)
u need guts to commit sin.... right ? (paap korar jonno o sahosh lage,,,, taina ?)
u dont have the guts to say that infront of all (sobar samne seta bolar khomota nei tomar)
actually we all get seduced by ourselves
see yaa (/see u)..... bye bye
lets go for a drink
**fate can indeed be so much stranger than fiction
here i got entangled in various family obligations
i guess ...... somoyer songe odhikar gulo o hariye jay
*distraction and diversions can indeed be illiminating (monojog nostokari kono kichu kokhono kokhono Anondodayok o hote pare)
more or less = motamuti
he is no more (se ar beche nei)
my life is so dull and empty (dull = onujjol / ondhokarocchonno / ondhokarachhonno)
whatever it is ....  / whoever this is ...
its pointless
i dont know...... i guess so
u will be thrown out of this job
Because it is absolutely her responsibility
u stupid careless women
tomar sahosh hoy ki kore akjon trainee ke proper training na diye erokom akta important project e kaj korte deoa
then its entirely ur fault
god damn i am asking u a question. who is ur trainner?
for god shake will somebody tell me what happened
the concept of relationship is itself a prolonged intrution........ yes unfortunetly it is
No no its absolutely perfect
its almost A self congratulatory catch-phrase for the middle class (catch-phrase = bohul procholito probaad/ slogan)
life is much more challenging here
out of sight , out of mind,,,,,,,,, isnt it ?
maybe its not a big deal for u ...... but dont think everybody is like u
sometimes u r too much........ u know she is ultra-sensetive
it was excellent
Let me answer that in another/different way
I still havent managed to learn , how to lead my life, But I have to keep trying ...... dont I ?
u have been practising for years Rakib
its not a wedding invite , But its not a condolence meeting either (eta kono biyer daot noy je seje guje jete hobe, but eta to kono soksova o to noy) - condolence = sokShova / shok-prokash
tumi ei crumple shirt and jeans pore jabe? (crumple = vaaj pore jaoa / vaaj howa / venge tukra tukra howa)
its already 9 thirty , u r not ready yet...
oh god..... this guys are taking all of my time
i want this two mom....... Mom says:: ok well then ....... Nothing else
go and keep it back their
r u serious ?
Then why do u do it ? Huh ?   ...... For the independence of sprit ?
sometimes his antics really irritates me (antic = nyakami / udvot achoron / dhong / shong)
i have told u umpteen times ! (umpteen=bohubar / osonkho / ogonito / jani na koto bar)
what a pleasant surprize.... 
why dont u come and check it out ? 
Listen...... i have a surprize for u
Its my life , my problem.....and i am going to deal it with by myself
now p;z dont blame the kids for it
i also regret sometimes for this ... but with these two brats ..... u know it's impossible (brat = baccha / chokra)
But he is never been happy their
he looks so sad today
are u ok mr. John ? 
can i have some candy ...... mom ?
How far ? almost their ..... will be their in half an hour
why he is coming today ....... all on a sudden ?
its so much boaring...... u know
I will be their soon ...... sweety
Flash Back Studio (relative and meaningful naming)
ato kom boyse Math e emon fascination age kokhono dyakheni
byabsa korte giye o to sorbo santo hote hoy........ setao to besh thrilling akta byaper. (hasib o  to ritimoto thrilled)
come on... come on...... dinner is ready
oh bosssssss............. no one can beat us
he is quite dangerous
are hold on darling....... u cant even imagine
or sathe ektu strongly deal kora uchit
dont think me so much vulnurable (akrommo / orokkhito / onirapod)
mobile ta 2 din dhore switched off
its very insecured
Listen... i dont care about that ...... HuH ?
i know i am sounding crazy
i desperately need ur help
i will be late to their
chelera dusto hole borolok hoye jay......... r......meyera dusto hole borolok hoye jay........what a philosophy
u just leave me alone
tui kintu unnecessarily re-act korcis 
really........ what a crap is he..... (se khub baje)
uffffff........ disgusting
i need a car half an hour later
i cant take that risk
jemon dhorun kal sokale apni amar barite gelen amar jekono akta x-boyfriend seje ............ around 9  or  9 thirty
i am in a real mess (ami sotti e akta talgol pakano obosthay achi)
i dont know how/where to start ....... anyway....... Let me try 
i desperately need ur help
now we will also look at some other aspects .......... which makes it so fundamental
its not a fairy tale .... ok ? = eta rupkothar golpo na
massive crowd....!! far more than expectation.... feeling awesome 
what kind of hypocrisy is that ? huh ?
naturally ora expect korbe je ami dinner ta oder sathei korbo......but
this is just a joke...... nothing happened like this .... believe me
this is absolutely non-sense mr. abul.
please do not interrupt
hope u dont mind
i surely dont know who is the criminal here
i hope u remember
oh god........ i m so confused
obviously eta ami cilam . Absolutely not mr kabul. ........ baaaah impressive
isnt it obvious mr. sakib ? 
how can this be possible
sorry ... i dont understand ,,,,,,, their still a lot of questions to be answered
its a very good question mr. abir , but i promiss u that the answer is even better
this is absolutely non-sense yaar
Maintaining liaisons with different local and international stakeholders (liaison / liaisons (Lia + Zo) = du pokkher sonjog ba jogajog / du pokkher moddhe somojota kari lok-jon)
its not equitable , u cant do this (equitable = naysongoto)
A stitch in time saves nine = somoyer ak foR , osomoyer dosh foR (stitch = selai korar somoy sui er foR)
is rahul dead ? .......very tragic
but,,,,,, life never forgives a scene
sorry ,,, i just cant explain what rahul did
all u have to do is make a memory of every moment , and once u make that memory it will last forever
guys please check this out , its our IT carnival , lets be a part of it.
this road leads up to a very old monastery (monastery = ashrom / jekhane sonnasira dhormiyo broto grohon kore somprodaygoto jibon-japon kore)
rahul dont worry ..... i will take care of the situation
do u think after life exists ?
okk. can i depend on u ? u must have to do it within tonight.
well .... what can i say .......... sorry to dissapoint u
have we met before ?...... probably
wow...... its amazing
why is it so much difficult to say ... the word "YES" ?
so, see u in an hour then ....... right ? ......ha ha ha ...... u must be crazy
please note down my address............ 43/A kanta cottage. Any landmark for ur address ? yaaaa. thats just in front of Mitu Sinema Hall
r u mad ?
let me tell u ....... someone is waiting here to surprize u ......even though u just beat him
well ..... i prefer to think of it as .......
anyway whats the way out then ?
i am really sorry ...... i m slightly embarrassed
this world ...... u didnt created, not me........ so we have no rights to spoil the natural beauties and and so the world
actually u know what....... u guys carry on....... i m going to stay here for a bit.... ok ,,,,,,, se u later then
whispering oaks , Resort & Spa = oak er sobdo sona jacche , Resort and Jhornadhara
u wanna keep me warm ? simple ......... just give me a kiss
can u hear me......? yaa deniel i can hear u.... tell me
may b i am not good enough 4 u
why do u do it urself again and u think if their  is any hope, i wouldnt take u to see a doctor
sorry to disturb u again ......but...
oooooo, thats very interesting
strange .... why dont u pick up the phone
easy , easy ..... calm down , cool, cool, chill man chill , steady ..........take ur time. u just have to do it ok?
yaa , i am on my way ......i will be their in 10 miutes ok....?
i wll call u back / i will call u later / call u back
where the hell is it / what the hell is this
I dont know how u mange......but u just have to ok???
want to drink (want some drink) ? yaa .... why not
Hi gorgious ....... How are u doing / Hellow mr. roy chowdhury ..... how u doing
He is absolutely a briliant designer
Thats the sprit
okkkkk lets introduce mr. daniel , he would represent our company...... the man from all season, man for all reason
finally as u can see ,,,,,,,,,,,, i have made some priminary sketch of how this property should look like .....both from inside and from outside
hmm hmm ...... u wanna speak with rahul ?? then,,,,, just wait a second........
this two are almost very much alike  (alike = )
Miraj is gonna be thrilled / u must be thrilled
Blaze Up bangladesh, Roar Up bangladesh (jole otho bangladesh , gorje otho bangladesh)
akhon to r bepar ta Rahul er perspective theke dekhle hobe na (perspective=obosthan / dik)
please ,,, settle down (please santo hon)
Help ur fellow users , rate and comment this out before u delete this (fellow = lok / sathi / sohokormi / songi / ak e srenir ba akdhoroner ba ekotre bosobasroto ba kormoroto songi )
Regal Raptor Steller (akti bike er name)
Dont underestimate the things that I will do / dont underestimate the power of a common people
Listen ...... do it carefully .. Huh ? (huh=right?)
sounds good / sounds perfect = valo e to mone hocce 
what sort of knowledge is required = kon dhoroner knowledge thaka dorkar 
a journey to the frontiers of imagination (frontier = simanto/simantoborti)
this is completely safe,,,,,,,,,,,,, so nothing to worry about it
well........... my name is k@wSER , and the show was just awesome
tachara ai 4 ta power grid theke power supply is not more than 20% of the total
akon sobkichu tor upor depend korce , its all upto u
eta to akta silly bepar. just ignore this (silly = simple / bokate / eta kono byaper e na / sishu-tosh)
are dost tui eta souvenir hisebe rekhe de to [ (pronounced as su+ve+ni+er) = sriti-chinho / sriti hisebe  ]
accha toke akta kotha boli son,,,,,,,, tui akhon fresh hoye akta ghum de.............r jodi ghum na ase tahole jah - shower ne, r tarpor ghum de.
however consolation is - well played bangladesh, we are always with u.
right now .... amar kache kono taka nai
amar erokom kono tendency nai ....
no........ er kono alternative process nai , tomake evabei korte hobe
o to koy ekbar suicide attempt niche
Rap or Rape? Got confused
dost,,, at least eid er dinta behave kor. (here behave means vao byabohar kora)
terrible terrible rap. Bangla rap never ever sounded good
WTF .... 2 wack potato with a brainless hoe ! (dui ta faltu bibek-hin pola aita ki korche ?? ) = here potato means manush , hoe means "thele thele chalate hoy emon nirani"
LOL!!! how come a lyric of a song be that lame
I can't get this song out of my head 
u r a crater man mr. chatterji (crater=jolonto ogneogiri -> rupok orthe / ogneo girir jalamukh)
better luck next time
see u later Rakib / see u again. 
yes thats the point i want to concentrate about.
thats very sweet of  u
I will be back in a few moment.... (wait here ,,, i will be back soon / i am coming / i will be back in a minute)
eto lavishly khoroch na korle hoy na?? (lavish / lavishly = opobayee / mukto hoste khoroch kora / oporimito bay kora)
in the mean time jeta howar kotha je ,,,, amar order kora sobgulo product er description paypal er kache chole jabe (in the mean time = iti moddhe)
but jodi statndard shipment hoy sekhetre kintu frauding er chance ace
je like ami claim korechi as a client amar kache product ase nai
others features gulo more or less same
this is the very basic of codeigniter
kono akta software click korar pichone onek gulo reason thake. valo UI, great functionality
any one out their?  / someone out their ? = keu achen okhane ?
amra codeigniter akdom scratch theke sikhbo (scratch=zero theke/akdom suru theke/ just from the beginning)
akta kotha sunle  hoyto apnar soft corner aste pare etar proti
better , but its not that good u know (better, but eta ototao valo na - apni janen)
in that case amake jeta korte hobe seta hocce ,,,,,,,
apni randomly site e jassen , product cart e add korcen , but apni deploy korcen na (deploy = kena/bikri)
uncertainity / worst case gulo amader consider kore kono akta prototype create kora uchit
manipulate / populate kora

please give me a break
oh yes........ that make sense

*** Nerd = An intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit ,,, like A computer nerd./ a single-minded expert in a particular technical field / a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. / ex. "a computer nerd", "I was a serious NERD until I discovered this way"
Castle (pronounced as ca+s+le) = durgo / prosad 
NERD CASTLE = nerds adda

ekhane ektu tricky hote hobe
framework e koyek dhoron/level er security layer implement kora e ache
in the mean time = er moddhe 
level of maturity= poripokkota / oviggota / experience
OK ,, lets arrange a reality show............ apni ki participate korben mr. kD ?
Oh no............ what the helll.......... just get to the point / just come to the point
apni to korechen most probably...
enterprise level er software
jodi accomodate kora sombhob hoy then
accha ......... by any chance tumi ki preme treme pore tore gecho techo naki taki
Now u can just simply walk out , and tell this lady,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just get lost
come on Sakib, u can do it
comment out kora = comment kore rakha
onnek complex issue
pica-logical difference nei = drissoto parthokko nei / dekhar khetre parthokko nei / dekhte ak e rokom , but there is some other difference
and even u know that very well mr. KD
His expertise areas are PHP , JavaScript
comprehensive , cost-effective , career-enhancing
passionate = abegprobon , prochondo abegprobon (ex. am passionate about web development) , kono kichur jonno lege thakte para
liberal = sadhin , udar , mukto-hosto (u can be as strict or as liberal as u want)
whats wrong with u
ok then,,, let me know and rest of the community know
at least he tries
well well correction, I have a correction
U never know
in case if u dont know
u know what ..... thats not all
dont understimate the power of a common people
who are u to talk about my personal matter
why the fucker u so pessimistic (pessimist = hotasha-probon byakti / dukkho-badi/ nirasha-badi byakti)
i shouldn't be saying like this,,,, but apnake dekhle mone hoy apni akta ......kuttar baccha
that was so offensive... but i just had to say yet / but still i just had to say
ok .... never mind
and guess what .... thats not all , here is lot more to say and u just check this one out
come over to my place
chill man / cool man 
am i right ?
just get lost , and go to hell
i am actually curious about it - that why it is so necessary ....if u know ,,,then let me know
Dazzling ! A Marvel to Behold
Timeless / eternal = a timeless delight for all ages (timeless=chironton / ononto / kalatit / obiram)
gem = a real animated gem (gem-mulloban rotno/dami byakti ba bostu)
amra tahole different strategy follow korte pari
hard and soul try korte hobe
ok then = accha thik ache. (ok then chole asen ... kotha hobe ,,,, thik ace ?)
eta onekta erokom je LIKE apni jodi aro ektu samner dike agate chan .... then scenario gulo apnar kache aro clear hote thakbe
javascript er karone FireFox pray e stack hoye jay
wow.........thats brilliant , thats awesome
thats a different issue / thats a diffrent strategy
particular database server= nidisto akta database server
rare case e / thats a rare case
mySQL e amra interrelated information gulo organised way te rakte pari
differentiate kora= parthokko kora 
Class=logical template of a project, which holds number of methods and properties
mandatory rules=baddhotamulok niyom/ must / obosso kortobbo rule
defined structure / defined rules / mandatory rules
so much tough
hierarchy maintain / Hierarchical relationship / Hierarchicy / Hierarchical 
more than thousands / thousands of
bolte paren akta habit
financial crysis= arthik obostha kharap/ arthik sonkot 
crores of record = koti koti data
absolutely mr. abul / exactly mr. abul / 
and u know that very well mr KD
am i right ? (am i right ? or am i right ? mr. ruhul)
right ? ........ok lets do something diffrent
top left corner / left top , top right / right top, bottom left, bottom right
most of students
this does a matter=(of course this does a matter)
well we all know that , but most of the people cant really explain beyond that point. SO thats where i (/want to concentrate) will try to help a little bit
last but not the least = last one , but kono dik thekei choto na , special one/ not less than any other mentioned previously, may be best of all
just get out of here / just get out from here 
I am sure this list will come handy in times of ur need
stands for / acronym for = i stands for the word improved (MYSQL-i)
to and fro = ekhane sekhane / edik sedik
i wont be back for many a day
I will show u the way
First of all , Firstly, Then
plenty of = there are plenty of examples around (plenty=prochur)
type in = just go to google and type in "SQL Injection"
relate korte para = relation khuje pawa / bujhte para /  (kono angel thekei relate korte parsilam na je se eta keno korlo)
every other minute = prottek minite / proti ak minute por por (ex. and operating it every other minute)
effing cute = onnnnnnek cute
I apologize / i m sorry= ami khoma chassi
thanks for the complement = bolar jonno dhonnobad / valo bolar jonno dhonnobad
well said mr. rakib
ok,,,, lets get rid of the ....   = accha amra eta baad diye dei / ok eta apatoto baad dei
here we go / here it is / their it is / right there= ei je dekhun / ai to ekhane / ei je ekhane / oi to okhane / aito eta
lets finish it up = cholun eta sesh kori feli
other than that / rather than = tar cheye borong
couple of errors / A BUNCH OF errors = koyekta error / onek gula error
no probs, not that much serious though.