Phanjam of CLASSLESS
6/6/2018 - 11:05 AM


	<STRING>DESCRIPTION:Classless Character
	<STRING>STEAM_CHANGE_DESCRIPTION:June 5, 2018\n- Tweaked Fighter Smash; range extended 7m at lvl5, 9m at lvl10\n\nMay 18, 2018\n- added 7th level to ripped souls / no limit to number of ripped souls active\n\nMay 16, 2018\n- more clean-up\n- simplified explode corpse particle\n- fixed skills with misnamed invest-levels\n- changed fighter DW animation for hack, slash and rip skills to eliminate "flying weapon" glitch\n\nMay 15, 2018\n- Corrections for training skills stopping at level 16\n\nMay 14, 2018\n- Corrected missing animation errors in the new health-adjusted summons units