2/23/2014 - 10:08 PM

Dogs Out Loud Meeting Agenda

Dogs Out Loud Meeting Agenda

Dogs Out Loud March Meeting


Jen's Item:

Our next education workshop.

  1. We don't have many leash gremlins to show off, so how about the fearful dog workshop - Building Confidence & Trust - Fearful Dogs.
  2. Maybe let's take over one class next cycle (late April) for this workshop. We hold it at AAC so we can use any of the dogs as demo dogs.
  3. Do we invite AAC volunteers who are not DOL volunteers? That might be nice.
  4. Maybe we can create a 2 person project group (me + 1) to take the lead:
    • Date/Time
    • Place
    • Invitations to invited groups/individuals
    • Run it by Amber if AAC volunteers invited?
    • Write the workshop :)
    • Guest speaker???

Amy's Item:

Change for Change Event

  • Proposes to hold event in April again and make it an annual April event.
  • Fits in nicely schedule-wise with our bigger stuff (TUTS, Austin Marathon, hopefully eventually a summer FUNdraiser whenever we get around to it) as a Spring fundraiser.
  • Need another photo shoot
  • Figure out a fun spot (Healthy Pet??)
  • Once we figure out what we basically want, we can probably hand it off to Keitha & Shannon.

Ariana's Item:

Volunteer sign up calendar

  • Report on progress
  • Volunteer follow up
  • Volunteer Retention plan

Annie's Item:


  • Confirm Dates
  • List and delegate tasks

Dawn's Item:

Taxes and Accountant

  • Taxes :(
  • We so need an accountant.

Additional Items not to be forgotten:

  • Time for a post-adoption coordinator?