1/10/2018 - 7:27 AM


task ezywaydash: :environment do
  p = Partner.find(9)

  p.dashboard_panel_config.items = 
      "label"=>"Review my mortgage",
  "Would you like a complementary review of your mortgage? Our finance experts can review your loans to ensure you're getting the best deal from your lender. We can also help with new loans and refinancing requirements."},
    "values"=>[{"value"=>"equity", "caption"=>"I'm looking to access some equity"}, {"value"=>"moving", "caption"=>"I'm thinking about moving"}, {"value"=>"general", "caption"=>"General research"}],
    "label"=>"What is your reason?"}],
    "label"=>"Value my property",
    "description"=>"Find out the latest value of a property you own. We can also provide detailed property reports. Both of these services are free of charge."},
     "label"=>"Personal & car loans",
     "description"=>"Looking for someone to manage your investment property? Or perhaps you'd like a complementary review of your rental yield? Get in touch, we'd love to help."},
      "label"=>"Finance calculators",
      "description"=>"Speak with one of our sales specialists to discuss a   sales strategy suited to your needs. "},
       "name"=>"Review my insurance",
       "label"=>"Review my insurance",
       "description"=>"Are you looking for your next property purchase? Our in house real estate experts can help you at every step. Initial consultations are free of charge."},
        "label"=>"Ask a question",
        "description"=>"Need some advice on building your wealth? Our expert Financial Planners are on hand to tailor a plan for you. Initial consultations are free of charge."}]


task ezywaysurvey: :environment do
  p = Partner.find(9)

  p.survey_config = 
       "caption"=>"I am interested in",
         [{"caption"=>"Home loans", "value"=>"home-loans", "image"=>"custom/service-review-my-lending.svg"},
          {"caption"=>"Personal or car finance", "value"=>"finance", "image"=>"custom/service-personal-and-car-loans.svg"},
          {"caption"=>"Getting an insurance review", "value"=>"insurance-review", "image"=>"custom/service-review-my-insurance.svg"},
          {"caption"=>"Learning more about offers from our retailers", "value"=>"wealth_growth", "image"=>"custom/service-find-a-property.svg"}]}],
     "title"=>"Before you start...",
     "description"=>"If you have a moment to answer these questions, we might be able to further tailor your experience."}