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pry, pry-rails まとめ

pry, pry-rails まとめ

###pryコマンド ヘルプ
help コマンドの情報を表示

cd 新しいコンテキスト(オブジェクトかスコープ)に移動
find-method 現在のclass/module、ネームスペース内のメソッドを探す
ls 現在のスコープ内の変数やメソッドのリストを表示
pry-backtrace pryセッションのバックトレースを表示
raise-up 現在のpryインスタンス外でExceptionを発生させる
reset Reset the repl to a clean state.
watch Expressionの値を確認し、変わったときにNotificationを表示する
whereami 現在のコンテキスト周辺のコードを表示
wtf? 直近のExceptionのバックトレースを表示

/^\s!\s$/ 入力バッファをクリア
amend-line マルチラインモードでの入力ラインを修正
edit Invoke the default editor on a file.
hist コマンド入力の履歴を表示する
play Playback a string variable, method, line, or file as input.
show-input Show the contents of the input buffer for the current multi-line expression.

ri View ri documentation.
show-doc Show the documentation for a method or class.
show-source Show the source for a method or class.
stat View method information and set file and dir locals.

gem-cd Change working directory to specified gem's directory.
gem-install Install a gem and refresh the gem cache.
gem-list List and search installed gems.
gem-open Opens the working directory of the gem in your editor.

import-set Import a pry command set.
install-command Install a disabled command.

!!! Alias for exit-program
!!@ Alias for exit-all
$ Alias for show-source
? Alias for show-doc
@ Alias for whereami
breakpoint Alias for break
breaks Alias for breakpoints
c Alias for continue
clipit Alias for gist --clip
f Alias for finish
file-mode Alias for shell-mode
history Alias for hist
n Alias for next
quit Alias for exit
quit-program Alias for exit-program
reload-method Alias for reload-code
s Alias for step
show-method Alias for show-source

Input and output
. All text following a '.' is forwarded to the shell.
cat Show code from a file, pry's input buffer, or the last exception.
change-inspector Change the current inspector proc.
change-prompt Change the current prompt.
fix-indent Correct the indentation for contents of the input buffer
list-inspectors List the inspector procs available for use.
list-prompts List the prompts available for use.
save-file Export to a file using content from the repl.
shell-mode Toggle shell mode. bring in pwd prompt and file completion.

gist Upload code, docs, history to
pry-version Show pry version.
reload-code Reload the source file that contains the specified code object.
toggle-color Toggle syntax highlighting.

Navigating pry
!pry Start a pry session on current self.
disable-pry Stops all future calls to pry and exits the current session.
exit Pop the previous binding.
exit-all End the current pry session.
exit-program End the current program.
jump-to Jump to a binding further up the stack.
nesting Show nesting information.
switch-to Start a new subsession on a binding in the current stack.

simple-prompt Toggle the simple prompt.

###pry-railsコマンド Rails
recognize-path どのルートにマッチするURLか確認する
show-middleware すべてのミドルウェアを表示する
show-model 引数で指定したモデルを表示する
show-models すべてのモデルを表示する
show-routes すべてのルートを表示する