11/11/2014 - 1:14 PM

# Cloud Foundry charm is suppposed to be already deployed

# deploy Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana
juju deploy cs:trusty/kibana
juju deploy cs:trusty/elasticsearch
juju deploy cs:~lazypower/trusty/logstash-agent
juju deploy cs:~lazypower/trusty/logstash logstash-indexer

juju add-relation kibana:rest elasticsearch:client
juju add-relation logstash-indexer:client elasticsearch:client
juju add-relation logstash-agent:input logstash-indexer:input

juju expose kibana
juju expose elasticsearch

# add syslog input to logstash-indexer 
juju run --service logstash-indexer "echo \"input {  syslog {    codec => json    tags => [\\\"cf-app\\\"]    port => 8080  }}\" > /opt/logstash/conf.d/input_syslog.conf"
juju run --service logstash-indexer "initctl restart logstash-indexer"

# deploy your application to Cloud Foundry
git clone
cd github-high-scores
cf push

# get URL of your logstash indexer
LOGSTASH_INDEXER_URL=$(juju status logstash-indexer | grep public-address | awk '{print $2;}')

# bind logstash indexer and your app
cf create-user-provided-service elk -l syslog://$LOGSTASH_INDEXER_URL:8080
cf bind-service highscore elk