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EMF >> Class name explanation

EMF >> Class name explanation

>> org.eclipse.emf.edit.domain.AdapterFactoryEditingDomain
  - This class implements an editing domain by DELEGATING TO ADAPTERs that implement org.eclipse.emf.edit.provider.IEditingDomainItemProvider.
  - Via its method getEditingDomainFor(EObject object), it checks whether the Resource or the ResourceSet of the object implements IEditingDomainProvider and returns that result.
  - It can be initialized by passing an adpater factory and a commandstack: new AdapterFactoryEditingDomain(adapterFactory, new BasicCommandStack());

>> AdapterFactory
  - A factory for creating adapters and associating them with notifiers

>> EditingDomain
  - Manages EMF models (in a ResourceSet) and the Commands (using CommandStack)that modify them. The models are maintained in the form of a ResourceSet.
  - Imposes a hierarchical structure upon the models via getChildren and getParent methods. (e.g. RemoveCommand can deduce the parent from which to remove a particular object, and CopyCommand can deduce all the children to copy recursively)

>> IEditingDomainItemProvider
  - Used by EditingDomain to impose a hierarchical relation on the model objects, and to map operations on those objects onto an underlying EMF model Commands.
  - Generated ItemProviders implement this interface