5/4/2017 - 3:53 AM


[1:45 PM] Andrew McNamara: The immediate invoicing and payment is going to be the tricky part.
As for partners we don't even have their credit card details
[1:45 PM] Wayne Robinson: @Emmet is going to foce this
[1:45 PM] Wayne Robinson: force this
[1:45 PM] Emmet Rogan: yep
[1:45 PM] Wayne Robinson: he's not going to let a subscription be posted until there is a credit-card onflie
[1:45 PM] Emmet Rogan: i wont let them pick without having a cc
[1:45 PM] Emmet Rogan: (thumbsup)
[1:45 PM] Wayne Robinson: so you can just use the normal payment failed states if something goes really strange and you can't successful bill an invoice because there isn't one
[1:46 PM] Andrew McNamara: Do you even know the current flow ? @Emmet
[1:46 PM] Andrew McNamara: They pick the product first at sign up
[1:46 PM] Emmet Rogan: i feel like all i should need to do is hit an endpoint which says "this is the product i want"
[1:47 PM] Wayne Robinson: @AndrewMcNamara it's actually on the billing screen now in Bank
[1:47 PM] Andrew McNamara: I know where it is
[1:47 PM] Wayne Robinson: They'll choose the product in there, if they don't have a credit card, they must also fill this in before it will submit
[1:48 PM] Andrew McNamara: Well whats the point of the pricing screen then
[1:48 PM] Emmet Rogan: do u mean the CashDeck website pricing screen?
[1:48 PM] Wayne Robinson: That will save the default option
[1:48 PM] Emmet Rogan: i dno if that's really a reliable thing to go off
[1:48 PM] Wayne Robinson: when we implement that
[1:48 PM] Emmet Rogan: one doesnt even have to go thru that screen to sign up
[1:49 PM] Wayne Robinson: Yeah, that is more just for informational purposes at the moment
[1:49 PM] Andrew McNamara: OK I stand corrected - I was wrong
[1:50 PM] Andrew McNamara: You tell me how you want it behold and I do it that way
[1:50 PM] Wayne Robinson: ?
[1:50 PM] Emmet Rogan: i think all i need is that one endpoint
[1:50 PM] Wayne Robinson: For subs, yes
[1:50 PM] Emmet Rogan: oh yep
[1:50 PM] Emmet Rogan: to do the actual subscription
[1:51 PM] Emmet Rogan: and i'll enfroce the required CC thing via the front end (thumbsup)