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Genesis Extender: Create a Widgetised CMS Homepage, Hooks, PHP, Functions, and CSS customizations

Manage Multiple WP Sites

Custom Fields and Custom Post Types


Anchor tags plug-ins:
‹ Easy Smooth Scroll Links
‹ Page scroll to id

Controlling category listings
‹ Advanced Category Excluder

Controlling author listings
‹ authors widget -

RSS Feeds
‹ Feedpress (migrate Feedburner to this)
‹ Feedcat (RSS subscriptions)
‹ Feedstats WP plug-in
‹ MailChimp (email subscriptions) (ASK Design, American Century Music)

‹ Ultimate TinyMCE: last updated 7.18.13.
Note: We have decided to discontinue development of Ultimate Tinymce. We
will continue to maintain the plugin, and ensure it remains compatible with
future releases of WordPress. However, our development efforts will be
focused on the PRO version.  All new features will only be added to PRO.
Thank you for understanding.

‹ Tiny MCE Advanced <>:
try this instead of ultimate tinyMCE
‹ Sociable Sharing
‹ WP eCommerce
‹ Issuu - Scroll through a few pages of the book (like Amazon¹s Look

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8.2.10 - Create an alias in gmail by adding “+abcd” to your username. Ex.: