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SEO local

SEO local

Here are a few different types of partnerships that could be struck:

    Speak at an event.
    Sponsor an event.
    Give money/resources to a local charity.
    Partner up with bloggers to review products.
    Give away prizes to websites that are running competitions.
    Sponsor a blog/website.
    Give discounts on your services/products to the employees of another company.

Google my business
Here’s the code that you can adapt to your own website:

<div itemscope itemtype="">
<p itemprop="name">COMPANY NAME</p>
<p itemprop="address" itemscope itemtype="">
<p itemprop="streetAddress">ADDRESS LINE 1</p>
<p itemprop="addressLocality">CITY</p>,
<p itemprop="addressRegion">REGION</p>
<p itemprop="postalCode">POSTCODE/ZIP</p.
<p itemprop="telephone">PHONE NUMBER</p>
<meta itemprop="latitude" content="LATITUDE" />
<meta itemprop="longitude" content="LONGITUDE" />

All you need to do is change the text in bold to your own details — simple.

For a more detailed look at NAPs, check out this article from Jayson DeMers.

    Go to and search for a list of local events relevant to your industry. Find those that have websites and contact them about sponsorship (most of the time you’ll only need to put on a lunch for them). If they accept, you’ll get a link from their website (local to you) and their page (highly authoritative, local link). Here’s an example.
    Create a local resource from public data (here’s 30 different data sources) and reach out to local press to get coverage. That’s exactly what Krystian Szastok did and he got some amazing results (you really should read this case study).
    Run your own local meetup or event and bring through links from the local event page.
    Sign up to press request services to get quoted in local publications (huge potential for high authority, local links).
    Run an AMA on Reddit (within a relevant subreddit to your industry) and within other local communities.
    Line up interviews and columns within relevant online publications.
    Give a discount to local organizations for your products/services in exchange for a linked mention on their website.
    Enter local awards (or start your own if there aren’t any!).
    Spend time dedicated to local PR outreach to get online and offline coverage in local news.
    Run regular competitive link research and capitalize on any new opportunities that your competitors have gained.
    Offer scholarships (you get links from local universities) or offer jobs to students (you can get links from their careers pages).
- online directories and citations
- online reviews
- google my business