4/3/2017 - 8:54 PM

Mirijeh for e-commerce

Mirijeh for e-commerce

I can comment on Mirijeh. I have an ecommerce client with it and it's been great. You hardly notice leaving the site and coming back. The interface is way simple. It does the job.

Joelle Cottle - Do you use it with Woocommerce?

K Dana Shallcross - Yes, with WooCommerce. This way the site doesn't have to be PCI compliant. There's a ton of rules for PCI and we didn't have those resources. I run a few ecommerce sites and would never do the transactions directly on the site.

Mirijeh Website:
You can use Mijireh with virtual all WordPress e-commerce plugins as well as other platforms as well. 

Fully PCI Compliant
No headaches for you
Avoid the hassle and expense of security scans, SSL certificates, and all the other issues concerning PCI compliance. Let us handle PCI compliance so you can focus on your business.

Use Your Own Design
Your code secured on our servers
Mijireh Checkout is your PCI compliant checkout page that looks exactly like your site – your code secured on our servers. Our page slurp technology makes it as easy as one click.

Use Your Gateway
Or pick from over 80!
Use the payment gateway you already have or get started with new one. Mijireh Checkout supports a growing list of over 80 payment gateways all included for FREE!